The Pinnacle Of Life In The United States Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234: : Sarah's decision

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Lu Nings coming-of-age ceremony finally came to an end. When it was over, it was early in the morning. Emma was staying at the Viscount Castle, and Sarah, because her father was still waiting, and there was something to discuss with her father, she still prepared. Go home, well, you can see from here that this family still really spoils her daughter.

"Dad, James Cameron fell in love with me." Sara said excitedly in the car not long after the car started.

As soon as these words came out, Maybach almost lost control and ran into a pillar on the side of the road. Fuck, MMP, what else does my daughter say? James Cameron? Which director? Damn it, don't fix it, where's Lao Tzu's gun? I'm going to kill him!

Uh, okay, Sarah's father obviously misunderstood the meaning of these words. James Cameron could be Sara's grandfather. The reaction of his father's gritted teeth made Sara a little inexplicable? Did you say something wrong?

"Dad, what are you doing? Just scared me." Sara complained a bit, she didn't even fasten her seat belt just now.

"Baby, James Cameron, this old bastard's reputation is not good, this kind of man is not suitable for you." Sara's father struggled for a long time, and found an excuse to go, well, the daughter is only How old did James Cameron make it?

"Dad, what are you talking about!" No matter how stupid Sarah is, now she knows what her father is referring to. She is speechless, so she can't think of a good place? How could I be with Mr. James Cameron, my goodness. . . . . .

"Um, baby, what do you mean?" Okay, Sara's father was also bored. When driving, he was a little absent-minded. He even ran a red light and was stopped by the traffic police. , Um, the road near Viscount Worts Fort tonight is jammed, so, unfortunately, this is being caught. The key is that it is Saras fathers order.

The traffic policeman who stopped this Maybach is also very unfortunate. Fuck, whose car is not good enough to stop the car of the big boss. Look at the black face of the big boss, I guess he will be put on small shoes in the future. Well, there are so many reporters around. They cant cheat. They can only issue a trembling ticket under the death of the big boss. Well, I really dont want this, well, its just my own. An illusion? Why is the big boss staring at his siren?

When I started the car again, the atmosphere inside the car was a bit awkward. Look at this ticket, **** it, it turned out to be 200 Euros. Well, let this kid go to guard the highway tomorrow, so he likes to give a ticket, so let him fine him. enough.

"Baby, can I talk about it now? What does that James Cameron mean?" Well, after doing enough psychological construction, Sara's father asked carefully. It should have been a misunderstanding just now.

"James Cameron fell in love with me, um, no, I should be in a role." Well, this time, it will always be the correct expression, otherwise, this pot, James Cameron Don't recite, besides, James Cameron is still in Paris. It is not a wise choice to offend a deputy chief of the Paris Police. It is not easy to find trouble.

"Huh, you said it earlier and scared me." Sarah's father took a deep breath, well, as long as it's not like that.

"That's why you want to be crooked, daddy, you don't want to think, is your daughter that stupid?" Sara was very upset.

"Well, baby, I was wrong, OK? By the way, what movie did you just say? Although James Cameron's reputation is really bad, the movies he made are really good. "This time, Sarah's father's evaluation is still very pertinent.

"It's a movie about vampires, dad, I want to try it." Then, Sarah took out the business card that James Cameron gave herself. Well, with Lu Ning's relationship, she should be able to It went well, Sara thought.

Well, Sarah had dreams of acting since she was a child, but because of her looks too heroic, in France, sweet girls are the darling of this era, so that Sarah has never gotten a chance.

However, this time, it can be said that good luck fell from the sky. Well, you have to grasp it, right? Yes, maybe, this is the first step to becoming a super giant? Well, I have to say, Sarah's age is when she loves to dream.

Of course, if the first scene in life is James Camerons, then, I can only say that this is fate, how many girls, who have struggled in Hollywood so far, I dont know how much they have paid, let alone James Camerons. Mellon plays an important role in a movie. Its just an opportunity to show up. Its not always possible to get it. Even if Sarah only appeared in this movie of James Cameron in her life, it can be called the pinnacle of her debut. Well, at least, it can make most people go crazy with jealousy.

Well, even Sophie Marceau, the national treasure of France, will definitely be ecstatic about James Cameron's invitation.

"Did you really decide? Baby, this road is not easy." Sara's father frowned as he drove. Well, although this is indeed a good opportunity, no, even said, this It's a coveted opportunity for others, though. . .

"There's nothing to worry about. If it doesn't work, just start from scratch. I'm still young, am I?" I have to say that sometimes Sarah looks much lighter than her father. Well, this is the age. Make a difference. UU reading www. uukanshu.com

"Okay, then try. By the way, where will the audition be?" Well, since it's all about it, Sara's father has nothing to refuse, does he?

"I don't know, I haven't contacted director James Cameron, but I think it should be in the United States."

"Well, when the time comes, I will accompany you personally, don't worry, baby." You can see how much Sara's father spoils his daughter.

However, what the two didn't know was that because of this decision tonight, there was a classic role in the history of world film, the vampire hunter, and the super beautiful and super **** vampire huntress.

Well, it also allowed the world to transition from obsessed with sweet and beautiful **** to neutral **** beauty. Well, Saras fame started with Lu Nings coming-of-age ceremony. Well, in the final analysis, I really want to thank you. Lu Ning is doing it.

Of course, Sara also got the help of Alice and Natalie when she was in Hollywood. Of course, it was also because of Lu Ning's face.

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