The Princess And The Lord Book 1 Chapter 658

Volume 1 Chapter 658 You Cant Afford It

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Lory scratches her nose awkwardly, This is clearly extortion, fortunately, Zhuang Bao Jie still able to maintain his expression but the bulging blue veins on his temple show his true feeling, meanwhile Zhuang Li Yu could only lower her head pretend as if there's a pile of gold under her feet, obviously she knew she's in big trouble.

This is sad, Lory remembers Jiang Yu Ran elegant demeanor, she is a wise and smart lady but how come someone like her could produce stupid kids like the Zhuang sibling, is it possible Jiang Yu Ran genes lose the battle with her husband, what a shammed. Lory not fond of the Zhuang sibling but for Jiang Yu Ran she would not make things hard for her kids, they should treat their mother better after this.

"We are swamped with urgent matters this few days so if you want to visit our manor, it's better at the end of the week, or you can just send your people to Tie Shan manor I assured you all your precious gift will be in the safe hands," Lory said while adding more gr.a.p.e for Girsha who feign ignorance from the start, Lory deliberately gives him the whole week to prepare the gift and the Zhuang sibling doesn't have to send the gift personally since it will be to embarrassing for them.

Lory give them a little bit of face because of Jiang Yu Ran, Zhuang Bao Jie face lit up it feel like a heavy burden left his shoulder and he feel relief, five days is enough to prepare a gift for Yang Xi Ying so his expression become more relax "Of course, we will send the gift before the end of the week, I will not disappoint you"

Because Lory already says her words Yang Xi Ying and Ming Yue Yin decide to let them go.

"Thank you in advance than" Yang Xi Ying sweetly smile.

"Don't mention it, I remember I have matters to do so I don't think I can accompany master Sanguan and his highness, I hope yo don't mind" Zhuang Bao Jie struggle to maintain his calm.

"It's fine, we will not stop you" Sanguan Wu Ci pity Zhuang Bao Jie who just got extort out of nowhere, thankfully Luo Ri Yi is kind enough to give him a leeway, amazingly the others listened to her, they stop troubled Zhuang Bao Jie when Lory decide to forgive him. the two Prince also stare at lory curiously, why is it feel like the 'wasted' is the head of the gank, they thought it should be Ming Yue Yin who has the highest status.

"Empress Ming is a pleasure to meet you again, is shamed we didn't have much opportunity to meet beforehand" Yun Wei Qun give mirthless smile as he grumbled inside, he had tried to find an opportunity to meet with her but the empress refuses his invitation repeatedly, he even braves himself to visit Long Ming lair which is Tien Shan Manor, but the housekeeper denied his visit with excused that Long Ming didn't allow anyone visits his manor when he was cultivating.

His anger spike but he knew is not wise to provoke the sleeping Demon blatantly, he gnashes his teeth and left the manor with boiling rage, since then he unable to meet Ming Yue Yin he can't even saw her shadow, he almost gives up but coincidently he meets her again today, of course, the third Prince smile widely.

"Nice to meet you too, Third Prince" Ming Yue Ying perfunctorily said.

"Her highness why don't you join us at our table, I believe there's a lot we can discuss to maintain the relation between our kingdom" third Prince persuade her using his identity and the kingdom benefit to make her come, he believes as a monarch she will take the kingdom matters seriously, unfortunately, he talks to a woman who runs from her throned so she can having fun with her girlfriends, if only they know when it come to Lory matters everything is a second for her even Yuan Shao.

Lory and Yang Xi Ying exchange glance with meaningful gaze, Yang Xi Ying maintains her poised while Lory patted Girsha head as she pretends to be oblivious but everyone could see the flicker in Yun Wei Qun eyes when he stares at Ming Yue Yin, well except Ming Yue Yin herself.

"Is it just me?" Ming Yue Yin raised her brows.

Yun Wei Qun realizes there also Lory and Yang Xi Ying, then he fl.u.s.tered and shook his head "No, of course not, madam Zhao and Madam Li are also welcome to join us."

"I'll be delighted if madam Zhao and Madam Li joined us, isn't that right second prince?" Sanguan Wu Ci helps the third Prince but he also wants Lory to join him, it's been a long time since the last time he saw her.

"Of course, I wouldn't be mind" said Yun Yan Qin.

Lory and the girls look exchange quick glance because of the complicated relationship between Zhao Li Xin and Sanguan family the last thing lory wants is to involve with the Sanguan family, not to mention the Sanguan family have a peculiar relationship with Lao Min Na and Jin Kai so it's better for her to stay as far as she can from the sanguan Family and his cronies.

"I appreciate the invitation but unfortunately, I've got another matter to attend to, I'm so terribly sorry" Lory put her hand on her chest to show her reluctance as a way to reject their invitation, she's not been educated by Fred for nothing in fact she has learned twenty-five ways to reject someone's invitation politely.

"True, we already made an appointment for today, so I don't think we can join you" Ming Yue Ying adds in.

Sanguan Wu Ci and the Princes can't say anything after they kindly rejected their invitation, although they don't feel good they can't force them either because in a distance they could feel a few expert watching they're every move, as expected someone like Lory and her friends will not leave their place without protection.

"Well, if you say so" sanguan Wu Ci in the middle of saluting them suddenly his sister cut him off.

"Your pet is beautiful, can you sell it to me, I promised I will pay handsomely," said sanguan Li Ye.

All of the sudden the atmosphere turns quiet, Lory raised her eyebrows while Ming Yue Yin and yang Xi Ying widen their eyes in shock, They knew there was an unshakable relationship between Lory and Girsha that's not even Zhao Li Xin could interfere.

their relationship is beyond close, Girsha is the only creature who knows about Lory more than Lory herself, through all the years they had shared everything together, memory, strength, cursed, and Girsha is the only one who shares the same language as Lory, one can only imagine how close their relationship is.

For Sanguan Li Ye asked Girsha like some kind of property is beyond preposterous, Lory's eyes darken she look at sanguan Li Ye sternly. Sanguan Wu Ci could see the anger in her eyes that he never thought she got in her, he realizes Sanguan Li Ye has stepped her bottom line.

"Li Ye, stop it, don't be rude!" he reprimands his sister immediately.

The oblivious girl pouts her lips "Why I'm just asking, is not like I'm asking for free and it's only a pet, is not even profound level beast...." she didn't understand what she had done wrong, for her Girsha is nothing more than a beautiful pet, unlike contractual beast who has the ability to fight for their owner.

Yang Xi Ying and Ming Yue Yin subconsciously take a step back, they had seen how magnificent Girsha in his real appearance, they still shudder whenever they remember a humongous bird that blackened the sky when he flew above them. The birdwings are so wide and sturdy with just one swing it could push the giant black ship to move miles away across the ocean.

Since then everyone who knows about Girsha's real strength treated him with the utmost respect and encouraged other people to do the same, however, this stupid young girl said Girsha is only a pet, is she tired to be alive?!

Thankfully Girsha saw himself above most of humankind, in his eyes, Sanguan Li Ye is nothing more than an insect dancing under his claws that he could kill anytime he wants, Girsha didn't have much appreciation for human life other than Lory just like a human didn't bother with the life of ants. Girsha peck the gr.a.p.es in the plate seemingly unnoticed what Sanguan Li Ye had said.

"The bird is not for sale" Lory coldly said.

"Why not,I will give one hundred gold taels, what do you think?" she confidently smiles, she thought she has gives a lot of money for a pet and Lory should feel grateful to her.

"No!" Lory clenched her jaw to hold her anger.

Sanguan Li Ye can't believe she was rejected, she thought Lory is too greedy is she asked more money from her.she stare at Girsha beautiful gold feathers and the bird glistening green eyes, Sanguan Li Ye like beautiful things she can't wait to get her hand on the bird, she already imagines she would show off the bird to other aristocrat ladies in town and how jealous they would be.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/the-princess-and-the-lord_14331250406080205/you-can%E2%80%99t-afford-it_51117540411230874 for visiting.

"Five hundred gold taels then!" she raises the price.

Sanguan Wu Ci and the two prince's creased their eyebrows all of them think the same 'it's too expensive'

It just a little bird, is not worth spending that much money on something that can only be used as decoration. They thought Sanguan Li Ye is a spendthrift and childish, even though the Sanguan family is rich but wasting money like water show her lack of manner and education, the two princes didn't know the lady from the Sanguan family character would be like this.

Who would have thought now is Sanguan Wu Ci turn to be in the same position as Zhuang Bao Jie, however, he didn't care too much about sanguan Li Ye future, he knows his younger sister is useless so he never put his hopes on her, he trusts his own ability, but if she needs support it wouldn't come from his sister because that girl is nothing more than a stupid vase.

Lory fixed her gaze to Sanguan Li Ye then she curls her lips "Just forget it, you can't afford it"

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