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  • The Profligate Madam Of The Family

  • Genres : Romance -  Drama -  handsome male lead -  Female Protagonist
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The Profligate Madam Of The Family summary:

Leng Rongrong, a wild prodigal girl in the countryside, was forced to marry Mo Linyuan, the Fourth Master of the Mo Family who is supposed to be crippled, poor and ugly.If you’re disabled, you’ll be crippled. Marry a chicken with a chicken, marry a dog with a dog. Leng Rongrong really wants to. After all, the leader is handsome, oh no, it’s her medical skills against the heavens. The dead can also become living, and the disabled can become normal. problem.One day, she suddenly discovered that her poor and ugly husband does not seem to be poor and ugly, with a handsome face that is suffocating, and holding the lifeline of the economy of Country Z, it is all good overnight…Her husband is actually the overlord who always pesters her and spoils her all the time?And the celebrity Xiao Mengbao picked up the next day after marriage is actually the son of her and her disabled husband?By mistake, the crippled husband became a spoiled wife, and the baby she picked up became a son. She seemed to have made a profit!One day, “Master, grandma is ruined again!”Fourth Master Mo: “Let her lose, she will be happy. This young man is the world’s richest man, and he can’t afford a prodigal woman, and he can’t afford it, so he can earn more!”“Little master, the young lady is ruined again!”Mo Nanyu: “It’s a good loser. My mother will lose as much as I want. Xiao Yuyu’s celebrity circle money is not just to make my mother rich!“Masters, your goddaughter is ruined again!”Three godfathers and one master: “You lose, we are such a big and powerful goddaughter who can afford to spend this money! Not enough? Why is it so difficult, betting on the emperor, the queen will be back in the arena!”- Description from MTL

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