The Pinnacle Of Life In The United States Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140: : Lu Ning is called a counselor

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For Lu Ning, this is very exaggerated. Is he still unclear about his drinking capacity? If you don't have system skills, five of you wouldn't necessarily have passed Lan Sheng. This, I don't know how to pass this level tonight?

"Haha, you are very polite, Qiao Erye." Lu Ning's smile at this time was somewhat reluctant, but the excited Qiao Erye didn't find any clues. Anyway, today I have taken out a box of 12 bottles and stored them for 50 years. If you come from Maotai, you must be drunk and never return. Okay, I dont know what kind of expression Lu Ning will look like when he knows this treat.

"Second Lord, dont let my brother-in-law have a hard time. My brother-in-laws drinking capacity is now well-known in the circle. Last time, I drank all of us. Anyway, there are not many of us here. I dare to fight with my brother-in-law." At this time, Lan Sheng, who was not too busy to watch the excitement, also came up and began to brag about Lu Nings drinking capacity. It seemed to Lan Sheng that his brother-in-laws drinking capacity was even a national-level companion. The member is not an opponent, let alone Second Master Qiao, this one is not as good as his own.

The second master Qiao felt stage fright when he heard this. Second master Qiao knew how much Lan Sheng can drink. Anyway, he was not an opponent, but he didn't expect that Lu Ning would be even more powerful. However, he had already said his big words just now. , And can't go back anymore.

"Haha, it's okay, I'll give up my life to accompany the gentleman tonight." Qiao Erye himself cheered himself up. It seems that he is ready to go all out. Uh, Lu Ning is a depressed, **** man, so I met him. Lan Sheng was stunned, now it's all right. It seems that he is in a disaster. Lu Ning's wry smile was caught by Lan Fei's eyes.

On the other hand, Lan Sheng seemed to be very interested in this Yuan Qinghua Guiguzi Going Down the Mountain Picture Can, and he took Qiao Erye to ask questions, and this item is also the best item in Qiao Eryes collection. This is of course a emphatically introduced. Starting from the history of the Yuan Qinghua Guiguzi Xiashan Tucan, it is really endless. It can be seen that I usually send ancient books and materials when nothing is wrong.

"Lu, what's the matter with you?" Seeing everyone's attention was on Qiao Erye's introduction of the Yuan Qinghua Guiguzi Downhill Picture Can, Lan Fei quietly came to Lu Ning's side and asked in a low voice. After all, Lu Ning's face was dreadful. Not very good-looking.

"Well, Lan Fei, I really want to remember telling you that I am allergic to that old Maotai." Lu Ning rubbed his nose and replied with embarrassment. Lu Ning talked about this, Lan Feis face. All of a sudden, it was like a layer of red glow, hiss, how can I say, Lan Fei still remembered that time, okay, can you not remember it? That was my first time. . . . . . I have been lying on the bed for several days before it has eased up.

"Are you sure?" Lan Fei asked dumbfoundingly, the rhythm of the accident, ooh, Lan Fei's expression also appeared worried, of course, this is not worrying about Lu Ning, but about herself. If Lu Ning initiates a "drinking madness", isn't it he who suffers? At this time, other people would come to their senses, and found that Lu Ning and Lan Fei's faces were not quite right.

"What's the matter?" Qiao Erye asked strangely, not knowing that the faces of Lu Ning and Lan Fei suddenly became so strange, and there seemed to be no impoliteness in himself.

"Second Lord, I am not worried about Lu Ning anymore. When I got up this morning, Lu Ning was a little uncomfortable, so I gave him cephalosporin, but the problem is that he can't drink alcohol after taking medicine. We also forgot about this. You tell me, this, hey, I didn't think of it until you just said it." Lan Fei looked regretful. Okay, Lu Ning will give you this acting skills. Thumbs, the acting is really great, and the unwillingness to act is brought to life.

"Huh? Brother-in-law, are you uncomfortable? Why didn't you say it?" It was Lan Sheng, an honest person himself, so what to say? No, he just asked.

"It's not that I didn't think so much at the beginning. I didn't expect to drink at night. Tsk Tsk, 50 years of Maotai. This is really..." Since Lan Fei has already played it, Lu Ning of course has to keep up. Acting, this is the Oscar actor, there is no flaw at all, it is absolutely natural enough.

"Hey, what am I going to do, then I will go down and drink again. Anyway, Mr. Lu and I know each other. Why don't you drink? When shouldn't you drink?" The second master Qiao didn't suspect him, so naturally he wouldn't have thought of it, Lu. Ning is timid, and whether Lan Sheng or Wang Yu has seen Lu Ning's drinking capacity, he is not afraid to travel all over the world with this drinking capacity, so I also believed Lan Fei's words as true.

Well, seeing that this matter was passed, Lu Ning gave Lan Fei a thumbs-up. You really have you. You can think of ways to do it.

Well, in fact, Lu Ning is also affectionate. Lan Fei is doing this for Lu Ning's sake. This is entirely for self-preservation. Otherwise, I don't know that I can get out of bed in a few days, and at this time, the circle All the friends in here came, and everyone greeted Erye Qiao first. After all, the position of this person in the circle is here. Everyone respects them. Then they surrounded Lu Ning, Lan Fei, and Wang Yu. Beside, laughing and chatting on various topics.

As for knowing that Lu Ning is unwell tonight and cant drink, these people seemed to breathe out at the same time. Well, it seems that they can leave here tonight. These are the real thoughts of these people. It seems that Lu Ning's pressure on these guys is really not small.

Uh, as for Lan Sheng, he was also very interested at the beginning. 50 years of Maotai, he didn't say that he could drink alcohol. However, Wang Yu coughed, and Lan Sheng's outstretched hand trembled. Damn it, it seems that he promised his wife to come this morning, not to drink, thinking of this, Lan Sheng was crying, MMP, his mouth is really, what did he promise to do so quickly?

However, it is clear that Lan Shengs fear is now well-known in the circle. Wang Yu does not let him drink, and dare not make an exception to Lan Shengs ten guts. Lan Sheng deserves to hesitate to say about everyones inquiries. He promised Wang Yu to quit drinking.

Uh, with this explanation, everyone looked at Wang Yu, but Wang Yu was not afraid. In other words, he was the first big boss in the circle, OK, after he went to Xiangjiang, Lan Fei took over. .

So, how big is Wang Yu's prestige in the circle, it is conceivable that these guys, who dares to choke with the eldest sister?

All right, Wang Yu said no to drink, then don't drink it. Anyway, Shengzi doesn't drink it. Uh, after smelling the strong wine, Lan Sheng wants to cry without tears.

After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, the atmosphere is better now, and the second master Qiao is also in good spirits. Of course, if you are in a gathering of literati and ink guests, everyone likes to play a wine order at this time, of course. , When you are with the second-generation circle, it is really inappropriate to drink wine. After all, everyone in this room is not a dude who doesnt know how to write.

However, it is at the level of "Three Hundred Poems of the Tang Dynasty", that is, those who have learned in class are likely to read a few sentences, which is also a drinking order, which is not suitable for this group of guys to play. According to their words , Drinking, just pour down a cup, why do you have to do so much trouble?

"I said, Erye, you are a great expert in the field of antiques, and you also tell us, when you play these, have you ever hit your eyes?" At this time, a second generation asked, this question, everyone will be pretty good. Interested, so he also pricked his ears.

"Haha, punching eyes, its not a common thing. At the beginning, its called more than one. In the antique industry, it is very common to not open for three years and eat for three years. It is common to be cheated by punching the eyes. Therefore, I have paid a lot of tuition fees." The second master Qiao laughed and didn't suggest that he should take out the old friend.

"No, Erye, in the imperial capital, there are still people who are looking to lie to you?" Another second generation was a little unbelieving, and until, Qiao Erye was in the imperial capital, that was a prestigious existence, of course, not referring to Qiao Erye How dull there is. On the contrary, the second master Qiao is gentle and knowledgeable, which is different from the general second generation. Therefore, the second master Qiao has many friends and a wide range of roads. I really cant believe it. Some people even dare to deceive the second master. If such a person is known, he won't be slapped by Qiao Erye's friends.

"You guys, you dont understand the antiques business. In this business, everyones trade is based on their eyesight. If you buy fakes, it is not the other partys responsibility. They are all the stall owners who are not good at learning art and are in Panjiayuan. No matter whether its true or not, its really being sold. If you dont have good eyesight and buy a fake, then you have to pay the tuition. Next time, youll have to make sure to sell it again. Qiao Erye said with a smile. This is very novel. It turns out that the rules of antiques are actually like this.

"Er, what fakes have you bought?" Lan Sheng asked curiously at this time, let alone, since he knew the price of the Yuan Qinghua Guiguzi Downhill Tucan in the lobby at the entrance, Lan Sheng also wondered if it was right. I'm going to search for gold in this industry, but Lan Sheng didn't want to think about it, because his three-legged cat is not as good as his level, how much tuition he has to pay to understand.

"Ha, it's a lot anyway, but since you are all interested, I can tell you about it. After all, there are still a lot of fun things." At this time, the second master Qiao's wine is just in place. Now this Its the best time to tell a story.

"When I first entered the industry, I saw a snuff bottle. The stall owner, who claimed to be a descendant of the Manchurian Zhenglan flag, said that I was dizzy and dizzy. This snuff bottle, claimed to have been given to his ancestor by Lord Qianlong, Zhenger Bajing is an old object in the imperial palace, all with a bottom shell, the words of Ouchi Manufacturing Bureau. At that time, I was also given by this stall owner. Kan was dizzy, and I took it away after spending 100,000 yuan."

The second master Qiao said while reminiscing, that expression was a reminiscence of interesting things in the past: "I thought, I missed it. After all, if this thing is true, how can it be said, it would be worth a little over 20." Wan, in the end, I took it back and showed it to the master I invited, and I realized that I was caught in a big deal. What kind of snuff bottle was from the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty? This is an imitation from last week. It was just burned in the kiln next to Panjiayuan, which angered me and didn't eat any food for a day."

When Second Master Qiao said here, he laughed self-deprecatingly, and killed a glass of three-dollar white wine in one sip. The second generation around was fascinated by it. With this, Second Master Qiao was deceived by a hundred thousand. One hundred thousand at that time was not a small number.

"Second Lord, don't you go find him now? Isn't this a flicker?" said one of the second generation with a hot temper.

"Find? It's hard to tell if you can find it or not. These stallholders are just guerrillas. They have slaughtered fat sheep. There are no other silly people waiting in the same place. I don't know where to go. Besides, just What can I do if I find it? It's because I am not good at learning art, who is to blame?" Second Master Qiao sighed. At that time, I didn't encounter such things less often.

"Well, not only are there such people who lean on their lips, but there are also some who are the ancestors of Porcelain." After a while, Qiao Erye said again, but this time, Qiao Eryes face, He showed an unhappy expression.

"Oh, second master, you can tell me that there is a saying that this antique is touching porcelain?" The second generation became interested again after hearing it.

"Well, if you want to visit places like Panjiayuan in the future, you must pay attention. If you have a fancy, you must put this thing on the ground, so you can get started. Don't take things from other people's hands." Second Master Qiao gave a solemn warning, and then said.

"Especially those fragile items, don't pick them up in the hands of others. Those who touch porcelain will generally seize this opportunity and probably drop the things in your hands to the ground. In this way, whoever of you Its hard to tell. When the time comes, you will lose money. Moreover, the price is just what other people say, what kind of old thing it is, what kind of old thing, this price can make you doubt your life, even a cup, he It can be said that this is a chicken bowl cup."

"Why don't you beat them?" The hot second-generation patted the table and said viciously.

"How many people do you think they are? The surroundings are all their trust. There are many people like this. After all, Panjiayuan is a place where dragons and jade are mixed. This group of people cheats and deceives."

Well, the story hasn't been said yet, Qiao Erye was drinking another glass of white wine. Um, Lu Ning was frightened by this look. Even if the amount of drink Qiao Erye is not as good as Lan Sheng, it is not far from it.

At the speed of one cup, if you drink by yourself today, you really dont know what you want to be drunk? Fortunately, Lan Fei was witty. Lu Ning at this time really had lingering fears. Looking at this table and drinking, it was a blushing face.

Lu Ning took a sip of water and was shocked. Well, he should continue to listen to the story of Qiao Erye and feel more at ease.

At this time, Lan Sheng had already lost any thoughts of picking things up. This was not something he could do.

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