The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 686

Chapter 685: Participate in shooting competition 6

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"What do you mean?"

A cold, slightly surprised and threatening voice came from Ouyang Huan's throat, like a cold sword light that pierced the night, with an unstoppable evil spirit.

At this moment, Ouyang Huanyu revealed his true temperament.

It looks like a sniper holding a gun tightly, and more like a beast that has been invaded by the territory. The bright cat's pupils are shrunk under the light, and the pupils are narrowed into a thin line, which makes people cold all over the body. .

Jiang Zong smiled more gently, "Have you heard of human beings created only by combining various genes?"

The high-level gathers all kinds of excellent genes to create a new sense of human beings. For ordinary people, this is a secret that is hard to peek in their entire lives, and it is also the illusion of all kinds of fantasy in their mouths.

But for aristocratic families who have a position of power, they can get some information from the network of relationships.

Genetic modification is undoubtedly a huge project.

Anyone who has studied medicine would not believe in such a vague thing.

So is Ouyang Huanyu, she doesn't think such an experiment can be successful.

Even if all the excellent genes are extracted and combined into a new gene sequence to the fertilized egg, who can guarantee that these excellent genes will not break and recombine in the process of personal growth.


Ouyang Huanzhen remembered another thing. The slightly squinted cat pupil looked up and down Jiang Zong, "You are talking about the robot that country M has put into experimentation?"

Robots are not the same as humans. They are a species manipulated by programs. As long as these excellent genes are encoded into programs and input into the robot's brain, they can perform their work.

Ouyang Huanyu heard about the research of perfect robots in country m.

She just didn't understand, "You won't tell me that Fu Zhi is also a robot researched by country M? This is ridiculous!"

"No," Jiang Zong sat on the chair, glanced, saw the two figures walking towards Fu Zhi on the training ground, and finally his gaze paused on Fu Zhici's white face, set his mind, and said: "I mean, compared with the robots of country M, the technology of China is more advanced. Fu Zhi is the only successful human being in the gene synthesis experiment that cannot be studied in your eyes."

"She has Ouyang Chuan's genes in her body, including... some you can't think of, other people's genes. The mechanical beast can feel the thinness of her body but the blood is good enough."

"How is it possible?! Are you crazy? You can say such things!"

Jiang Zong's smile deepened when facing Ouyang Huanzhus gradually gloomy face, like a poisonous snake entrenched in the gloomy trees at night, ready to go, "If you dont believe it, you can draw Fu Zhis blood. Be a DNA."

"But before that, you have to know that there is an old saying in China called Long Sheng Long Feng Sheng Feng, Ouyang Chuan's talent does not stop at gun design."

"Fu Zhi has inherited Ouyang Chuan's talent. For six months, it is enough for her to become an excellent sniper to compete. Then, what should you do if you want to show off on the international stage?"


at the same time.

In the training ground, two cheers came suddenly:

"Okay! Very good! You deserve to be Elder Feng's apprentice! Keep this feeling and work hard for six months. I believe that after six months, Fu Zhi, you will definitely not suffer... a loss!"

Fu Zhi looked for his reputation, and he first applauded Ouyang Liang. He originally wanted to say that Fu Zhi would definitely not eat shit, but realized that there was a man next to him, so he braked and got out of the car.

The man with a dignified face walking by his side was a fresh face, but he also spoke after him.

"It's really good to hit the target within three shots."

As he said, his eyes looked at Fu Zhi with the kindness of his elders, "Your name is Fu Zhi, right? You are also a student in this training camp?"

The man speaks mildly, and he looks not old, younger than Ouyang Liang, but his whole body carries the aura of a superior person.

It gives people a kind of gentle and loving but pervasive sense of distance that makes people dare not presumptuously in front of him.

Especially Ouyang Liang respected his attitude, with a bright smile on his face, hurriedly said before Fu Zhi's answer: "Yes, her name is Fu Zhi, our training camp student, very talented!"

The man hummed, his gaze still pierced the crowd surrounding Fu Zhi and looked towards Fu Zhi, smiled lightly, and continued to ask: "Looking at the young age, have you learned how to shoot for a few years?"


Fu Zhi's intuition was a bit unpleasant.

This hunch did not come from Ouyang Liang, but from the man in front of him.

She had never seen this man in the forbidden area. Compared to Ouyang Liang in a cyan gown, the black suit worn by the man next to him was more like a businessman who came to talk about a billion-dollar contract, or a manager who came to inspect the project on the spot.

Fu Zhi's feeling has always been very accurate.

Even the collateral children who were still standing next to her noticed the strange atmosphere, and subconsciously dispersed the encirclement and returned to the team to stand obediently.

Ouyang Liang nodded in satisfaction, feeling that these little rascals are still very insightful.

Then the gazes were swept again, the old students who were watching the excitement met the elder's sight, and immediately followed the cat with the tail trampled on, and hurried back to their field, picked up guns and shot, no more than three or five groups Team, start to fight.

Suddenly, the training ground remembered all kinds of gunfire and "hoar ha" scolding.

The sound was deafening.

The crowd spread out, with a wide view.

Fu Zhi couldn't pinch the identity of the person in front of him, and he became more and more afraid that she would be too dazzling and attract the other's attention.

Then he said: "I haven't trained. I just hunt for a living occasionally and practice some tricks to support my family. I was lucky just now and I was unremarkable."

Fu Zhi felt that her meaning was quite clear.

Which player who can participate in international competitions has not trained for more than ten years?

How could she be able to compare her inexperienced five scums with a group of big guys?

This risk factor is too big!

This truth, let alone those veteran students, even the children of the collateral line understand it.

I never thought that the eyes of the man standing next to Ouyang Liang were bright.

Fu Zhi "thumped" in the bottom of his heart, and was about to say something more, to modify her previous words, and in the next second I heard the man next to Ouyang Liang say:

"Okay! Good hunting! The prey is more flexible than the targets in the training ground! You can also enjoy the excitement of hunting. I think your little girl is different from others. Within six months, she will become a great weapon!"

Fu Zhi: "..."

No, she just wants to be a waste.

But Ouyang Liang and their attitude obviously don't treat her as a rubbish.

If its the first time I met Fu Zhi, Ouyang Liang was still dissatisfied with Fu Zhi. Waiting for Fu Zhi to tame the mechanical beast, now he saw the big guy around him boasting that Fu Zhi was able to shoot. Release the wolf light.

This is such a treasure!


Fu Zhi wanted to escape, but she couldn't escape without the money.

She had a sullen face, a look of desirelessness, as if she had no attachment to the world.

Such an expression fell in Ouyang Liang's eyes, that is humility! It's not arrogant or impetuous!

The young man now includes his son who is standing in the team. Whoever has achieved something, is complacent and triumphant when he is praised.

Being able to do this without arrogance or rashness like Fu Zhi is very promising at first sight!

"I said before that your girl is not easy, and the words'success' are written in your eyes, as expected! Who are you not going to play in this international competition?!"

Fu Zhi: "..." If you don't listen or listen, the eighth chanting!

"The most important thing is that you have hunted prey before! This is simply better!"

What does this have to do with hunting?

Fu Zhi didn't understand what minefield she had stepped on, and hadn't heard that there was a link in international competitions that required players to shoot prey for extra points?

Seeing Fu Zhi's confused face, Ouyang Liang, who knows everything, suddenly felt that he was superior, "You don't understand, right? The current international competition is not just about killing opponents, according to the country. The news, the professionals who participated in the international competitions before lost because of"

Ouyang Liang was about to say that he noticed the surroundings, whether it was a new student or an old student who was shooting, each of them pricked their ears and craned their necks, intending to eavesdrop on the secrets here.

Ouyang Liang's anger came up all at once, "What are you doing? Listen and listen! Just like the bargaining aunts in the vegetable market, chattering around! I don't know if I stop training now! New students can all hit five. Moving the target at a hundred meters, what's the matter with you group of veteran students?! What else can you do besides gossip!"

Veteran students: "..."

The dishes are not their fault either.

Isn't that the gene given by their parents?

However, these students can only think about it in their hearts, and on the surface they still dare not show it.

Being reprimanded by the elders, he no longer dared to **** and ski, so he could only train with his head down and be a good man.

On Ouyang Liang's side, seeing that this place is not a good place to talk, he directly raised his hand and pointed under the shade of a tree not far away, "Come on, let's talk about it here."

Fu Zhi didn't really want to say: "..."

Forget it, the so-called people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

Breaching the contract is bad for this.

Huge debts will always crush the shoulders of a seventeen-year-old child.

Fu Zhi and Ouyang Liang and the men beside him went straight to the tree.

Ouyang Liang introduced to Fu Zhi: "This is the queen coach of the international shooting competition, Coach Xu Hang and Xu Xu. He is here at Ouyang's home this time to check your training progress!"

Seeing Fu Zhi not speaking, Ouyang Liang immediately slapped her with his hand again, and reminded: "Call someone?!"

Fu Zhi exclaimed, "Human."

Ouyang Liang: "???"

You're afraid it's not a nasty critic.

Not to mention, Fu Zhi really wanted to be a silly critic at this moment. He kicked his calf and didn't fight with the world.

But Xu Hang didn't seem to want her to bury her talents. He looked at Ouyang Liang and said: "If your child doesn't want to call someone, don't force the child to call. Many geniuses can't take care of themselves. I can understand."

Fu Zhi: "..."

Sorry, I cant understand. Im acting as a salted fish, not paralyzed. Can you respect my acting skills when you speak?

Ouyang Liang was relieved to see Xu Hang saying this, not as if he was angry.

This is a training camp run by the country. The country can leave it alone, but the International Shooting Department cant rest assured.

No, in order to check the progress of the training, I feel that the training camp is on the right track, so I sent the coach here to watch it.

Xu Hang is the coach with a special say in the International Shooting Department or the vice president of the National Defense University. This time he chose Ouyang's family to compete, and he had to pass his approval before submitting it to it.

The Ouyang family respected his attitude, so they sent Ouyang Liang to greet Xu Hang.

"Elder Liang, you can tell these students about the latest news that I told you on the way."

Seeing that Xu Hang really didnt care about Fu Zhi, Ouyang Liang was relieved. He lowered his voice and said mysteriously with Fu Zhi: According to the unexpected situation encountered by the previous contestants and the notice issued by the international shooting competition this year, you will Its easy to encounter emergencies in the competition of China, so remove the shooting target and replace it with an international mission."

Even if he didn't want to compete, Fu Zhi was exaggerated by Ouyang Liang's nervous attitude, and subconsciously asked: "What international mission?"

"For example, sniping on fugitive drug lords, terrorists, anti-social personality BT, or rescuing hostages."

"But these are all unexpected tasks. You may not have these tasks when you compete."

"But the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. Once you have it, you will have to change to the task of seeing blood when shooting moving targets."

What do you mean by seeing blood? That is actually killing.

Faced with this kind of heinous criminals and anti-social personality, when they take hostages, all they have to do is to kill them on the spot.

But where do players who train normally have seen such a scene?

You let them kill, how can they kill?

In the first two years, because of such a special and unexpected task, the players from China didn't even enter the preliminary round!

"You have the life of an animal on your hand. Compared to others, you have already won the starting line!"

Fu Zhi: "..."

Your mother, it's like a **** dream.

"Is it too late for me to say that I am fainted?"

Ouyang Liang: "What do you think?"


Ouyang Huanyu's fingers on his knees tightened.

Yes, Jiang Zong is right.

She wanted to, no-! It should be said that she especially wants to stand on the international stage.

No one is willing to be ordinary, and the international stage is where all the best snipers in the world gather.

Standing on the international stage means being excellent enough to be recognized by the country.

Especially China has been losing a row for two years.

There must be a lot of Chinese people paying attention to this international competition.

As long as Ouyang Huanzheng performs well enough, this is an opportunity to become famous.

Who doesn't want to be the eye-catcher, the pride of the Chinese people, and stand on top of the world? !

It's just that Ouyang Huan chuckled, "Even if Fu Zhi has the gene of Ouyang Chuan, but the back waves of the Yangtze River pushes the front waves, hasn't Xiao Jiang unheard of this truth?"

"It's good for you to be confident, but I have to remind you that those who lose under Fu Zhi's hands are initially more confident than you."

Jiang Zong hooked his fingertips and took out a vial of unbranded medicine from his pocket. "This is a medicine that allows people to have short-term muscle cramps. There is only one in the first place."

"You don't use Fu Zhi as a threat now, you get rid of it as soon as possible, and when you wait until the end, you lose your place in the competition. Then your efforts over the years have been wasted."

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