The Pinnacle Of Life In The United States Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236: : Feelings, there is always an explanation

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Lu Ning, who returned to school, really started to settle down during this period of time, just as Judge Lin said. Well, gradually, news about Lu Ning stopped. Well, I can only say, Lu. Ning can completely disappeared from everyone's sight.

During this period of time, "FaceORFace" technology did not have much action, basically it is developing steadily, and the market value of "FaceORFace" technology has also begun to stabilize, although it is still favored by Wall Street, the market value has also successfully broken through. Reached the 250 billion US dollar mark, and began to maintain this trend, ups and downs, according to the trend of the market.

During this time, at school, where there is Lu Ning, there must be Fujiwara Haruko. Well, the students are also used to this scene. In most cases, Lu Ning is in the library and Fujiwara Haruko is in Lu. Ning's side was quiet and quiet, and didn't bother, um, a Russian version of "Anna Karenina", I haven't finished reading it yet, uh, I can only say at this speed. . . . . .

Lu Ning is actually used to the company of Fujiwara Haruko. Well, the sunset falls on Lu Ning and Fujiwara Haruko. There is a pair of golden boys and girls. Well, its just that, until now, the two have not come to the end. One step, and then, it seemed like I had never kissed before. This made Fujiwara Haruko sometimes discouraged. Although the night in Hawaii was already naked, it was a special situation at that time, wasn't it? Okay, should I take the initiative?

"What are you thinking about? Let's go, eat, um, I don't know what happened to the girl Madeleine recently? It hasn't come to me for dinner for 4 days." Uh, well, this is also a habit. Under normal circumstances, as long as Lu Ning is at school, Madeleine will always show up on time as soon as the meal arrives, but these few days, uh, it's really strange.

"Hey, Lu, what are you talking about this princess?" Okay, some people really can't help but babble, no, it appeared in minutes, Lu Ning shrugged, okay, Madeleine , You are really good, Haruko Fujiwara also covered her mouth and laughed.

"Okay, let's go, how about French cuisine? Madeleine, you don't like caviar the most." Uh, as soon as Lu Ning finished speaking, Madeleine felt a little nauseous and made a nausea. Lu Ning was confused.

"Are you sick?" Okay, isn't Madeleine in this state very normal? Is it because I haven't come these few days? Is it because of illness? Haven't recovered yet? Uh, okay, I can only say that Lu Ning thinks too much, and Madeleine is sick. This time, I was alone in solving the golden caviar. I really dont know, Madeleine. How much did you bring back?

Anyway, during this time, Madeleine wanted to vomit when she saw the caviar, no matter how good things were, she would get tired of them too, wouldn't she?

If Lu Ning knew it was because of this, and didn't know what to say about Madeleine, this guy was really a talent.

"Lu, it's better to come here, I want to eat sukiyaki." Uh, well, in the end, it turned out to be sukiyaki. I want to eat Japanese ingredients, of course, to go to the site of Fujiwara Haruko, the royal chef. , This is not to say, well, the wagyu from that family was also shipped by air. Well, salmon is also top-notch. Well, Lu Ning was also quite moved when she heard Madelyns suggestion.

To be honest, now Lu Ning has become a distinguished guest there. In the recent period, Fujiwara Ryuichi's status in the government has been getting higher and higher. Well, there have been rumors that this person will be re-elected this time. Going a step further, Lu Ning has also received great attention from Fujiwara Ryuuji. He wants to improve the relationship with Lu Ning. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the Sun Nation governments industry in the United States will give Lu Ning. The highest courtesy.

After a meal, it can be considered satisfied. Madeleine has other things to do in the evening. After eating, she will flash people early. Okay, this one, its true. Its just a mix of eating and drinking, Lu Ning. There was really no way. The airport incident at that time was probably the thing that Lu Ning "regrets" most. From then on, he felt like a mouthful.

"Lu Jun, it's still early, let's walk, can we?" Well, with only Lu Ning and Fujiwara Haruko left, the latter finally mustered up the courage. Lu Ning glanced at Fujiwara Haruko in surprise. He smiled slightly and nodded.

Well, Fujiwara Haruko, who was still a little worried, has a bright smile on her face. Well, sometimes, even if it is so easy to satisfy, the goddess is also a human, isn't it? It's just that there are different reactions to different people.

When he was in China, Fujiwara Haruko was almost always licking dogs. Facing these people, he was often arrogant and invincible. This gave him the title of iceberg girl, but in the face of Lu Ning, Fujiwara Haruko has never had such a momentum. It's exactly like a girl next door, who can cry, laugh, and act like a baby. This turns the goddess into a human being. Well, Lu Ning is proud of it.

There are not many people on this road. Lu Ning and Fujiwara Haruko walked side by side like this. Okay, there was no exchange. Fujiwara Haruko kept his head down and didn't know what he was thinking. However, it looks like a major decision is being made.

"What's the matter? I've been absent-minded from the beginning?" After a few more minutes, Lu Ning stopped and looked at Fujiwara Haruko in surprise, while the latter still stared at his shoes, as if there was something on the shoes. Mysterious power attracts me in general.

"Well, Lu Jun, I, can I kiss you?" Okay~www.wuxiaworld~ As if made up his mind, Haruko Fujiwara suddenly raised her head and looked directly at Lu Ning's eyes. This is an exchange of expressions between her eyes. , Lu Ning saw firmness in the eyes of Fujiwara Haruko.

Lu Ning was a little bit dumb and laughed, and Haruko Fujiwara was really, well, when he first met, he was scheming and even set a game against himself.

At that time, Fujiwara Haruko really had the posture of Fujiwara Ryuichi, but after contact, she was a girl with no emotional experience. After all, she was not as good as the ordinary high school girls in Sun Country.

"Lu Jun, I...I..." Okay, I finally got my courage, but why did Lu Ning laugh? Is it to laugh at your childishness? When Fujiwara Haruko's eyes gradually dimmed, Lu Ning moved.

Under Fujiwara Haruko's incredible expression, he hugged Fujiwara Haruko's slender waist, um, seeing Lu Ning's handsome face keep approaching.

Okay, Fujiwara Haruko's pupils dilated, and finally, closed his eyes and looked forward to it. . .

This is my first kiss. . . . . .

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