The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 687

Chapter 686: Participate in shooting competition 7

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Look beyond the surface.

Fu Zhi looked at the shade of the tree, smiling at her amiably Xu Hang, and the dull and seductive Ouyang Liang, each with two big heads.

She shouldn't say any nonsense that she can hunt!

Fu Zhi is the kind of girl who shows a fierce expression when she gets upset.

Xu Hang automatically transformed her ferocious expression into the kind of eagerness to learn that he could kill the most vicious criminals in a world competition.

"What a good boy! What a sense of justice! Even if she is a fool without the ability to take care of herself, she is jealous and hateful in her heart!" Xu Hang said in his heart, "If everyone in China could do this, this country Will there be wicked people?"

Xu Hang's eyes softened again, like the kind of child who has been paralyzed for many years, and he still insists on giving medicine to the child and thinking that the child has a bright future.

"Fu Zhi, you are a seeded player I am very optimistic about."

Xu Hang gave Fu Zhi a relatively high evaluation.

Fu Zhi waved his hands frantically, "Coach, I don't deserve it."

How good is she.

How about letting her make a living?

At this point, the sea is wide and the fish leap, and the sky is high where the birds fly.

Xu Hang saw the fragility in Fu Zhi's eyes and the low self-esteem in his words.

Obviously he is such a capable child, how can he be so humble?

Xu Hang didn't understand. Maybe it was because Fu Zhi said that she had hunted for a living since she was a child and supported her family?

That's right.

Children from poor families are in charge early, and children from poor families are more sensitive and fragile.

This is the capital, the most prosperous city.

When Fu Zhitu Baozi entered the village, it was inevitable that when he was dazzled by the illusion of prosperity, he felt the huge gap from capital.

Xu Hang incarnates as a spiritual tutor:

"Poor family background is not your problem. Although you have not received professional training since you were young, now the country takes money and gives you a chance to pursue your dreams."

Fu Zhi incarnates as a whale on an isolated island:

"No, I..." Fu Zhi wanted to say that she has no dreams at this stage.

But Xu Hang interrupted her excitedly, "Yes, you have a lower starting point than others, and even the chance that you can participate in international competitions this year is 1%!"

Fu Zhi: "..."

Fu Zhi paused when he wanted to belittle himself.

Really, Xu Hang would be over if he didn't say so early?

Does she still worry about it?

Fu Zhi showed a smile, and was about to thank the coach for his insightful eyes, but in the next sentence he heard Xu Hang panting, and he turned back and forth:

"But there are still miracles in the world! You can't be overthrown by questioning! The spirit of Chinese people is to never admit defeat. When others question you, you can't question yourself!"

Fu Zhi who just wants to go home: "..."

sorry for disturbance.

Home is more important than miracles.

Xu Hangkan talked, "Isn't this still six months? I heard that you have a elimination mechanism, right? So, as a coach, I will record you to the final round!"

"Regardless of your performance in the process, you can train with the best students until the last round without eliminating you! If someone else practices for one hour, you can practice for ten hours for me! I still don't believe it, there is With such professional training, can you still feel inferior?!"

Xu Hang, he is not only a vice principal, but also a coach. He has a pile of things to deal with every day, and he doesn't pay attention to the troubles on the Internet.

So he didn't know that Fu Zhi's family situation was very good.

What Fu Zhi said earlier to support his family was a freshly compiled essay with zero scores on the college entrance examination.

For the first time, he ignored the rules and treated a junior so well.

But he is not guilty. He feels it is worth it. In this world, geniuses should be favored by certain rules, and geniuses have enough strength to break the rules.

And Fu Zhi, who was hailed as a genius by Xu Hang: "..."

Fu Zhi tactfully felt that if she was recording a variety show like a celebrity now, what she said would definitely be changed into a few beeps in the later stage.

After Xu Hang finished speaking, he put his hands behind his back, and he said to Ouyang Liang: "You can talk to Fu Zhi about other things in the international competition. I will check the level of other students."

He obviously has more than Fu Zhi on the wall.

As long as he is talented, he must personally boast, filter out, and then report to the upper-level leadership.

Xu Hang ran away happily, and he could hear his melodious voice far away from Fu Zhi, "Children, see that you are all spiritual! Hurry up, get ready, and take turns to hit 500-meter moving targets. what!"

Fu Zhi: "..."

She understood that these coaches are all fraternity.

But Ouyang Liang didn't think so.

How many catties are the trainees in the training camp, will he not count them?

Really capable students are the same as Ouyang Huanyu. They dont need to come to the training camp to train at all. Instead, they have their own set of training system. They only need to play in the finals and defeat the last ones who stayed in the training camp. Students can.

Wanting to find a student who is as gifted as Fu Zhi is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The thing about international competitions is that there is enough time to say a month in advance.

Ouyang Liang didn't plan to talk to Fu Zhi, so he just asked Fu Zhi, "Those mechanical beasts in the science and technology building, if you have nothing to train, go and see them more!"

Fu Zhi understands her role in Ouyangs house, "You mean, I not only have to work hard to train every day, I insist on being an **** for six months to let others go to the international stage to shine, and I have to be a nanny for your Ouyangs family and take care of it. A group of mechanical beasts waiting to be fed?"

Ouyang Liang, who didn't feel that Fu Zhi was upset at all, gave Fu Zhi a flying eye, "Hmm!"

"Be helpful and have Ouyang family in your heart! Does it feel that the red scarf in front of you is more vivid?"


On the other side, on the training ground.

After Xu Hang finished speaking, one after another shots sounded.


One minute passed, ten minutes passed, an hour passed...

When Fu Zhidu stood back to the training camp, she found that Xu Hang's expression was not very good-looking.

the reason is simple.

Of the nearly forty trainees who entered the training camp this time, apart from Fu Zhi, up to now, no other person has been able to score a 500-meter moving target and ten rings.

Seeing that more than half of the students have finished their targets.

It's just that one of Ouyang Jue's three shots hit the eighth ring, and the others didn't even have a chance to hit the target.

"...Is it such a dish?"

The bottom of Fu Zhi's eyes revealed a touch of incredibleness.

She remembered that Ouyang Feng told her that all the students who came to the training camp had trained for several years to shoot.

Even if you can't make bullets, you can't miss the target at least, right?

Ouyang Nuo, who missed the target three times, got up from the ground, not feeling ashamed at all. He bounced to Fu Zhi, waved his hand, and explained, "If you miss the target, it's normal. Anyone who is a 500-meter target is normal. Can you endure something? Only a genius like you can do it!...Even Ouyang Jue, who has been training for eleven or two years, can only have eight rings."

Ouyang Nuo glanced at Ouyang Jue who was standing on the other side.

Since the last incident, the students from my family and the other students have become more and more incompatible. Just by looking at the team on weekdays, you can see that one left and one right, Chu River and Han Street, are very distinct and opposing.

Ouyang Nuo lowered her voice and told the truth.

She has trained for so many years, and only one hitting the eighth ring out of a hundred times is a good result.

Seeing that she wanted to praise herself again, Fu Zhi raised his hand slightly and made a "hush" gesture, "Well, luck, low-key, the past, don't mention it again."

"This can't be low-key," Ouyang Bei, who came from one side, disagrees with Fu Zhi's modesty. He is also a player who can only hit the third ring with three shots. "Coach Xu has dragged you away to whisper. It can be seen that he He recognizes your strength very much. He treats you from a professional point of view and thinks that you are good, so you have to work harder to get a place to participate in this international competition!"

Regardless of whether others think Fu Zhixing is good or not, Ouyang Bei blindly thinks Fu Zhixing.

It was just his encouragement, and Fu Zhi just listened and didn't care at all.

She is aggrieved at the moment, because she was inexplicably walked through the back door and asked to train for six months.

The gunshots in my ear sounded one after another.

Xu Hang finally couldn't stand it anymore, he shook his head vigorously, and stopped both of the hands he was marking with the phone, "No, this is too bad."

When the last student finished shooting, Xu Hang looked at the record in his notebook, and the one who hit the bullseye three shots was Fu Zhi.

Most of the others are just off the target or wandering inside the third and sixth rings.

Only Ouyang Jue and the other two boys hit the eighth ring with three shots. They should have just taken the gun, and the hands are a bit raw. Give them two more opportunities. Shooting the bullseye is not a problem.

But even so, this accuracy rate is too low.

Six months... I don't know if I can hit the target with one shot at the end of the training.

Xu Hang sighed.

This is slightly different from Xu Hang's initial estimate.

On the contrary, Fu Zhi became the highest unattainable peak among this group of students.

He turned his head and looked at Ouyang Liang, "Are there only people?"

In the tone, disappointment is inevitable.

If it is only at this level, he might as well choose someone to participate in the national team.

Why give one more place to Ouyang's house?

Even those veteran trainees who were about to take a rest noticed Xu Hang's disappointment.

Suddenly, there was a "thump" in his heart. Xu Hang's disgust made their sense of family honor reach an unprecedented level, and subconsciously felt a little uncomfortable.

What do you mean by these people?

These young students are talented enough to be able to move up to 500 meters to move the target. They have madly dumped ordinary students a few blocks!

Ouyang Liang was about to speak. At this moment, he heard a cold and crisp voice saying, "Of course the students of the Ouyang family are not only them, and they are not the only ones with such strength."

"Change to a high-speed moving target of two kilometers."

A majestic, vigorous voice came from behind, still with a bit of heroic sorrow.

Everyone is looking for reputation.

I noticed that not far away, a woman in a military green combat uniform took a delicate sniper rifle. Her eyebrows were clean and her eyes seemed to be talking. When she squinted slightly, there was a seductive taste in it. Coupled with the hot figure that is convex and curled under the combat uniform, the whole person is like a **** stunner. It's just that because of the neat ponytail and the skill in the eyes, it seems that the whole person is a little unattainable, beautiful and sassy!

The black boots wrapped the woman's army green trousers tightly to the perfect arc of the calf.

When walking forward, the heel of the leather boots stepped on the plastic track, making a dull "ticking" sound.

Her gaze swept across Fu Zhi's body, with an extremely strong sense of aggression, as if she pulled the corners of her mouth, not a gentle smile, but a taste of contempt.

Then he looked at Xu Hang, stretched out his hand and said, "Coach Xu, I am Ouyang Huanyu, and I am also from this batch of training camp... students.

She focused on the pronunciation of the last two words.


Xu Hang was startled, and Ouyang Liang next to him quickly introduced: "This is the most powerful sharpshooter in our Ouyang family!"

At this moment, he didn't care about his previous disagreement with Ouyang Jing, and the two bet on the matter, and they wished to trample the opponent's sniper to death.

It's about the country's inspection and the country's first impression of Ouyang's family. Of course, Ouyang Liang hopes that coaches like Xu Hang can look at Ouyang's family with admiration.

"Ouyang Huanzheng, right?"

I thought that there was no need for Ouyang Liang to say this. Xu Hang smiled and stretched out his hand to shake back and said: "No need to introduce, I have heard of you, the youngest genius of the Ouyang family, a benchmark for the new generation."

Xu Hang gave Ouyang Huanzheng a high evaluation, but he looked at the high-speed moving target a kilometer away, and was a little surprised, "You want to hit a moving target like 2,000 meters?!"

It is nothing more than Xu Hang's surprise. Today, the highest international kill range is 2,500 meters created by Richard of Country M.

As soon as this record was set, the entire shooting circle was shocked.

A kilometer away is an extremely powerful challenge in itself.

The members of Xu Hang's team also train to move the target for one kilometer at most, and often miss the bullseye.

And Ouyang Huanzheng, as soon as he came up, he had to challenge a two-kilometer moving target? !

This is incredible!

"Look at it, Miss Ouyang will definitely do it!"

"An outsider like Fu Zhi can shoot 500 meters. Our students should crush and hit a 2,000-meter moving target!"

"Don't compare Fu Zhi with Miss Ouyang? Just the light of fireflies, and still want to compete with the sun and the moon?"


After Fu Zhi shot the bullseye, the most dissatisfied was the students of his family. Seeing that his side members were all around Fu Zhi and boasted, but none of the students of his family hit the bullseye. The child felt uncomfortable being compared to others. The sensation rushed up.

Now Ouyang Huanzheng is here to shoot a target, and he is required to move the target two kilometers in one go.

In the middle of nowhere, just say this and crushed the 500-meter Fu Zhi. Alas, it's cool!

Ouyang Huanzheng took all the compliments and pulled off the corner of his mouth, implying a deep meaning, "Naturally. Coach Xu, my goal is the international stage. Targets within a kilometer... are just a trick for self-entertainment, I want to play. Naturally hit the hardest."If you dont do scientific research well, you will inherit the latest chapter address of hundreds of millions of fortunes: https://www. wuxiaworld/book/124842.htmlIf you dont do scientific research well, you will inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes. Read the full text address: https:// www.wuxiaworld/read/124842/If you dont do scientific research well, you will inherit hundreds of millions of properties. txt download address: https:/ /www.wuxiaworld/down/124842.htmlIf you dont do scientific research well, you will inherit hundreds of millions of family assets. Read: https: //m.wuxiaworld/read/124842/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click the "favorite" record below The reading record of this time (Chapter 686 Participating in Shooting Competition 7), you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "If you dont do scientific research well, you will inherit hundreds of millions of fortunes", please ask your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) Recommend this book, thank you for your support! (www.wuxiaworld)

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