The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 1928

Chapter 1928: She Is Really Against The Sky

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Chapter 1928 She is really against the sky!

Qian Lulu glanced at Xi Rui, she nodded earnestly and said, "Actually, the patron has always been very good. I have seen some of her previous videos and they are really good. I think horseback riding shouldnt be weak."

Luo Zixin also exaggeratedly said: "Since she dares to go up, she should be able to win! I believe her!"

She pretended to be very innocent, but in her heart, she felt that Monan's favor would definitely not work.

At that time, she will definitely be ashamed.

Weidong is also more worried about Monan's pet. He has already made up the urge to fight with the group of people if Monan's pet fails.

"At that time, if the darling loses, everyone remember to rush up to help. If the girl is a girl, run away and hide in a safe place."

Qian Lulu glanced at Wei Dong and nodded, "Should I prepare some weapons first? I'm not afraid of ten thousand, just in case."

Di Yan glanced at Wei Dong, he stopped talking, and finally said nothing.

On the field, Monan Chong is ready.

The rest of the people are also ready, and there are staff in the racecourse next to them to help and direct.

An order was given and the game started.

All the horses galloped out.

Monan pet this horse is the slowest start, and even seems to have a temper, and does not want to participate in the race, when he first ran out, he deliberately stopped, intending to run back.

"Hey, if I win, I'll buy you delicious food." Menan petted the horse's head, "Don't pretend to me, I know, you are very good at pretending to be something. Do you not like being caught? Ride, if you dont like it, you will win them for me. If you cant win, I will find someone to ride a horse every day, and I will stare at you 24 hours a day, playing with you non-stop."

Maer: "..."

I have seen someone who is annoying, but I have never seen such a detrimental and vicious person.

Of course, it is the most powerful, but it knows that if it is powerful, it will be ridden, and it often participates in competitions, which is not suitable for its kind of Buddhist horse.

If you love him, it makes the horse a little bit more energetic. This girl looks so annoying, she must have done everything.

If you dont run, you might be tortured by this girl.

This horse can be regarded as a more fascinating horse. As soon as the pet master said this, he immediately galloped.

So, the netizens in the live broadcast room discovered a very magical scene.

At the beginning, the other horses had already rushed out. The patron only took two steps, and then he planned to look back. Everyone thought that patron could not ride a horse at all.

Some people joke, some worry, some ridicule.

Then everyone saw the pampering **** chattering and didn't know what to say to the horse. Then, the horse suddenly rushed forward as if crazy.

The netizens in the live broadcast room were a little confused, so that for a moment, there was no barrage in the whole live broadcast room.

What happened just now?

Come on, what did you say to this horse just now? Why is this horse sprinting like crazy?

[No, the patron can really ride a horse?

Fuck, can she ride a horse? What's the situation? I didn't seem to be able to ride a horse just now, but suddenly this horse seemed to be crazy?

Is this horse crazy? Is Munan in danger? If she doesn't know how to ride a horse and just want to compete with others, she can only be responsible for any problems, right?

I don't know what the situation is, but I feel that Menan is in danger.

People in the live broadcast room thought that Monan Chong might fall off the horse's back. After all, this horse runs too fast, too exaggerated.

Of course, Menan Chong was very stable. When everyone saw the railing and gasped and felt that the horse would definitely fall, and Menan Chong would fall miserably, there was nothing wrong with Menan Chong.

Although the horse is not tall, its body is very light, it jumped up violently, and then easily jumped over the railing.


The on-site staff applauded wildly with the artists, and they were all shocked.

Everyone stood up subconsciously, their expressions were out of control, and the whole person was surprised.

And the patron wearing a riding outfit on horseback is still very handsome.

She looked very stable, she didn't seem to be frightened at all.

Ma'er landed, she was still safe.

"Run, catch up with them!" Menan petted the horse's head, his body lowered a little.

Then the horse's speed suddenly became even faster, as if mad, sprinting like crazy.

In less than a while, the six men in front felt a sense of crisis. They felt a gust of wind brought by Menan's favor, and then, the horse was already on par with them.

The six men all looked at Monan Chong and her horse subconsciously.

It looks much worse than their horse, but it can be so fast.

"how is this possible!"

"You can't exceed ours!"

"It is impossible to surpass ours!"

Six men shook their heads one after another, thinking it was absolutely impossible, how could she surpass them!

But it happened that Menan favored them more than them.

She showed a contemptuous look at them, and then drove the horse wildly. The horse cooperated with her perfectly, and the two of them passed all the obstacles.

In less than a moment, they reached the end directly.

Xi Rui has always been a cold-faced handsome man. At this time, he was completely unable to sit still. He stood up and shouted: "Beloved, beloved! Beloved by Monan!"

"My beloved, you are great, you won!" Qian Lulu's tears of excitement also fell.

I don't know why, this moment can shake people's hearts very much.

Weidong also yelled wildly, rushing to the side and holding a staff member was a wild kiss.

"Too much face for us!"

Di Yan and Luo Zixin's complexion are not very good, they did not expect that Monan Chong would win.

Di Yan was ridiculed before, and that Luo Zixin is even more needless to say, saying that she can do it, and inwardly feel that Mo Nan Chong will definitely overturn.

As a result, the result at the scene was not like this.

is completely unexpected.

This is really incredible, it is really incredible.

"My favorite is great!"

"It's worthy of being a favorite!"

Even the director and producer are praising them endlessly, and the staff all have a proud expression, as if this is their own girl.

At the same time, many people in the live broadcast room were cheering, and the others who were not optimistic about the favor of Monan were beaten in the face.

In a villa in the capital, a group of people watching the live broadcast lightly said: "Cut, is it expected, can our little princess be weak?"

There is also the crew of Rong Ye. Many people are also watching the live broadcast. When everyone saw the final result, there was a burst of cheers.

I know that Monan is favored, and know that she is really amazing.

(End of this chapter)

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