The Profligate Madam Of The Family Chapter 2050

Chapter 2050: He is a fake

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Chapter 2050 He is a counterfeit

"What are you going to do!" The golden fox's face turned green when he came in with the secretary.

Although she guessed that there might be some trouble this time, she did not expect it to be such a situation.

"Ms. Jin, I hope you dont be nosy. My goal is only Miss Mo. She is very valuable to me. You are not my goal. We can get along well. Of course, if you do anything. If I am not satisfied with things, you can only be treated as a test subject."

Mr. President looked up and looked at the golden fox arrogantly.

The secretary and Golden Fox were a little shocked.

"Secretary, come here."

Mr. President greeted his secretary over.

But the secretary was stunned, he didn't know what was going on.

The secretary hesitated, "Mr. President, didnt you say its good to let go?"

"They are here to spy on the situation in our country. How can we easily let them go." Mr. President sneered. "They want to harm Country S, so naturally I can't let them go easily. Why, secretary, do you want to resist me? You dont want to betray Country S, do you?"

"No, I don't. Mr. President, you are a person I respect, how could I betray you!"

The secretary shook his head, "I will not betray Country S."

"That's good."

Golden Fox grabbed the secretary.

"This Mr. President is not right."

"Why is something wrong?" Mr. President asked rhetorically.

"It's not right from beginning to end." The golden fox said coldly, "You can't be fake, are you?"

Secretary: "???"

"How could I be fake, I was fake, are you real?" Mr. President asked with a ridiculous expression on his face.

"He is a fake, he is a fake Mr. President!" Wenwen and Ms. Fang walked in at the same time, and Ms. Fang said loudly.

"Yes, he is a counterfeit!"

Behind, a group of people notified by Miss Fang and Wenwen also arrived.

There are many people, and they are all important backbones of the country.

Ms. Fangs father is also very well-known in China after all. After Miss Fang told his father about this matter, his father took it very seriously.

Waitlessly waiting for the bodyguards because Menan Chong mentioned a few words before, so he didn't stop these people.

Everyone is staring at Mr. President in the seat.

"Counterfeit?" Mr. President put his chin in one hand, leaned slightly on the side of the chair, and looked at Miss Fang amusedly, "You said I'm a fake, why do I look like a fake?"

"It looks like everywhere." Wenwen snorted coldly, "You have too many problems!"

"What's the problem, let's talk about it?" Mr. President said a little funny, "This kind of joke is not very easy."

"You have changed a lot." Ms. Fang said, "It's not just that I feel it, but everyone feels that you have changed. If it wasn't for someone else to fake it, it's unlikely that way,"

"Oh? Then who am I to impersonate, and where is the real Mr. President?"

"Miss Fang, this is not filming TV. If you make up your mind, everyone will believe you!"

"If I am not the president, who is the president, are you?"

"I think you were bewitched by this Miss Mo? This Miss Mo really has the means!"

"She and her friends, people from Pai Yao, entered the territory of our country S, and they really had a conspiracy! She succeeded in provoking you all!"

Mr. President sighed, looking sad.

As if everyone around him really betrayed him for an outsider.

He rubbed his forehead, hung his head, and sighed constantly.

Ms. Fang and others looked at Mr. Presidents attitude and suddenly hesitated.

Is it really that they guessed wrong, that they were really bewitched by the favor of Monan?

"It seems that I did not do very well, so that you have always doubted me like this. Even if you trust an outsider easily, you won't believe me!"

Mr. President stood up. Although he was laughing, his laughter seemed to be filled with sadness and disappointment.

For a time, all people have a little self-doubt.

Are they really guessing wrong?

Are they really fooled?

Mr. President looks really sad. If he is a fake President, why would he be so sad?

"Mr. President, I'm sorry, we believe in the wrong person!"

"Wenwen, didn't you tell me, don't mess around, how can you mess around with Miss Fang!"

"You are all fooled by this outsider!"

"Can't believe this outsider!"

"It's meaningless, why haven't people been arrested yet, I said they appeared too strange, they really have a purpose!"

Someone yelled to a group of bodyguards to the pointless.

Wuwu and others all looked at Monan Chong. After all, after two days of getting along, they were more familiar with Monan Chong than with Mr. President. For a while, they were a little speechless and didn't want to do anything.

Monan looked at Mr. President calmly and pamperedly. She raised her hands and began to clap slowly.

"It is indeed Mr. President."

"The acting skills are better than me, a professional actor!"

"No wonder I can fake it for so long."

"It's a deeply rooted acting skill! It's a pity not to be an actor!"

Mr. President laughed, "I should say that you have to have good acting skills. Miss Mo is also very good. On our site, we eat, drink and play, and inquire about all kinds of news. How did our country S offend you, do you want to kill them all? "

The scene was a bit awkward for a while.

Just when many people were a little moved by Mr. President, the sound of a car engine came from outside the door.

After that, the stone came over with a wheelchair. In the wheelchair was a man who looked exactly like Mr. President.

"Here, what's the situation? How come there are two Mr. Presidents, who is doing the trick?"

"Which one is true?"

Everyone present was shocked.

Especially when the person in the wheelchair raises his head, he looks exactly like the Mr. President on the opposite side.

"Is there enough trouble?" the person in the wheelchair slowly said.

"Why, dear brother, do you want to play me again?" The standing Mr. President said helplessly, "I'm really sorry, my twin brother, I only got it back these years, because of physical inconvenience, he has been sitting all the time. In a wheelchair, I probably want to be like me too much, so I always like to play me."

"You are talking nonsense." The man in the wheelchair sneered, "You are the younger brother, and you are the one who plays me!"

"Hey, okay, okay, just assume it's me playing you! Stop messing around and go back to sleep, okay?" the standing Mr. President said softly.

The person in the wheelchair chuckled lightly and did not speak.

"Ms. Fang has the most contact with Mr. President, don't you know who Ms. Fang can recognize is the person she really likes?" Mo Nanchong looked at Ms. Fang.

Ms. Fang burst into tears the moment she saw the person in the wheelchair appear.

"Mr President--"

(End of this chapter)

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