The Pinnacle Of Life In The United States Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139: Yuan blue and white Guiguzi downhill picture jar

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How did Qiao Erye know Lu Ning? I have to talk about it from Xiangjiang Auction House. Qiao Erye loves cultural relics and is well-known in the industry. Last time at Xiangjiang Auction House, the 12 Chinese Zodiac Bronze Head was at Xiangjiang Auction House. The appearance was a rare opportunity for Qiao Erye. Not only did Qiao Erye bring all his cash, he also asked his friends to collect some money.

However, after arriving in Xiangjiang, this man realized that there were many collectors and predators, and Qiao Erye is a first-class collector in China, but this is not the number one in the world. It can also be seen that the price of the copper head this time will definitely be very ridiculous. Of course, as the great masters of the imperial capital, it is impossible to be scared off, right? This master faces global collectors, not only is there no She flinched, but borrowed a sum of money, let alone the second master Qiao's network.

Even Zheng Jun remitted 5 million to Qiao Erye. The key is that the receipt has not yet been hit. You can imagine how the character of Qiao Erye is in normal times. With all this money, Qiao Er The master's confidence is also strong enough, and they all say that they are rich and courageous. These words are not bad at all, but the next auction house process will be full of twists and turns.

The cooperation between Lu Ning and Macau's gambling king caused the two copper capitals to fall into Lu Ning's hands. Well, this wave of operations was 666. The gambling king was willing to be Lu Ning's background board, which also made Qiao Erye I am very interested in Lu Ning, who is this sacred, I have never heard of such a person in China, so Erye Qiao mobilized his own power to investigate Lu Ning.

The result of the adjustment made Erye Qiao a little frightened. I didnt know if I didnt check it, and I was shocked when I checked it. This is a character who can call the wind and rain in the United States. Compared with this, he is not a bit worse than this, and, The "national treasure" that this photographed turned out to be given to the Magic Capital Museum for free, and after that, he made a free donation.

Although, at the beginning, the second master Qiao also had this mentality, but the second master Qiao also has self-knowledge, one or two bronze heads, he still has hope, if you say 12, then forget it, myself It is impossible to have such economic strength, but Lu Ning even said that he donated to the country, which made Erye Qiao admire him. Even the little grudge against Lu Ning at the beginning was gone, but he wanted to get acquainted. Lets take a look at this legendary figure.

After that, Lu Nings series of operations made Erye Qiao admire Lu Ning even more. Other than that, it was the MGR Groups establishment of a factory in Magic City and the listing of IPHONE. Lu Ning was behind the front desk. After that, he sat on the third throne in the world. For the second master Qiao, he had never seen such an enchanting character.

Among the second generation, there are many successful examples. Not to mention, the second master Qiao is a very successful one. However, compared with Lu Ning, it is really the light of the firefly and the glory of Haoyue, and The news afterwards was even more shocking. During the New Year, Erye Qiao even heard that Lu Ning and Lan Fei even talked about friends. The relationship between Erye Qiao and Lan Fei is very good. After all, this bandit who has a friendship with Lan Fei Qian, at that time, Second Master Qiao wanted to get acquainted with Lu Ning through Lan Fei.

It is a pity that Lu Ning had already returned to the United States when Erye Qiao learned the news. Missed this opportunity and made Erye Qiao regret for several days. Fortunately, this time, the opportunity finally came again. Unexpectedly, this time it was Lu Ning delivered it to the door himself.

In order to better welcome Lu Ning in the evening, Erye Qiao did a lot of work here. Not only did he mobilize a general cleaning, he also personally reviewed the dishes tonight, and even pulled out 1 from his own wine cellar. Moutai has been stored in the box for 50 years. At this time, Moutai is still a symbol of a state-run winery. At first glance, it is an old product. Moreover, the wine is stored very well, and it hasn't escaped at all, unlike some of the same period Moutai. , Only half of the amount is left.

On the other side, Lan Sheng drove his Mercedes-Benz G636X6, carrying Wang Yu, Lan Fei, and Lu Ning to Qiao Eryes private club. Qiao Eryes private club was near Wangfujing in the imperial capital. It is very superior. However, it is not open to the public and not many people know it. From the outside, it does not look like a private club, but it is similar to an antique shop, and it is a very luxurious antique shop.

This is generally where Qiao Erye entertained his friends, and it is also a place where literati and inexperiencers gather. To be honest, Qiao Eryes circle is really wide, and Qiao Eryes friends can be found everywhere, including modern calligraphy everyone. , The painting elders, and there are many big elders in the collection industry, Qiao Erye himself, the collections are also eye-catching, the antiques of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Qiao Erye are generally outside for appreciation, and Second Ye Qiao also has a treasure of the town shop, which is also placed here.

Yuan blue and white Guiguzi go down the mountain picture jar, yes, it is the famous Yuan blue and white porcelain. This porcelain promotes the famous blue and white porcelain of China to an unattainable height, setting the world's highest record of Chinese porcelain, and is regarded as the representative work of China blue and white porcelain. , Yuan blue and white Guiguzi downhill painting jar really interprets the value of "blue and white porcelain" very comprehensively.

With round shoulders, thick feet with plain soles, short straight neck, slightly thicker lips, the main pattern is "Guiguzi going down the mountain", depicting Sun Bins master Guiguzi at the repeated request of the envoy of Qi State, Su Dai, who promised to go down the mountain to rescue him. The story of Sun Bin and Dugu Chen, the famous generals of the Qi State who were in battle in Yan State.

This Yuan Qinghua Guiguzi Going Down the Mountain Picture Jar was bought by Qiao Erye from a well-known collector for 150 million yuan. Now, 6 years have passed. It is conservatively estimated that this Yuan The price of the blue and white Guiguzi downhill cans has exceeded 200 million yuan.

And this Yuan Qinghua Guiguzi Downhill Picture Jar is now placed in the center of the lobby of the private club. It is covered with bulletproof glass for people to visit. It can only be said that Qiao Eryes heart is really big, such a precious thing, Just put it in such a conspicuous place, not afraid of thieves.

Of course, if you want to steal something from the second master Qiao, you must also practice your courage, or whether you have this level.

It can be said that this Yuan Qinghua Guiguzi Going Down the Mountain can be regarded as the pinnacle of Yuan Qinghua. Moreover, there are not many Yuan Qinghua existing in the world, and it has always been enthusiastically sought after by collectors. This is also inevitable. of.

Even the Yuan blue and white flowers of the Capital Museum are not as good as the one that Qiao Erye has in his hands. Two years ago, the Capital Museum asked Qiao Erye to take this Yuan blue and white Guiguzi downhill picture jar to participate in the exhibition. It can be seen how precious it is.

When Lan Shengs Mercedes-Benz G636X6 stopped at the entrance of the store, the second master Qiao who had been waiting inside had already greeted him actively. Not to mention, this Mercedes-Benz G636X6 became more and more famous in the Imperial City. , Lan Shengs private car, especially the number plate of the serial number, at least, the only one in the current imperial capital.

"Haha, Mr. Lu, its been a long time since I met him. I didnt expect that I was fortunate enough to meet someone today. Qiao is very happy." Well, its a collector. What the second master Qiao said is literal and warm. Very, as soon as he came up, he left a very good impression on Lu Ning, and he also had a good impression of the famous second master Qiao.

"Er Qiao, its better to see it. Im really chattering today." Lu Ning was also very polite, shaking hands with Qiao Erye, and by the way, he also looked at this famous figure in the imperial capital. He was 178 in height and posture. Its a bit mellow. Its no problem at all to describe the second master Qiao with a wide heart and fat body. This one looks very rich, with a pair of golden eyes, and it makes people feel that this knowledgeable person is a university professor. , It's not that no one believes it.

"Hey, let me say, don't be so genteel, okay, second master, you are not like this normally, but now you have a good idea." Okay, the two people said a few words, and they were beaten by a sentence by Lan Sheng. It's broken, it's fine now, and the scene is a bit embarrassing.

"Hey, you little skin monkey, is it itchy skin again?" Erye Qiao was helpless with Lan Sheng. Fortunately, all those present were his own. For Lu Ning, Erye Qiao had already returned him naturally. Lan's camp.

"Haha, it was originally, the second master, who is all his own, what are you pretending to be." Okay, Lan Sheng looked like a demon king, so that second master Qiao shook his head helplessly, tapped Lan Sheng with his finger, and took it again. This one has nothing to do.

"Mr. Lu, please, Lan Xiaozi can be said to be insulting, let's not be familiar with him." Qiao Erye took Lu Ning into his clubhouse in an inviting gesture, and Lan Fei watched funny from behind. He glanced at Lan Sheng, shook his head, and followed in. Well, the only embarrassing person on the scene is Wang Yu. You can tell, most of them are alone, but they are still like children. . .

It seems that my usual education is too little. Well, it seems that after I go back tonight, I will have to "special training" for some time. Wang Yu's eyes towards his husband are very special, so special that Lan Sheng abruptly There was a chill in the ground, fucking, what's our situation? Wife, what is your look, why do I feel weird?

On the other hand, Qiao Erye had already brought Lu Ning to the store, and the antiques at the door attracted Lu Ning's interest.

Qing Dynasty Guangxu melon peel green glaze imitation descendant Sun Yongbao used tripod, Qing Shunzhi melon peel green glaze dark carved flower bowl, Qing Jiaqing melon peel green glaze large bowl, Ming Jiajing melon peel green glaze cloud crane pattern plate, Ming Jiajing melon peel Green glaze darkly drawn cloud and phoenix statue, a pair of Qing Kangxi melon skin green glaze darkly carved cloud dragon pattern small cups, Qing Kangxi melon skin green glaze pot, Qing Yongzheng melon skin green glaze small bowl, Qing Qianlong melon skin green glaze extravagant bowl .

All of them are melon peel green glaze series. It can be seen that the ancients liked this color and luster. The most important thing is that these are also palace items. How valuable this thing is, you can believe it, for ordinary people. For collectors of this kind, there is one such antique, which is a luxury item that can be passed down for generations, but the second master Qiao collected a whole set and placed it in the most conspicuous place. Of course, There is still a sign hanging on it: Don't get started.

For this set of melon skin green glaze utensils, it can be said that it is also the heart of Qiao Erye. Otherwise, it will not be displayed here. According to Qiao Eryes statement, good things should be taken out to see, not What's the point of hiding by yourself? Such a single green glaze with melon peel is still available on the market. The current price is not too outrageous. It is generally between 2 and 3 million. Of course, there are still many special features, such as craftsmanship, appearance, etc. The degree of completeness will affect its price.

For Qiao Erye, it is not easy to be able to collect this series of utensils, not to mention that this cross-generation has gone through the Ming and Qing dynasties. It has been recounted since Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty. In the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, and the price gap among them was not small, the cheapest was 1.8 million, and the most expensive was 10.1 million. And these antiques can be put together, and the entire country of China can do very few. This disguised form also proves how broad Qiao Erye's path is.

"Mr. Lu, do you like this too?" Seeing Lu Ning's eyes carefully, Qiao Erye came up and introduced them one by one. Okay, to be honest, Lu Ning has mastered nine skills in antiques. Even these names can't be said, the only difference is the color, but what is the melon peel green glaze? Forget it, it's green in Lu Ning's eyes.

"Er Qiao, I'm ashamed to say, I'm really bad at this antique." Lu Ning shook his head. Even if the Erye Qiao puts a set of fakes outside, it is also exquisite for Lu Ning. As for other things, Lu Ning really doesn't know how to do it.

"Haha, Mr. Lu, you were joking, but you photographed a whole set of 12 zodiac bronze heads~www.wuxiaworld~ For me, that is a priceless treasure, tusk tusk, and donated it to the country for free. For those of us who play collecting, Mr. Lu's move is magnificent." As he said, the second master Qiao raised his thumb.

"Second Master Qiao, you are holding it, and I am just doing something within my power." Lu Ning made a polite gesture towards Second Master Qiao. Seriously, Lu Ning's interest in antiques is really not great, but , This doesn't mean that the Lu family doesn't have this stuff.

As far as Lu Ning knows, there are two original Leonardo da Vinci's works hanging in his own home. To be honest, compared with this Yuan blue and white Guiguzi descending mountain pot, which is lighter and heavier, It's really hard to say.

Lu Ning has seen a lot of good things since he was young, especially the Rothschild family, who have collected a lot of good things. Moreover, their collections are not the head of a family, but are all-encompassing, and they have everything weird and strange.

Therefore, Lu Ning felt that it was a very normal thing for Qiao Erye to put this Yuan blue and white Guiguzi downhill picture jar on display here.

"Haha, Mr. Lu, it's the fortune of my Qiao to see you today. In a while, I must have a good drink with Mr. Lu." Second master Qiao was very interested at this time, but for Lu Ning Say, uh, there is something wrong with the treat, **** it, when Lan Sheng was drunk last night, didn't he already use his skills?

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