The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 2049

Chapter 2049: They can't get out, but you can go with him

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Chapter 2049 They cant get out, but you can go with them

the next day.

Mo Nanchong met with Mr. President, and Mr. President said that he would take her to see Yanzi.

Golden Fox will also follow.

Although Monan Chong told her not to go, she knew that Mr. President might have to deal with herself, and carrying the golden fox might make the golden fox get into trouble.

But the Golden Fox insisted on following it, so she had to take her.

In the car, Mr. President talked and laughed with Monan Chong.

"I don't know what Mr. President wants this ghost cat for?" Mo Nanchung held the ghost cat in his hands and looked up at Mr. President.

Mr. President glanced gracefully at the little ghost cat in Monans pet hand, and smiled, "It's very useful."

"Will it die?" Menan raised his eyebrows, "I promised Mother Ghost Cat and I will return the kitten to him."

"Since Miss Mo said so, I will naturally not hurt this little ghost cat." Mr. President smiled, "After all, this is the little ghost cat you caught."

On the next road, the two of them had a ghost in their hearts, and neither of them spoke.

On the other car, the golden fox lifted his cheeks a little puzzled.

"Something is wrong, it doesn't feel right anyhow."

"What's wrong?" The secretary and the golden fox were sitting in the same car, looking up at the car in front of them from time to time.

"My patron must be doing something. She hasn't let me follow today. It's a bit strange. She knows that I like to join in the fun. But today, she just won't let me follow. There shouldn't be any danger in following Mr. President. "

The golden fox was suspicious.

Something must happen, and it may bring some danger to people.

Otherwise, Monan Chong will never refuse him.

"How is it possible? The bodyguards around Mr. President are very powerful. How could he be in any danger."

The secretary shook his head, "Dont guess, maybe Miss Mo hates you!"

"What hates me, how could she hate me!" The golden fox looked at the secretary angrily with his hands on his hips.

The secretary immediately did not dare to speak any more.

Golden Fox is also a grumpy and powerful person.

Mr. Presidents cars are all black. Behind a long line of cars, there are several other inconspicuous cars.

"Cousin, is what she said is really true?" Wenwen asked while driving, "Mr. President is really a fake?"

"Since Miss Mo said so, it is very possible. And she said, Mr. President will really appear at that time." Ms. Fang has a serious face.

If this Mr. President is fake, he must not be allowed to stay in this position for too long.

She followed today because Monan Chong gave her news, and she was sure that she might be able to see the real Mr. President today.

She recalled before that the current Mr. President is indeed different from before.

No matter how much a person changes, he cant be so outrageous, so he may really be dropped.

That is her beloved man!

If the real Mr. President is replaced by a fake, where is the real Mr. President?

How is he now?

Has something happened to him?

Ms. Fang is full of all kinds of questions. She can't wait to bring Mr. President back right away.

Wenwen still respects her cousin, "Cousin, I know, dont worry, Im on your side, I believe you!"

"I have already notified my father, and I have suspicions when I want to come to my father, and I will make arrangements."

"But we also have to be prepared that they won't come." Wenwen said, "After all, it matters a lot."


The car drove for a long time.

Monan Chong looked at the scenery along the way, and clearly felt that the car had finally reached a mountain.

Although I guessed it, I didn't expect that this car would drive to this place.

She calmly held the phone and sent Shishi a location.

"Here." Mr. President said and got out of the car.

After Mo Nanchong and others opened the door, they also got out of the car.

She raised her head and glanced, and she saw a castle-like place in front of her. It was secretly built in a mountain forest. The surrounding scenery was amazing, and the castle looked very secret.

"Your friends are here." Mr. President walked forward.

"Are my friends here?" Menan petted the little ghost cat and rubbed the little ghost cat's head gently, and the little ghost cat narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, right here."

"Isn't this place very like a place for detainees?" Mo Nanchong chatted with Mr. President as he walked.

"The scenery here is pretty good." Mr. President smiled slightly.

Monan Chong also smiled and followed Mr. President.

When the golden fox and the secretary got out of the car, they also made waves of sighs.

"God, the scenery here is so good!"

"Damn, sissy, you Mr. President is too embarrassed. You built such a castle to hold prisoners? Why do I feel something is wrong?"

The golden fox touched his nose, already having a bad feeling.

Can a normal Mr. President do this kind of thing?

Shouldn't there be a more formal review agency, what does it mean to bring people here, abuse private business?

The secretary has obviously never been to this place.

So when I saw this, my eyes were filled with shock.

However, he did not speak either, just walked forward silently.

Wonderful with a group of bodyguards, the eyes are filled with surprise.

In the huge palace-like hall, it was a mess of luxury.

Mo Nan embraced the cat and looked at the oil paintings hanging on the surrounding walls. They were all priceless oil paintings.

"Mr. President is very rich."

"In other words, he is also a president, so he shouldn't be too poor."

Mr. President sat down on a chair, his legs crossed, and he looked up at Monan Chong, as if he were an emperor with a strong aura.

At this moment, a large group of people suddenly appeared in and around the house.

All of these people had weapons in their hands, and their muzzles were directed at Menanchongs forehead.

"What does this mean, Mr. President?" Menan petted the ghost cat, still calm.

"Oh, it's Miss Beloved, can you give me the ghost cat in your hand?" Mr. President raised his eyes, his eyes were no longer gentle, and he became a bit sharper.

"So, Mr. President, is this threatening me? I haven't seen my friends yet!" Menan Chong didn't mean to befriend a ghost cat, and still held it.

"Sorry, your friends are all guinea pigs, so you can't come out to meet you so early. Of course, they can't come out to see you, but you can go with them together. According to various data analysis, you are the most suitable person. "

Mr. President raised his dark and terrifying eyes and looked at Monan Chong.

The people around pulled the trigger, one by one, they started to surround Monan.

(End of this chapter)

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