The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 1926

Chapter 1926: Beloved: I Really Can't

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Chapter 1926 Beloved Master: I really dont!

Luo Zixin's face is not very good, especially after everyone has eaten the things bought by Monan Chong.

After being spoiled by Monan, he saw that everyone had eaten what he bought and did not eat what Luo Zixin made, and asked unintentionally: "Why don't you eat what Zixin made?"

Luo Zixin's face became a little ugly on the spot.

Monan Chong: "???"

Xi Rui: "It's hard to swallow, I ate glass."

"Glass?" Menanchong sat down in shock, and then began to eat.

[Thank our patron, at least there will be no glass in the things our patron buys!

Fuck, I feel so sorry for our family Xirui, I actually ate the glass slag, but fortunately he felt it, otherwise, his throat may be cut!

[Yes, how can cooking be done like this!

Goddess is still not in the kitchen!

[And it seems to be really unpalatable, only Qian Lulu swallowed it, and she seemed to regret that she had eaten it, because no one else had eaten it, and even Luo Zixin did not expect that the things she made were so unpalatable. , She is also great, I don't know what it tastes like when I do it myself!

[I remembered a classic saying that Rong Ye once said, I made it, and the ghost knows how delicious it is!


After breakfast, a group of people followed Luo Zixin's arrangement and went out to play.

Because the weather is good, Luo Zixin took everyone to the racecourse, preparing to ride horses together.

"I have always liked riding horses, because I have filmed a lot of costume dramas, so I also need to ride horses, so I learned how to ride horses." Luo Zixin said in the car.

"I can do a little too." Xi Rui said, "The costume show does require a lot of horseback dramas. My original intention of learning horseback riding is also for the costume show! Do you all ride?"

"I'm not good at it." Qian Lulu said worriedly, "You are all very good, only I can do nothing but eat."

Qian Lulu successfully amused everyone.

"Don't worry, I'll accompany you. I'm not very good at it." Mo Nanchong said, "Although our family has a horse, that horse is very smart. I only ride it since I was a child, so I don't know how other horses can I do. control."

Qian Lulu: "...then you can also ride a horse, you make me more autistic."

Mo Nan Chong: "I am really not good at it!"

"I don't believe it!" Qian Lulu snorted, "I think you must be an almighty person!"

Pamper: "I'm really not omnipotent, I can do a little bit."


Monans favorite: "..."

After arriving at the racecourse, a group of people changed into riding outfits.

The riding outfit is very handsome, all the people are entertainers, and the natural body looks are very good. Everyone can arouse a little cheer when they come out.

Luo Zixin is feminine, Monan is handsome, Qian Lulu is cute, each has its own characteristics.

In the horse selection session, Luo Zixin suggested that everyone choose their own horses. Dont let the coaches at the racecourse help you choose them. You can run a race after a while to see who can win. If who loses, you can sing a song and jump. A dance.

"I don't know how to choose, I will pick a beautiful one!"

Luo Zixin randomly picked a cute horse.

"Not bad." Di Yan said after taking a look.

Luo Zixin instantly became happy.

"Let me choose this." Di Yan chose a horse with very bright hair and a very good body shape. It looked like a good horse.

"Then I want to choose this!" Luo Zixin chose a beautiful white horse.

Xirui and Weidong also chose a relatively sturdy horse, which looked quite cute.

Monan Chongs eyes fell on a group of horses that did not look very strong and were not the tallest, and the horse looked a little bit unreliable.

But there is a kind of domineering around him.

She remembers that her mother once chose a horse king, which was also a weak looking horse.

Monan Chong felt that this horse was a match for his mothers one-eyed horse.

"I want this." Menan said, pointing to the horse.

"Are you sure you want this horse? This horse has always been lazy, unwilling to move, and has never been ridden." The breeder said in surprise, "It doesn't look the best in shape, you If you want to change, I can recommend others to you."

"No, I like it." Menan petted enough to touch the horse's head, but the horse's head was immediately deflected.

She didn't care too much, so she said she wanted this one.

"If you choose this horse, you will perform singing and dancing for us later!" Luo Zixin laughed.

The others nodded in agreement.

At first glance, this horse has no fighting power, and Monan's favor is sure to lose.

Mo Nan Chong laughed: "It's not even better."

A group of people led the horses out to the field.

As soon as I arrived at the place, I ran into another group of people. That group was also six people, six men. When I saw the people of Menan Chong and Luo Zixin, they looked over with interest.

This group of men seemed to be foolish, and one of them, full of tattoos, approached.

"Sisters are beautiful!"

Monan Chong looked at the man.

"What are you doing?" Di Yan asked coldly.

"Don't do anything, you guys are also here to ride horses. Isn't it more fun to race with more people?" The tattooed man said with interest, "We are very good at equestrianism!"

"Who is going to play with you?" Qian Lulu said irritably, "Have you not seen our filming?"

"It doesn't matter if there is a filming." The man said with a smile, "Why, you are afraid of us before you start the comparison?"

"If you are afraid, then forget it. There are a few big stars, even ordinary people are afraid!"

"It's so boring!"

This man was very agitated, said a lot of things, and slandered everyone.

Di Yan couldn't bear it, and finally agreed to compete with them.

If these people lose, naturally they have to apologize to them.

If these people win, the jokes of these people will be a little bit terrible, saying that they are going to kiss a few girls.

This makes Di Yan and the others even more annoyed.

"Your request is too unreasonable!"

"We won't promise you this kind of thing!"

"Don't go too far!"

"Why, can't afford to lose? Or, you surrendered before you even started?" The tattooed man sneered at Di Yan and the others.

Mo Nan Chong glanced at the tattooed man, "I bet with you, dont use them. Im alone, Ill bet with you."

"Huh?" The tattooed man looked at Monan Chong with interest, "Are you gamble with us?"

"Yes, I will lose if I lose." Menan looked at the man provocatively.

The man looked at Monan Chong from start to finish, "You are the most beautiful, okay, you bet with us, we are happy!"

(End of this chapter)

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