The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 2048

Chapter 2048: My boyfriend spoils myself

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Chapter 2048 My boyfriend pets himself

Li Jiujue stared at Monan Chong deeply. After watching for a long time, he looked aggrieved, "If you disagree, then I can't help it."

Looking at this guy's handsome face with a little grievance, Monan Chong felt a little helpless.

What else can I do!

His boyfriend, of course, came to spoil him.

Isnt it just wearing pants? Its okay to wear pants.

"Well, I will wear them, wear pants, and no skirts in the future." Menan Chong said with a smile, "I will wear pants in the future!"

"You said it yourself?" Li Jiujie immediately smiled.

The people around were a little envious when they saw two people sprinkling dog food crazily.

"Single dogs are really the worst." Someone said.

"The scenery under the skirt...I can't see it! I can't see it after wearing the skirt. However, I still have a question. Why is Miss Mo's skirt not blowing even the wind? Is it made of stone?"

"Maybe, I didn't even touch the corner of Miss Mo's skirt anyway."

After a day of training, a group of people and Monan Chong are already familiar with Li Jiujue a lot.

When everyone was eating together, they talked and laughed, joking, very happy.

The beloved father asked these people some questions, all about if they had problems with Mr. President, they would choose to stand on Mr. Presidents side or choose to deal with Mr. President.

"Miss Mo, I was a little panicked when I asked this question!"

"If Mr. President has a problem, I think it depends on the specific situation?"

"I don't know whether I will stand on Mr. President's side or on the other side."

"Just kidding, this kind of situation shouldn't happen, Mr. President has always been under our noses, can he be someone else? TV series dare not act like this!"

"If there is a problem, we must have analyzed the specific situation in detail. Of course, we have no right to do anything to Mr. President!"

Mo Nanchongs question, everyone did not take it to heart.

After all, something like a problem with Mr. President is really not a high probability. The probability should be very small.

After the chat, everyone went back to rest.

It's meaningless that it seems to have heard something.

He waited for the crowd to disperse before looking for Monan Chong alone.

"Miss Mo, do you mean something when you ask?"

Monan Chong looked meaningless and thoughtfully, "It is possible that this situation, how would you choose?"

"I--" The expression is needlessly complicated.

Monan Chong did not ask much, "It's late, it's time to rest, and continue training tomorrow."

The next day.

Mo Nanchong and Li Jiujue continued to return to the training ground.

After the previous day, and continue training on this day, these people are a lot more obedient.

Everyone is convinced of Monan Chong and Li Jiujue.

Mr. President also came to see the situation.

The bodyguards here were excited and scared after seeing Mr. President.

"It's Mr. President!"

"God, I was so lucky to meet Mr. President. I was so surprised!"

"Mr. President is so handsome!"

Monan Chongs mouth twitched as he listened to the group of people talking, no idiot could say anything.

Mr. President said something to encourage these people.

Monan Chong is looking at Mr. President, his face is a little cold.

Its really hard to say whether this Mr. President is really Mr. President.

It's quite troublesome.

Things that had nothing to do with her, but now because of Lab 0, they are still related.

After watching the training of these people, Mr. President chatted with Monanchong alone.

The two talked as they walked.

"Tomorrow your partners should be released." Mr. President said, "I'm sorry, it took such a long time, but you know, after all, it's about me, even if I let it go, the program I still have to finish it."

"I understand." Monan Chong nodded.

"Its good if you can understand. Im really afraid that Miss Mo will hate me for this matter. Laboratory 0 is so harmful. As the president of a country, I wont cooperate with it no matter what."

Mr. President smiled and said, Its really a good thing for me that you can come and eradicate Lab 0.

"Tomorrow, I will take you to pick up your friends. At that time, I will send someone to help you solve this laboratory!"

Mr. President said a lot.

Mo Nanchong nodded in agreement.

After the two talked, Mr. President returned to his car.

The car started to move. Mr. President took out his mobile phone and sent out a message, No problem, she has no doubts.

At the same time, Mo Nanchong was standing not far away looking at the leaving car contemplatively.

In the evening, the training is over.

My favorite father went directly back to the hotel where he had stayed before.

Shishi has been waiting for her news at the hotel.

As soon as he saw the patrons return, Shishi was very excited. He rushed up, "Miss Beloved, I have something to tell you!"

"Go upstairs and talk."

Monan Chong entered the elevator with Shishi. She glanced at Shishi, but Shi did not immediately speak. When the elevator opened, the two entered the room and closed the door before Shishi spoke.

"Miss Mo, I think we need to ask for support."

Stone said with a serious face, "I recently investigated something!"

"Huh?" Menan Chong looked at the stone interestingly, "What's the matter?"

"I think there is a high probability that Lab 0 has already joined hands with the president of the country. I even feel that this president is not the previous president!"

Shishi's face was serious, slightly worried, "We may not only deal with Lab 0, but also the president of this country!"

"What did you investigate?"

"I found some clues. What Mr. President has done in the past two years is completely different from the previous years. If it is the people around him, it is unlikely that these problems will be discovered imperceptibly, but I started investigating and the traces are very obvious. I have a bad speculation. I suspect that Mr. President was replaced by someone from Lab 0! Country S may already be controlled by Lab 0."

Stone frowned, "If this is the case, things will be tricky."

"You guessed right, I guessed the same as you."

Mo Nanchong put his hands on his chest and sat in a chair with a cold face.

"What should I do?"

"I'll see the situation tomorrow." Mo Nanchong said, "He explained that the swallows were let go."

"I do not believe."

"Well, it may be just bait." Munan petted. "I'm collecting evidence. Naturally, some of us outsiders can't deal with this Mr. President, but if the real Mr. President appears and there are other people helping, the matter will It's easy."

"Really Mr. President? So this one is really fake?" Shishi was taken aback.

"Fake. Stone, I need you to do something. You can find the real Mr. President. I already have some clues on my side. I'll give you. You can find him!"

(End of this chapter)

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