The Princess And The Lord Book 1 Chapter 657

Volume 1 Chapter 657 Extortion

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From afar Lory saw Sanguan Wu Ci, Sanguan Li Ye, The third prince Yun Wei Qun, the second prince Yun Yan Qin, Zhuang Bao Jie, and his sister Zhuang Li Yu came towards them, even though the men maintain their gentle expression but the ladies expression is tensed, Lory can't understand, obviously they hate each other so why bother to call each other.

why can't they amicably ignore each other, just pretend you didn't see each other, why make things complicated?

Zhuang Bao Jie and Zhuang Li Yu clearly have a terrible relationship with Yang Xi Ying and Lory, the third Prince and sanguan Li Ye also have problem with Ming Yue Yin and because of Zhao Li Xin, the relationship between Sanguan Wu Ci and Lory also in a verged from killing each other, perhaps only the flirtatious second prince is the neutral one, although is not be guaranteed by the end of the day though.

'I don't like you!' apparent in their face, it can't even be clearer, however, to act civilize sanguan Wu Ci and the princes smile politely. Thankfully Lory and her friends raised in the noble family so they know how to be diplomatic.

"Madam Li, Empress MingMadam Zhao, what a coincidence to meet you here" Sanguan Wu Ci cupped his fist courteously.

Lory didn't know why he hold his breath when he called her madam Zhao, is it because he hates Zhao Li Xin? Lory pushes the thought behind her back then she replies in the same polite manner "Nice to meet you, Master Sanguan, how do you do your highness?" Lory bows her head courteously then she shifts her glance to Zhuang Bao Jie "It's been awhile Master Zhuang, how are you?"

Zhuang Bao Jie expression stiffed a little bit but quickly collect himself "Madam Zhao, is nice to meet you again" he cupped his fist firmly then he sees Ming Yue Yin and Yang Xi Ying he bends his waist deeply "Nice to meet you again Empress Ming and Madam Li"

Ming Yue Yin nods slightly to greet him, but then Yang Xi Ying feel a piercing gaze from Zhuang Li Yu, she stares at yang Xi Ying with eyes brimmed with jealousy and hatred even though she tries to look nonchalant but it hard to ignore the hostility from her gaze.

Yang Xi Ying roll her eyes inwardly, she can't understand Zhuang Li Yu was also raised in a noble family but why can't she tamped down her anger, is the Zhuang family spoiled her too much or the girl is too stupid, she can't hide her inner thought.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/the-princess-and-the-lord_14331250406080205/extortion_51093831369673737 for visiting.

She dares to covet her husband under her nose and now she dare to show her hatred in front of her, who does she think she is, dares act brazenly in front of her?! Yang Xi Ying smiles radiantly, a kind of smile that make her beautiful face glow like a fresh blossoming flower in the morning, however, anyone who knows Yang Xi Ying would know that was her expression when she really - really angry.

Lory and Ming Yue Ying look at each other with a knowing look, they secretly lit up a candle for Zhuang Li Yu.

"Nice to meet you too Master Zhuang, oh, I apologize for miss Zhuang when you visit Tien shan manor my husband was preoccupied with some matters so he unable to met you, I hope miss Zhuang would not mind, I didn't know that happened if not I will accompany you when you came" Yang Xi Ying shows perfect graciousness as a wife.

On the contrary other people who heard what Zhuang Li Yu had done make them raised their eyebrow, for a single woman meeting with a married man without his wife notices what is her purposed? obviously, no doubt that the woman intended to seduce the married man.

The society of this world have a double standard for women, is okay for married men who initiated to meet another women without his wife notices but is not alright for a woman to initiated to meet a married man behind than man wife notices, people tend to forgive the men and blamed the woman even though they make the same mistake.

it's a sad fact but that how society works.

That's why Yang Xi Ying's simple words perfectly ruined Zhuang Li Yu's reputation, she practically branded Zhuang Li Yu as shameless and a vixen. the visitors of the purple Orchid tea house are mostly from distinguished family so this matter would immediately spread in every influential family household in less in a day.

Doesn't matter if the rumor is true or not, people tend to believe there be no smoke without a fire so they will question Zhuang Li Yu attitude and manner, in the age where reputation is worth to kill for no one would take a daughter-in-law who already has bad reputation before she enters their house.

In short, if Zhuang Li Yu tries to find husband candidates she will not find it in this town. Yang Xi Ying has ruined her chance. Zhuang Li Yu is too shock she unable to rebuke Yang Xi Ying's words, she never thought a harness gentlewoman like Yang Xi Ying could be so poisonous and merciless, with simple words from her mouth she had ruined her future completely.

"I...I..don't" Zhuang Li Yu breathe erratically.

Yang Xi Ying might look the sweetest among Lory and Ming Yue Yin but when she's angry, even the brave Lory would be scared.

Zhuang Li Yu face turn red then white, and Zhuang Bao Jie faces turn black, he bore his eyes into his sister's face, Zhuang Li Yu didn't dare to look at his brother's eyes because he visits Tien Shan Manor behind his brother back, her brother warned her multiple time not to approach Li Mo Zhen again because her mother wanted to arrange her marriage with an eligible bachelor in Yun Dao city, even today Zhuang Bao Jie hopes his sister would gain the attention of one the princes, doesn't matter if she become concubines her position still higher than most aristocrats family, but because his stupid sister provoked Li Mo Zhen wife again that wished dissipated like smoke.

As expected the Prince's creased their eyebrows, at first the second prince thought Zhuang Li Yu is not bad, he doesn't mind to add more woman to his harem but knowing she already like another man even try to seduce that married man of course he withdrew his thought, after all, no one wants to be a cuckold isn't it, especially a dignified prince.

"Madam Li, I think you misunderstood, It was our parent who told us to send a gift to Master and madam Li as an apology for my sister rudeness the other day, I was very busy that day so I send my sister to meet with Master Li we thought you certainly will be there too" Zhuang Bao Jie salvage the situation smoothly as a misunderstanding, he would not let his sister ruined his plan.

his swift maneuver assured other people who heard it so temporarily Zhuang Li Yu's reputation is saved.

However, yang Xi Ying still not let them go easily"Oh my, A gift? how marvelous!" Yang Xi Ying overjoyed "I'll be happy to receive any gift, your family is so generous.... how strange, no one at the manor said anything about gift" she tilted her head confusedly.

"Thatbecause Madam Li and Master are busy that day so we didn't send the gift, we want to give the gift personally to show our sincerity...." Zhuang Bao Jie smile awkwardly, he didn't prepare any give he doesn't even know his sister visit the Tie Shan Manor.

"I understand, it must be a very precious gift so you can give it to other people, isn't it?" Lory make an 'A-Ha' expression.

"So that's why!" Ming Yue Yin hit the table excitedly "Xi Ying is like a sister to me so I'm sure the Zhuang family would not give something mediocre isn't it, good good so when will you send the gift?"

The Zhuang sibling's gulped, what gives? They don't prepare anything, Zhuang Bao Jie didn't expect Yang Xi Ying and the others would demand a gift from him, aren't they rich women, one is the Empress, the other is Hei Shen Sect madam and Yang Xi Ying not only the daughter of governor she also Jiuyun sect madam, why are they still need money?!

Zhuang Bao Jie wanted to scream but he can't he can only smile awkwardly "Sosoon" his words sound like a question than an answer.

"Oh, you mean tomorrow? You are so kind" Ming Yue Yin suddenly gives a deadline.

Zhuang Bao Jie's expression ashen, he needs more time to gather whatever give he might found "Nonot tomorrow?" he barely able maintained his calm.

"Is it the next day?" Yang Xi Ying innocently asks.

Zhuang Bao Jie almost faints on the spot, he wants to shout 'GIVE ME MORE TIME!'

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