The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise Chapter 688

Chapter 687: Participate in shooting competition 8

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With a sound of "Wh--", the sniper rifle was retracted.

The last bullet was shot and the gunfire fell.

There seemed to be constant echoes, "Bang--Bang--" The loud noise was still whirling in my ears, and the air was full of the smell of fireworks and a few indistinct white smoke.

"How? Did you hit it?"

"What's the situation now?"

"When I first came I heard that Miss Ouyang hit the 2,000-meter target! It was eye-opening, and I made a profit!"


The chattering curiosity kept pouring in from all directions like a tide.

The entire training ground was blocked by the surrounding water for a while, and even the students who were not a training ground had painstakingly drove over from a short distance to watch Ouyang Huanyu shoot a gun.

Because the LED display screen needs to be delayed for confirmation before it can report the target number.

Therefore, the students who couldn't wait had already stared wide-eyed, and put their toes on their toes to look at the target thousands of meters away.

Even with their eyesight, they couldn't see exactly what was going on.

"How many rings did these five shots hit? You can't see it either!"

The tense atmosphere was on the verge of breaking out, even Ouyang Nuo subconsciously squeezed the tips of his fingers on Fu Zhi's arm.

"Isn't it really hit?"

She was worried, as if she was about to face an opponent who could not be repelled. She was so anxious that her forehead was filled with sweat, "Then this strength is too terrifying!" She slammed Fu Zhi's four streets!

She looked at Fu Zhi nervously, "I'm so afraid that she will grab your place!"


Although Ouyang Nuo was nervous about Fu Zhi, Fu Zhi still played a question mark slowly in his heart.

After choking for a while, he said, "...I don't have to be afraid of being forced. I am not appointed for this quota. Naturally, those who can live in it."

There is no such thing as who grabs the spot.

To be able to play on the international stage is to win glory for the country. Of course, a safer player must be sent to the stage, not a half-hearted player.

Ouyang Nuo was reminded by Fu Zhi, but he also reacted.

The bottom is the current relationship between the collateral system and the students of the family. Now there are some things that smell like fire and water. Seeing that the students of the family are supported by Ouyang Huanyu, each one of them is hard to talk about. The students of the side system are not. How happy.

What do you mean by'collateral lineages can hit five hundred, my family must build a two thousand meters', "collateral lineage is not as pure as my own family", now I still put these words on my lips to improve my style, I know that they are arrogant , I dont know if I thought Ouyangs home was a gathering place for wild animals. Everything depends on the bloodline!

The collateral students snorted dissatisfiedly.

Even thinking inwardly, Ouyang Huanyu could not hit it.

However, at the stall where Fu Zhi and Ouyang Nuo were talking, the dark LED screen suddenly felt the target being concentrated and the server operating instantly.

For a while, the screen lights up.

The sound of di!

This sound, like a stone falling into the bottom of the lake, clung to everyone's heart in the restless environment, and immediately stirred up layers of ripples, causing the originally curious crowd to instantly raise their heads and notice what was above their heads. big screen.

Target number one, ten rings.

Target number two, ten rings.


Fifth target, ten rings.

On the cold machine, the number of targets kept flashing.

Ten rings, ten rings... all of them are ten rings!

The crowd was silent for a while, seemingly unresponsive, until the first exclamation sounded on the court.

"My grass! Is this Nima still a human?"

"Two thousand meters! Five shots, but none of them missed the target! We are all in time for making science fiction films!"

"My God! Even if I hit a 20-meter high-speed target, I can't guarantee that there will be no false shots. This Nima is also a human. Why is this difference so big!"

"What are you talking about! When Fu Zhi hit the 500-meter moving target, I still felt that this kid was very talented, but I looked at Miss Ouyang again...There is a watershed between genius and genius! I said Miss Ouyang Its just the best in the class, no one refuted, right?!"

"That must be! What is Fu Zhi? What are those snipers in China? When our young lady is on the international stage, those internationally famous snipers will have to be beaten by our young lady!"


The voice of praise in the surrounding discussion was not deliberately lowered.

It was their emotions were too agitated, and they couldn't control themselves for a while.

You must know that this is a 2,000-meter moving target. Without the aid of a scope, looking at it from a long distance away, I am afraid that there is still something invisible to the naked eye!

As a result, Ouyang Huanzheng!

However, he leaned down and fired five shots, and it was so easy to hit all of the bullseye.

Even Ouyang Liang had a "cock" in his heart, and he was frightened and stupid.

Two kilometers is definitely not the limit of Ouyang Huanyu!

He can say with certainty that Fu Zhi babbled before, measured the humidity of the air and measured the density. He fumbled over with one shot and one shot. Only with a little luck, he hit the bullseye within three shots.

Five hundred meters is the limit that Fu Zhi can reach at present, and it will even take a long period of training to reach the situation where Ouyang Huanyu has no bullets.

And what about Ouyang Huanzheng?

She hit the two-kilometer target with no effort, and she could even shoot at the moment she lay down and aimed at the target. Within a minute, all five shots were fired.

This is the strength she has trained through countless efforts!

Two kilometers is her comfort zone, so it's her body's instinct to play well!

Ouyang Liang could see it, and Xu Hang could of course also see it.

A hot, bright, unprecedented light burst into his eyes.

"good good good good!"

He suddenly yelled twice and couldn't help clapping.

Looking at Ouyang Huanzheng, he looked at a piece of beautiful jade that had been excavated and polished. "It's the Ouyang family! You can cultivate such a powerful sniper! We won the championship in this world competition in China. The trophy is promising!"

There was a pleasant hum in his throat.

The words spoken are so loud and loud, even through this scene, I have seen the scene where Ouyang Huanyu is standing on the world stage.

Being praised by Coach Xu in this way, Ouyang Huanzheng was not arrogant or impetuous. He straightened his head, retracted his gaze from the scope, got up from the ground, facing the direction of Coach Xu, and said every word, "Coach Xu , Champion, I am determined to win. The honor that belongs to China, I will definitely bring it back! You can rest assured!"

Under the scorching sun, the army green combat uniform became the most dazzling color of the entire training ground. This color was dazzling and dazzling.

Ouyang Huanyu raised his hand and put the gun to the side of his leg with a bright smile.

Following her movements, the hem of the dress was slightly rolled up, revealing a small white and tight waist, with slender lines spreading from the abdomen, hiding in the trousers.

The scorching sun shone on the earth, and there seemed to be the sound of unknown insects in the air sounding behind Ouyang Huanzheng.

She put her family and country feelings on the cusp of her heart.

At this moment, in the eyes of all the students, her image is undoubtedly tall and worthy of admiration.

Even Fu Zhi felt that Ouyang Huanzheng had the strength to go to the international stage.

This doesn't need to be compared at all, her strength speaks for itself.


Fu Zhi didn't know what Ouyang's training camp did.

Among these forty students, none of them can compare with Ouyang Huanyu's strength.

In the end, not everyone has to accompany Ouyang Huanzheng.

In fact, Fu Zhi thinks so much more.

Of course, Ouyang Liang also felt that the existence of this training camp was unreasonable, and the final quota was basically set for Ouyang Huanzheng.

It's just because the country has invested money. Ouyang's family can't put the money in their pockets. They have to set up a training camp and go through formalism so that they can work with them, right?

This is also a pain for the children who come to the training camp to train.

After six months of hard work, I didn't get anything in the end, and I had to thin into a small bamboo pole under various intensive training.

Fu Zhi followed Coach Xu and they clapped their hands together.

It was probably because she looked too calm, and there was nothing like jealousy or unwillingness, which instead aroused the affection and affection in the hearts of several veteran students around.

"Alas, Fu Zhi doesn't cook, just because he was born at an untimely time, he and Ouyang Huanzheng grab a spot."

"Who said no, how old is Miss Ouyang now? As long as she wants, she can still participate in international competitions for three or four years. With her in one day, Fu Zhi will have to be suppressed for one day."

"It's also a good thing to be suppressed now. If you suffer from more severe beatings by Miss Ouyang, you will know what it means to be outsiders. If there are mountains outside the mountains, you will not be embarrassed in the international arena."

"That's not what I said. When Miss Ouyang was as old as Fu Zhi, she was much better than Fu Zhi. A 500-meter moving target could be hit with closed eyes...!"


The broken mouth is like the nature carved into the human body. The veteran students surrounding the training ground can only wish to give them a chance to become the presidents of various countries one after another, pointing the country, inspiring the words, and slamming Fang Qiu!

Standing in the center of the crowd, Ouyang Huanzheng glanced in the direction of Fu Zhi.

Xu Hang is still complimenting Ouyang Huanzheng with Ouyang Liang.

He even started to report to his superiors with excitement that he had picked up Bao'er here and...the other talent found was not bad but was delayed.

...Little eagle?

Ouyang Huanzheng listened, and suddenly sneered.

Those absurd things Jiang Zong said flashed in her mind.


Strictly speaking, those words are not absurd.

Fu Zhi is too good, and he is really good beyond the scope of normal people.

But so what?

What if she is Ouyang Chuan's child?

The little eagle cub who has lost the shelter of the eagle hasn't even learned how to fly.

Jiang Zong actually felt that she would be afraid of such a cub without threatening claws?

This is obviously the ants that should be crushed to death by stretching out her fingers.

When the ant did not grow into a terrifying behemoth, it was not worth her to use dirty means to destroy her wings.

Ouyang Huanzheng's eyes flashed deep, smiled, and took a step forward. This step directly narrowed the distance between her and Fu Zhi.

For a time, the hostility enveloped, from Ouyang Huanzhen's inspection, it was like a dense net, spreading over the sky and the earth.

Even if he didn't care anymore, Fu Zhi realized that Ouyang Huanyu was special to her.

but why?

In Fu Zhi's impression, she and Ouyang Huanzheng did not have any intersection.

The moment the two people faced each other, even the voice of the people around them became quieter.

It's like two kings facing each other, whoever said first will lose the first opportunity. After a long time of looking at each other, even Ouyang Nuo felt itchy mouth. When I wanted to beep for the two of them, Ouyang Huanzhen said, "I heard people say that you also want to participate in the international shooting competition?"

Fu Zhi: "..."

When the other party spoke, Fu Zhi was a little speechless.

She said think about it, she really didn't want to.

If you don't want to, what will she do in the training camp?

Anyway, Ouyang Huanyu asked this question a bit sharply.

Fu Zhi, who fished in troubled waters, only thought that she used to think, but she didn't think strongly.

I was entangled in how to speak to make others feel her determination. Don't think she is going to compete when she says everything. At this time, I heard Ouyang Huanzhen continue to say:

"Those who can come to this training camp, even if it is my brother's talent, have trained for ten years before they dare to have such determination to participate in international competitions. You Fu Zhi has practiced shooting for several years? Ten years? Eight? Year? Or a year?"

She said with a contemptuous tone, her eyes drifting away on Fu Zhicis small face, and the corners of her mouth smiled sarcastically, "Even the best sniper must be trained by professional training and time. On the world stage. Even if you inherit the talents of your parents, you should train with a humility! Recognize the gap between yourself and the capable group!"

"What you said is pretty good, but," Fu Zhi also felt Ouyang Huannai's hostility at this moment, and every word of it was hinting at her, which made people feel a little uncomfortable.

Fu Zhi is the kind of situation where you deliberately made me uncomfortable under the circumstances without any reason and no relatives, and I don't want to make you too comfortable. He said, "I'm not as good as your brother who has trained for more than ten years, then I haven't seen your brother's marksmanship better than me. The determination that your brother can have, according to my strength, I am more than him."

"Also, the length of training is not the decisive factor in whether you can participate in international competitions. If you have a lot of people who work hard, you can stand with me and tell me this is based on talent."

Ouyang Huanzhen watched Fu Zhi's retort, and a flash of surprise flashed in his eyes, followed by the face-suppressed anger.

She saw Fu Zhi's marksmanship with her own eyes in the observation room.

Fu Zhi's talent is amazing, and Fu Zhi's genes are even twisted with jealousy.

Ouyang Huanyu was actually not convinced.

Ouyang Pendant is the true **** of the Ouyang family, the belief of everyone.

Ouyang Huanyu wants to work hard.

She didn't understand. How could Fu Zhi be able to catch the blood of Ouyang Chuan from the same group of talented juniors?

Obviously she could do better than Fu Zhi, and obviously she even gave Fu Zhi a look as a charity.

However, Jiang Zong insisted on mentioning the so-called blood inheritance with her!

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