The Pinnacle Of Life In The United States Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235: : Wood show in the forest wind will destroy it

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The next day, Lu and his wife, Lu Ning and the other daughters all returned to Washington. Okay, Lu Nings elders are in Washington, waiting for Lu Ning. Well, this time, the most excited is Grandma Anne. Tsk tsk, so many beautiful women, haha, worthy of my grandson, of course, the only regret is that until now, so many female companions have not given up a new life.

Well, in the evening, Annie even knocked on the side, um, it made everyone blush, and even, Annie once wondered if it was the reason why her grandson was not doing well in some way, and the girls couldn't answer this. I can't tell Annie that if Lu Ning is more powerful, he will be tossed to death. . . . . . I really don't know what kind of expression Lu Ning will have when he learns this idea. It must be very exciting.

During the period, Justice Lin Zhenlin specifically called Lu Ning once, and the two conspired in the study for a long time. Well, the main reason is that Lu Ning was too successful during this period. It can be said that it is a sharp show. However, Hua Guo There has always been a famous saying: Wood Xiu Yu Lin Feng will destroy it. Lu Ning is now this giant tree, but no matter how deep the foundation is, in the face of a tornado, there is still a risk of being uprooted, right? Therefore, Justice Lin, who was a past person, felt that he still had to remind his grandson.

"Sit down, kid, I really didn't expect you to give me such a big surprise." Justice Lin personally poured a glass of wine for Lu Ning. Okay, looking at the posture, he wanted to have a long conversation. Lu Ning took it. Wine glass, thank you, ah, to be honest, Justice Lin, whether he is a man or his political wisdom, is a model for Lu Ning to learn from.

"Boy, do you feel complacent now, is there something floating in the hat of the "world's richest man"?" Justice Lin said with a smile, okay, seriously, at the age of 18 years old, no matter who it is , Both have the capital to be proud of.

"Come on, Grandpa, I'm not the ones outside. I really take the Forbes rankings seriously. In terms of ability, whether Shelson Rothschild or Pulis Rockefeller, they are no worse than me, even In some respects, I am not an opponent." Lu Ning said very truthfully, um, his position is also very clear.

"It's not bad, at least you haven't been dizzy yet, but, boy, you are too outspoken now, it's time to settle for a while." Well, grandson can clearly see his shortcomings. For Justice Lin, This is very gratifying.

"So?" Okay, Lu Ning has basically determined what the old man is going to talk to himself. Well, even if the old man doesn't say it, he is ready to start returning to campus. At least, he must stop being in the media. The headlines of it.

"Boy, don't be sloppy with me, don't you know what to do? Ha, I think you should finish your college courses honestly. For other things, just let go. I also observed Elaine. He and that Qin Lan, yes, kid, your vision is very good, and the company gives them to you, you should be able to rest assured." Well, it seems that Judge Lin has long wanted to talk about this with himself, but he hasnt That's a good opportunity.

"Temporary rapids retreat? I know, grandpa." Lu Ning nodded and drank the red wine in the glass. Well, it's time to return to normal. At this point, there is nothing wrong with what the old man said, right? ?

The biggest advantage of Lu Ning is that he can listen to the old man's words. Well, he never uses it for himself. Justice Lin is very pleased with this.

Well, the gathering is always short. In the next few days, the girls will go back separately. Lan Fei and Qin Lan flew back to China together. After all, they were in a hurry when they came out, and there were many things that were not arranged. Okay, Lan Fei is a little better, but Qin Lan has already accumulated a lot of work. This time I went back, I didn't know how long it would take to work overtime.

Delphina flew back to Paris. Well, this one is also a busy person. LVHM Group is now in a critical period of transformation. Under Lu Nings reminder, Delphine also saw the shortcomings of LVHM Group. It's time to start to change.

Alice and Natalie fly directly to Los Angeles. Alice is going back to school, and Natalie is going to attend the premiere of "Stealing the Heart". Well, I was planning to invite Lu Ning. After all, Lu Ning is the investor. , It is also necessary to invest in the movie station platform, but since last night after discussing with Justice Lin in detail, Lu Ning still gave up this idea.

I told Natalie about what happened. The latter was very reasonable. Well, I was only a half-month publicity period. After that, I would be able to accompany Lu Ning at school, right?

Paris went to the west of the United States. Okay, this is the distribution of the SOC supercar club to the west. Is this the rhythm of letting the cowboys drive the sports car? I have to say that Paris's current career is in full swing, ah, really, Paris still really looks down on the money of her family.

The only ones who returned to New York with Lu Ning were Elaine Ka, Haruko Fujiwara, and Madeleine. Okay, I dont know. Why did Madeleine follow along on the way? By the way, you are not afraid of being misunderstood by the media. ? This is not good for you, the royal princess. Well, during this period, as long as you talk about Lu Nings current girlfriend, you will definitely see Madeleines name. Okay, the title of the princess is indeed added. A lot of points, but you are not afraid of your father making trouble for you?

"Hey, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, etc., Madeleine, where did this caviar come from?" On the private jet, Lu Ning looked at Madeleine inexplicably, from his bag. Take out a can of golden caviar, what the hell? what's the situation?

"Um, you used it for the coming-of-age ceremony. I just didn't use it up, so I asked the butler to find a few storage tanks." Madeleine said for granted, okay, how expensive this thing is, of course you should save a little.

Lu Ning has a black thread. Come on. It's so high-sounding. Lu Ning doesn't know that these are all made in the back kitchen. The chef knows how to use each time. Why should I find a jar to pack? It's nonsense!

This is obviously the original packaging, Madeleine, your ability to talk nonsense with your eyes open is getting bigger and bigger. You must be looking for the back chef, huh, others think its your princesss sake, of course they dare not. Don't give.

Well, the truth is true. It can only be said that this golden caviar is too delicious.

Very good, golden caviar with bread. . . Only Madeleine can do such extravagant things.

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