The Petite Dungeon Explorer Chapter 76

Chapter 76: The Ritual Pt.5

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Lowell was poised with her burning finger pointed at Odds throat. To say the least, she was in a position to kill him. The whole situation had gone from zero to one hundred in the span of a few seconds.

The mages that were behind her all erupted in light similar to Lowell. But the light came from the tombs that were at their hips. They had not moved into a defensive position, but their magic was active to defend themselves if need be. Or probably in this case attack if need be.

Although, it would be child's play to kill them with the aid of the glasses. I could see all the opens positions on their bodies and even along their clothes that were enchanted with defensive spells.

They were to green!

Unlike Lowell or Odd they did not pose a threat to me.

A dagger appeared in my hands. I shifted in my seat and stood up. Lowell shot me a deathly look and I pause in my movement. It seems that she was cautious of me too. Or she could turn around and blame me for this massacre.

I would not let her kill him. I would take her head before she took his head.

Although, I did not trust either of them. It would be in my favor to have a strong ally and he had done nothing but support me so far.

Looking at her I found that her throat and wrist were open to attack. A bright white line was drawn across her throat and both of her wrist. While I could see smaller hairline marks that were running along the waist of her dress and down the chest.

These were dimmer. It seems that her enchantments were stronger than the ones of her followers.

"Lady Lowell! What is the meaning of this?!" The Commander of the army shouts. He had a hand on his sword and his chair had been knocked backwards. His face was tense.

Yara was looking between Lowell and Odd with a horrified expression on her face. I could roll my eyes at her. She was not to bright, but people that were charismatic hero types generally were not the brightest!

"Answer me!" She growls through her clenched teeth. The bright flame aimed at his throat was burning brighter and getting closer. Odd did not seems phased in the least at her obvious threat.

His posture was calm and relaxed. As if nothing was the matter at all!

"Lowell calm down. You should put that out before you get yourself hurt," he cautions her with a dark tone in comparison to his look.

She flinches slightly and the flame wavers a bit.

"What the hell happened! You were supposed to be on guard tonight?! How the hell did you let this happen?" She asks keeping her flame burning.

He lets out a sigh and looks at her finger.

It was a murderous look. That sent a chill up my spine.

"I had something else to deal with," he replies.

"We are civilized people must you talk with murderous intent like that?" The Bishop finally speaks. His voice was low but forceful,

Lowell looks towards him and her burning orange eyes seem to dim, and reason seems to enter back into her mind a little. She looks back towards Odd and her face twist up again.

"Something on this scale how could you miss it?" She presses her voice breaking a little bit.

He sighs and raises a hand and puts it down on her shoulder. She flinches but does not shake off his hand.

"I'm sorry. If I could have stopped this I would have. I know your granddaughter meant a lot to you," he speaks softly.


I put my dagger away. Looks like she would get to live to see another day.

Tears threaten to spill out of Lowell's eyes as she lowers her hand. She rubs a hand over her eyes and stops the tears from falling down her face. But her body is shaking with sobs.

It looks like one of the women that had been sacrificed was her Granddaughter. The realization sunk in for everyone and they all lower their guards.

Relaxing I sink back down into the chair and continue to observe the situation.

Yara moves forward to go and comfort Lowell. While Odd lets out a small sigh and takes a step back from her. His throat was a little burnt from the flame, but it was not life threatening at all.

His eyes did not betray his emotions. I had no idea what he was thinking.

[One Minute left]

Ah, I had only been observing Lowell and her companions. I should look at everyone else too.

Shifting my eyes towards Yara. I find that her left knee, abdomen at her right breast plate was weak. While her armor covered most of her important organs it seems that she was much more prepared for attack than she seemed.

Her armor had a few lines running through her left gauntlet and along her back. It seems like those are the areas that had the most stress put onto them.

She also had a bit of magic that was swirling around her. It was mainly focused around her head, and around her neck. Which was right at the end of the black armor that came up to her neck. At the base of the neck there was an insignia of a bear on it.

It was glowing brightly as if the source of the magic. It was like all the magic was focused onto that exact spot.

Looking away, I glance at the Commander and find that his defense was wide open. He had some magic that was swirling around him and that was from a ring that was on his ring finger. It was a simple looking silver ring, but it was obviously enchanted.

His armor was well maintained but that did not escape the power of my glasses. I could see that it was quite flimsy. It would probably be fine from most attacks but if a well-placed attack falls onto his shoulder it would penetrate the armor with ease.

Onto the Bishop. I was the most interested in the Bishop.

Looking from the corner of my eye. I find that he's also looking at me.

I keep myself from flinching away from his burning eyes. Why the hell was he that focused on me>

His eyes were burning with magic energy. It was like a bonfire the strength of the magic. Just what sort of monster was this man?

He was coated in a burning light. Could it be the blessing from his Goddess?

[New Skill!]

[Concealment has been created!]

[Due to the constant defense of keeping peeping eyes from your status. A skill has been created. It will always be active in keeping your status hidden from others!]

I felt sweat start to pour down my brow. Just what in the world was that damn Bishop doing?

Actually, everyone in here was trying to peep at my status. This place was full of peeping toms it seems.

"Have you calmed down?" Odd asks Lowell.

Out of everyone that I had looked at. I found only one spot that was weak on Odd. He was like a perfect fortress with just a single weak spot. It was right where his heart would have been was a single glowing point of white light.

The Bishop had removed his eyes and stood up and made his way towards Lowell.

I sucked in a deep breath to calm my fraying nerves.

He placed a hand on Lowell's shoulder, and she looks up from her hands at him.

"We all have lost something. We must dedicate ourselves to finding the culprit as soon as possible. Or this could spell the end for the lives of thousands of our Goddess followers," he speaks softly to her.

Leave it to a Bishop he was magnanimous to the end it seems.

Leaning back in my chair I keep watching. But I was also prepared to flee from this spot at any moment.

"Yes, Bishop we should dedicate our efforts to the apprehension of the culprit," she agrees as she looks towards the Bishop.

He smiles and turns away from her and looks towards Odd.

"We have complied all the information and images from the bodies of all the women. We shall leave to purify their bodies and try to give them a peaceful resting place. I'm sure that you wouldn't object to our taking of the bodies," he speaks sweetly but there is a hidden force behind his words.

"Please. Who would I be to keep them from their final resting place," Odd says evenly to him.

The Bishop nods and motions for the woman from before. She walks forward and hand the tablet to Odd. He takes it and she bow slightly before walking towards the Bishop.

"We shall take our leave then. If you need anything, please come and contact us at the temple. We will be at your disposal," he says and turns away from us.

Not before he takes one last glance at me. I felt my skin crawl even more.

He just does not quit, does he?!

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