The Pinnacle Of Life In The United States Chapter 1141

Chapter 1141: : Liu Banxian

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"Well, everyone, there used to be a man named Liu Banxian in the imperial capital. I don't know if you know this guy, but he is very famous in the antique circle. In the imperial capital, that is also a famous existence." Drink After a glass of wine, the second master Qiao asked a question. If you look at me and I look at you, they all shook their heads.

"Liu Banxian? Second master, could this be a fortune-teller? But, fortune-telling, it has nothing to do with antiques, right?"

"Fortune-telling is messy, oh, Banxian is fortune-telling? Okay, I tell you, this Liu Banxian, in the Panjiayuan of the imperial capital, but also a man of the wind, in this eyes, is known as the first person in the Panjiayuan, and, no People who dare not to be convinced, ordinary antiques, Liu Banxian can know the true or false, provenance and origin of this thing with a glance, especially painting and calligraphy. If you look at half of it, then you can know the true and false and argue the authenticity. For Liu Banxian's "famous reputation", this person is a household name in Panjiayuan."

When Second Master Qiao talked about this Liu Banxian, the look in his eyes was also quite admirable. It can be seen that Second Master Qiao also respected this Liu Banxian very much. It seems that this man should indeed be a resounding figure.

"Oh? Erye, where is this Liu Banxian now? When you have time, you can also introduce to the brothers. We can also learn from this master. When we have any good things, we can also ask this to help you appraise it. Identification."

"Dead." Qiao Erye said in a flat tone, this expression is a bit wrong, it seems that there is something else hidden in this matter.

"Hey, dead, dead number, when will you please come, eh? Wait, second master, what did you say? Dead?" A second generation who was obviously drunk was still following Qiao's words. Going on, it turned out to be good, this one is already dead?

"Is it normal birth, old age, sickness and death?" one of the second generation courageously asked.

"Suicide." Well, everyone understood for a while, no wonder the second master Qiao's expression was a little wrong, this was suicide, then there must be a reason, otherwise, the second master Qiao wouldn't tell it, right? .

"Second Lord, what you told us, what the **** is Liu Banxian? Why did he commit suicide properly?"

"Hey, I can only say that Liu Banxian died for his own self-use. This Liu Banxian is really good at seeing things, so ah, on the grounds of Panjiayuan, I saw a storefront and didn't do business. , But to look at antiques for others. The fee is not low, and one percent of the appraisal fee is charged. Of course, the money is not in vain. Liu Banxian himself said that if he was blinded, then, This money, I am willing to compensate the whole family.

However, Liu Banxians vision is really called a quasi, so, what he has appraised here is a double insurance. Therefore, many millions of dollars will go to him for appraisal and tell the truth. Yes, during that time, Liu Banxian was also very beautiful and made a lot of money, but the problem is that Liu Banxian was too arrogant.

Especially when appraising calligraphy and painting, often half of the scroll is opened, and Liu Banxian can know the true or false of the thing. Therefore, the other half, this one hardly looks at it, perhaps because his name becomes more and more popular, so, Liu Banxian deliberately saw half of it for appraisal, but the problem appeared here. Last year, a Hong Kong businessman came to Liu Banxians shop and said that he found a painting by Mr. Zhang Daqian in Panjiayuan. I know that at that time, it was when Zhang Daqian's paintings were the hottest. To be honest, the price of this painting was 100 million yuan, which is a sky-high price, even if it is the appraisal fee, it costs 1 million yuan. "

When Erye Qiao said here, everyone on the stage also took a breath, 100 million yuan, this price, it is really outrageous, although everyone does not know what Zhang Daqian's words mean, but just Hearing this price made everyone startled. Of course, Lu Ning is probably the only one who doesn't even change his heartbeat.

"Well, this is something worth one hundred million after all. Liu Banxian, of course, have to take a good look, but even so, this one has only opened a half volume. After all, his reputation has not been destroyed, hasnt it been Liu Banxian this time. After reading it carefully, the authentic product is undoubtedly the masterpiece of Mr. Zhang Daqian.

However, this price is undoubtedly a sky-high price. Even at this time, Zhang Daqians paintings are being hotly speculated. However, such a painting is about 40 million yuan. The price of 100 million yuan is a bit too ridiculous. For this reason , Liu Banxian kindly reminded him, after all, the price is too high.

However, in the words of Hong Kong businessmen, this is hard to buy for daughters. Its a good idea to spend 100 million. Its worth it. Okay, Liu Banxian saw that he persuaded and persuaded, but it didnt work. Liu Banxian stopped saying anything. Anyway, he also got his commission, but Liu Banxian didn't know that this matter really killed him. "

When the second master Qiao said here, he obviously paused for a while, well, everyones attention was concentrated by the second master Qiao at this time. Everyone wanted to know that it is true that they are already firm, why bother Liu Banxian's name? Could it be that Liu Banxian made a mistake? But it shouldn't be. Liu Banxian has been appraised seriously. According to Liu Banxian's reputation, Zhang Daqian's paintings can't be appraised.

"The bad thing is that it's bad in Liu Banxian's name." At this time, the second master Qiao sighed and said regretfully: "After a few days, this Hong Kong businessman came to the store angrily and began to grow up. It was noisy, and brought a gang of fierce land, said it was faked by Liu Banxian's appraisal studio. This was a lot of trouble at the time. Most of the famous bosses of Panjiayuan came, and I also went to join in the fun. .

Of course Liu Banxian did not recognize Zhang Daqians paintings by himself. It was impossible to make mistakes. Moreover, at his own level, it was impossible not to see that Zhang Daqian had a problem. So he opened the painting in front of everyone. This half is a little bit. There is no problem, it is definitely Zhang Daqian's work, which is exactly the same as the one he identified before.

Therefore, Liu Banxian vowed to be in front of all the people to ensure that the painting is absolutely true. Moreover, the two people had already signed an agreement during the appraisal. Liu Banxian charged 1% of the appraisal fee. If it is a fake, then it is. It is no joke to ask Liu Banxian to pay compensation. After all, the value of this painting at the time was 100 million. It is impossible for Liu Banxian not to seriously appraise it, and all of us present at the time could also be sure that it was indeed one. Vice-authentic. "

"Second Lord, you all said it is true, so what is the other party making trouble? Isn't this a fool, such a person should be driven out." At this time, some second generations are already very upset, this is not a meeting. When you arrive at a foolish owner, do you feel that you are expensive and can't find a buyer, so come here to make trouble?

"Huh." I heard the second master Qiao smile coldly: "In the beginning, we thought that way. As a result, the Hong Kong businessman called Liu Banxian to open the lower part of the paintings. It's okay if you open it. Once you open it, Liu Banxian's. The cold sweat was flowing down, but I didnt expect this to be a spliced painting. The upper part is indeed Zhang Daqians authentic work, but the lower part is actually an imitation. Although the imitation is very good, but, In Liu Banxian's eyes, there was a problem at first glance.

At this moment, Liu Banxian himself was speechless. This Liu Banxian could not have imagined that he had established a lifelong cultural relic. In the end, he even slapped his eyes and was played by such a trick.

At this moment, everyone was also talking about it. Although it was said that the upper part was indeed authentic, but the lower part turned out to be like this. So, in the final analysis, this is also a fake. At this moment, Liu Banxian was lying on his chair. However, this Hong Kong businessman is really reluctant, saying that he can no longer find a buyer, so Liu Banxian is responsible. After all, this painting was actually evaluated by him, and he paid for it. The appraisal fee of 1 million is in black and white, and the contract is all there.

There was no way. All of the Liu Banxians family was emptied. The money I saved from this cup of hard work was not enough to replace it. I also added the house I lived in for my whole life and some antiques I collected. , Finally, this one billion was collected, which is regarded as a loss to the other party. "Speaking of this, Qiao Erye drank a glass of wine again and sighed infinitely.

"Second Lord, if you say like this, Liu Banxian doesn't have to commit suicide. It's a big deal."

"Hehe, I see, this is a fairy dance?" At this time, Lu Ning, who hadn't spoken all the time, spoke, and suddenly, even if he was right about what happened, the second master Qiao glanced at Lu Ning. Nodded, it was considered to have approved Lu Ning's words.

"Mr. Lu was right. It didn't take long for this incident to be exploded by a gangster who was present at the time. It was a well-designed bureau at all, and this so-called Hong Kong businessman was also shit. This time, they, They had set up a big picture and bought a painting by Zhang Daqian at a price of 50 million yuan. For this, they were desperate. All the things that could be mortgaged were mortgaged. Then, they found a first-class craftsman to do it. After stitching, I found Liu Banxian.

Before that, they had also inquired about it. Every time Liu Banxian saw the painting, it was half. This is the result of Liu Banxian's self-use. Anyway, the price of the paintings was freely opened by them, 100 million, and he was treated as a fooled Hong Kong businessman. Hey, and Liu Banxian was really fooled, so he appraised it. He thought it was undoubtedly authentic. Liu Banxian could not think of it himself. Someone destroyed a masterpiece by Mr. Zhang Daqian in order to design him.

Knowing what he really wanted to do, Liu Banxian really couldnt figure it out. In addition, for this matter, his son and his wife divorced. This time, Liu Banxian was even more irritated. So, in a night , I wiped my neck in my shop. "

"Fuck, these scammers are too bastards. If the young master meets them, they must be killed." One of the second generation's eyes was red, and he probably drank a lot. At this time, he was very excited.

"Okay, this is their last stroke. People don't know where they went. Hey, so, this antique water is bottomless. This is one kind, and some, it was from the beginning. At that time, I kept fooling the shopkeeper with genuine products. For a year or two, the relationship with the shopkeeper was like a brother, and it also gave a lot of benefits. After getting it, I would hate it. At this time, I often found one. The price of a rare treasure will be slightly lower than the market price, and then it will be fooled by the shopkeeper, and the deceived person will be ruined." Well, a sentence from the second master Qiao is like a sharp knife, which pierces everyone's heart. .

Well, the atmosphere is a bit low now, well, every one of these stories makes everyone see the ugliness of human nature.

The atmosphere was silent for a long time, and then it slowly became lively again. After all, this was just listening to Erye Qiao telling something, not personally experienced, there would still be differences.

"Second Lord, does the tomb thief who have been talking about really exist?" Finally, the gang could not help but began to ask.

"Well, what you guys are talking about are some illuminating instruments. This is true. However, what is the era now. These things are really not seen. Even if you see them, most of them are not very good. Okay, the tomb is almost patronized. Where is there anything worth visiting? Even if there is, UU reading www.uukanshu.com has been well protected. These people have no chance."

Well, talking about the story of the tomb robbery, it made Lu Ning think of the books he had read in his previous life. He didn't hold back for a while. Well, at that time, it was okay for him to be fooled, and he thought it was a real thing.

"Mr. Lu, what are you laughing at? What's fun, you can share it with me." Qiao Erye has been paying attention to Lu Ning, and when he saw Lu Ning's appearance, he asked with interest.

As Qiao Erye said, everyone's eyes were focused on Lu Ning. Well, Lu Ning was also smiling at this time. Everyone was eating and chatting. If everyone said something, Bo Jun Yile was not there. questionable.

"Well, everyone, I just talk about it casually. Anyway, I heard some of it. It feels very interesting. In other words, tomb robbery is not a treat, not a essay, not a painting and embroidery. Gongjian, tomb robbery is a technique, a technique for destruction." Well, this paragraph of Lu Ning completely quoted the "Ghost Blowing Lantern" sung by Tian Xia Ba, that is, Lu Ning's memory is particularly good.

And the beginning of this one made everyone deeply attracted. Hey, the tomb thief is the tomb thief. Its the first time Ive heard of it. Its quite novel, not only for the other second generations. , Even the second master Qiao was waiting for Lu Ning's following.

Well, Lan Fei didn't know until now that Lu Ning had a talent for storytelling, which was really interesting.

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