The Princess And The Lord Book 1 Chapter 659

Volume 1 Chapter 659 Disaster From The Careless Mouth

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As a notorious spoiled child who can get away with everything of course she can't accept Lory refusal, she thought she already generous enough to offer the bird more than it deserved so Lory rejection is like a slap on her face, Sanguan Li Ye breathing becomes heavy she stares at Lory with bloodshot eyes "What do you mean, you think I can't afford it? I'm Sanguan family legitimated daughter, do you think I'm poorer than Hei Shen sect!" she shouted angrily.

Sanguan Wu Ci sigh silently he knows his sister character the girl is spoiled rotten by his family, whatever she wants will be granted without the need to ask twice, they barely ever punish her even if there any punishment the worst his father gave to her is one-week confinement in her own courtyard even so his sister never finish her confinement because she would cry and his mother would plead for her then his father sanguan Jin Sheng become soft-hearted and eventually sanguan Li Ye only end up with three days confined in her room. That's why Sanguan Li Ye become as arrogant, haughty, and ignorant girls as she is right now.

Lory take a long deep breath, she tries to calm herself, she didn't like to be the center of attention since she was born as one, Lory never intended to start trouble and she didn't like to make a fuss especially in public because everyone will be looking at her, she rather does fistfight, like a brawl instead because at that time people tend to run for their safety, no one would have time to pay her attention.

"Miss Sanguan." Lory massaged her temple as she smiles wryly "Not everything you like is yours, and not everything can be valued by money, so please understand" Lory try to sound courteous, Lory didn't want to act recklessly when Zhao Li Xin still infiltrated the sanguan family.

Unlike cultivation, her power is motivated by heart, if her heart is unstable and so is her power. People describe cultivation is like nurturing a plant, other than good seed when the sprout starts to grow you must give water and nutrition so the sprout would grow faster and stronger until it grows as a giant tree, however, a 'gift' wasn't like that at all.

A 'Gift' is coming like a storm and gifted people must able to learned how to control their power, the greater the gift the greater the storm would be, and as Lucient Lory was naturally born with a powerful gift when her power awaken she only eight to nine years old and she was forced to control her power or the power would overwhelm her in rare cased, some powerful gifted people was death during their awakening and if Lory didn't learn how to control her power immediately there possibility she would die because her own power, not only Lory, Lucas also experience the same and so is their father when he was a child. One can only imagine the chaos that happened in Harland during the royal family awakening.

Sanguan Wu Ci didn't stop his sister immediately, because he curious what Lory could do, that night he had seen the supposed to be a weak woman is not utterly defenseless, however, he still not sure if that all her power or the work of talisman or armament from Long Ming, nonetheless he become more interested with her.

Yang Xi Ying was quite apprehensive, the air around Lory is slowly but surely change, the air becomes thinner and colder the wind around them blowing harder than before because it's rainy season no one realizes the subtle change around them when she lowers her head she was stunned when she saw her teacup, Yang Xi Ying secretly sign Ming Yue Yin with her eyes then she shifts her glance to the teacup, Ming Yue Yin follows Yang Xi Ying direction then she stupefied turns out the tea water in the cup froze immediately the two of them stare at Lory simultaneously.

'Oh-oh' Yang Xi Ying and Ming Yue Yin exchanged worried looks.

"Madam Zhao, please don't underestimate me, isn't that only a pet that Long Ming give you, if you don't want to sell your pet than that's fine, why don't you tell me where he found that bird, tell Long Ming I'm willing three times more than my previous offer!" she raised her chin arrogantly.

"Li Ye don't be rude" sanguan Wu Ci reprimand his sister even though he knows it's useless but he has to keep his gentleman manner in front of other people.

"I'm not being rude, I only ask where Long Ming found that bird, and if he catches another bird like this he can sell it to me and will pay triple for it" Sanguan Li Ye persistent her rights.

"That's right master Sanguan, I don't think miss Sanguan is completely wrong, for a small pet valued this much of money is quite a fortuned, what do you think Madam Zhao?" Yun Wei Qun sneers just like most people he thought Lory is only a village girl who lucky enough to climb her master bedroom, he thought she just like other low-class women, greedy and brainless.

Actually, they all believe it was Zhao Li Xin who gives the bird to Lory moreover the rumor about how much Zhao Li Xin doted on lory has spread everywhere, Lory background story is only a small-time village girl without a shred of Qi it means she is just a poor and weak woman so where she can find a bird like that and able to raise it before anyone could stoled it from her.

People change their attention to Lory, they are waiting for her decision, most of them think Lory would say yes, why not is just a bird.

"The bird is with me since I was a child, he belongs to no one but himself, he stays with me because he wants to and because he is my family, my Girsha is not a pet he is a part of me so stop demeaning my family while you still have a chance" she squints her eyes subtly remind them not to get too far.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/the-princess-and-the-lord_14331250406080205/disaster-from-the-careless-mouth_51147248146378187 for visiting.

Sanguan Li Ye didn't heed her warning and neither other people, they didn't believe when Lory said Girsha is like a family for her, for people who don't even bother to used or even sell their own family for benefit how could they comprehend the length of Girsha and Lory relationship, even Sanguan Wu Ci thought that Lory is being ridiculous and stubborned he thought Lory didn't like sanguan Li Ye personally that's why she kept rejecting her offer.

The contemptuous stare from Sanguan Li Ye and other people make her heart raging with rage, they don't know what Girsha meant for her although she never said out loud and bickering with each other all day, however, they are dependent to each other. Without Girsha she wouldn't able to save Lucas, without him, she will be stranded in this strange world alone if Girsha was not here she is not sure if she becomes who she is today.

More than anything Lory knew the past has scarred her and continue haunting her until this very second, if anyone wonders why she still able to calmed and positive it because she has Girsha and Zhao Li Xin at her side, Girsha is the sources of her strength, he helps her to keep the memory of the past alive within her, not just the bad times but mostly the good times, he always reminds her all the stupid and crazy thing she had done, alone or together with Lucas and the others, meanwhile, Zhao Li Xin helps her to move on from her past, she gives her a sense of purpose and belonging, at the end both of them make her who she is right now.

"You!" she pointing her finger at Lory "I try to be nice to you, but you don't know what'd good for you!" she shouted in anger.

"Li Ye stopped it!" Sanguan Wu Ci reprimands her sternly, deep in his heart he's not completely blamed her sister because he knows people would laughing behind her back when they know she was blatantly rejected after she offers so much money for a single pet bird, on the other hand even though he quite fond of Lory he still valued his own family face and lory behavior is disappointing him 'if only she could be more sensible' he laments to himself, Sanguan Wu Ci shakes his head feeling regret because Lory is not as good as he thought.

If only Lory know what he's thinking her reaction will be simply 'Meh'

"Madam Zhao how about this for exchanged of your bird I will fulfill anything you want, you can trust my words as the next heir of Sanguan Clan," he said proudly.

"Master sanguan is only a bird, please reconsider your position" the second prince, Yun Yan Qin thought sanguan Wu Ci is being too careless. The sanguan family is the number one family after the royal family, his words mean if Lory wants him to help the Hei Shen sect then Sanguan Wu Ci is obliged to fulfill her wish.

"My second royal brother is right, you cannot say those things recklessly" Yun Wei Qun also reprimands him sternly.

"Brother, what are you doing, if Father knows about this" now is Sanguan Li Ye turn to worry, she scares Lory would ask an inexplicable thing to her brother and then her father would blame her, at the end, she only worry about herself.

"You are one wicked woman this is what you aimed isn't it, is Long Ming taught you to do this?!" furry overcome her she berated Lory harshly in front of other people, she forgot it was them who came in first then demand Lory to sold her pet.

"Be careful miss Sanguan, disaster come from the careless talk" Ming Yue Yin warn her sincerely, not because she worries about that stupid girl but because lory have not one but two mass murdered weapon, one is girsha and the other is the scary uncle, thankfully the demon Lord is not here but Girsha..will he transform to his actual size like that day?

Ming Yue Yin's faces turn pale as she recalled that fateful day, she looked at Yang Xi Ying and she realizes Yang Xi Ying also worry the same thing as her then they anxiously shift their gaze to Girsha who had been stopped eating who knows since when? Girsha stood there without move just like a statue the only thing that moves is his green eyes, that has been following Sanguan Li Ye every move.

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