The Richest Man In the World: Starting From Receiving 7 Billion Red Envelopes Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Change, go sing in one!

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Regarding Huangde's investment in attracting several large projects, the total investment of more than 53.5 billion yuan quickly spread to Hushui Street.

After hearing this, Wang Hairui opened his mouth in shock.

Then, he hurriedly put down everything in his hands, hurriedly came to his daughter Wang Xi, and asked: "Xixi, are you already Huang De's girlfriend?"

Wang Xi knew that his father was very opposed to being together with Huang De, but he always wanted to match himself with the group leader Liu.

Before, she would coax her dad.

But today, she finally summoned the courage to say: "Yes! I'm already in love with Huang De!"

"Dad, you are all in free love now, and you are the happiest being with the person you like, you just..."

Wang Xi had already prepared a lot of words. She wanted to persuade her father with reason to let him understand how indestructible her relationship with Huang De was.

However, before she finished speaking, Wang Hairui yelled happily.

"Okay, hahaha! Great!"

"Gah?" Wang Xi was suddenly interrupted by her father, her voice stopped.

She looked at the old face of her father who was almost smiling, and she couldn't help showing a full of incomprehension.


Wh... what's the situation?

Could it be... Dad was mad because he was with Huang De?

Thinking of this, Wang Xi was a little worried and said: "Dad, are you okay?"

Wang Hairui happily said: "Don't worry, I'm very good! Haha!"

Wang Xi said in his heart: Normally, Dad should be fine, but why is he so happy?

Wang Hairui seemed to understand what his daughter was thinking, and continued: "Daughter, do you know? Huang De has attracted several billion-plus investment projects today, and there is even an international logistics airport with a value of over 50 billion yuan!"

Having said this, Wang Hairui's tone couldn't help but become elevated.

When Wang Xi heard this, his eyes widened and his face was full of surprise.

Although, Wang Xi was just an ordinary team member in Hushui Street.

However, she knows very well what it means to attract investment from so many large projects, especially the international logistics airport with more than 50 billion yuan.

This is absolutely... a credit that can completely change a person's life.

Wang Hairui smiled heartily: "Huang De, this kid is good! Very good! Daughter, you have found a good boyfriend! Good vision!"

Wang Xi's pretty face couldn't help showing a smug smile.

It looks like: Your daughters vision has always been very good.

At this time, Wang Hairui looked around and whispered: "Daughter, have you ever seen that between you and Huang De..."

Wang Xi is not a little girl who knows nothing about world affairs. She naturally understands what Dad is talking about, her pretty face can't help being blushed, and her head lowered and whispered: "Dad..."

Wang Hairui coughed lightly and said, "Well, let Huang De go to the house for dinner in the evening. Our father and I will have a few drinks."

"Hmm..." Wang Xi made a sound like a mosquito.

Lin Fan had no way of knowing this.

At this time, he was still walking along the winding road at will.

When turning the intersection, a group of students came over in the distance.

Among them, there is a slim girl with a youthful smile on her face.

"Xiao Yao?" Lin Fan asked.

"Brother!" Lin Xiaoyao exclaimed happily.

Then, she introduced to the three men and two women next to her, "Introduce, this is my brother."

"Brother, they are all my classmates!"

"I'm also a member of the 6-member team of our struggle! The 6 of us have bet that whoever has the final score at the end, please sing together..."

"It just happened that there was no late self-study today. Zuo Jun is planning to invite us to sing. Brother, you should go together too!"


With my sister, and her classmates?

Lin Fan has no interest at all.

So, shook his head and said: "It's better for you to go with your classmates, I won't go."

Lin Xiaoyao hugged Lin Fan's arm and said coquettishly: "Brother, let's go together! It's so late now, you are not afraid of your lovely sister, are you in danger?"

Lin Fan squeezed Lin Xiaoyao's face and said, "Your face is so hiccup now, don't worry, you won't be in danger."

"Brother!" Lin Xiaoyao shouted in protest.

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Okay, OK, I'll go with you."

"Yeah!" Lin Xiaoyao cheered.

As a result, the original 6-person team now has one more Lin Fan.

Before long, a very fashionable and high-end building shining with colorful neon lights appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Lin Fan couldn't help showing a strange look on his face as he looked at the big characters with brilliant written directly above.


Isn't this the shop I got yesterday?

Sing in your own shop?

Seeing Lin Fan standing still, Lin Xiaoyao thought he was shocked by the magnificent atmosphere, and couldn't help but proudly said, "Brother, how about it? Isn't this house inferior to Jiangbei?"

Is this complimenting yourself?

Lin Fan nodded with a smile, and said, "It's not bad."

Lin Xiaoyao couldn't help happier after hearing this.

When a group of people walked into Brilliant, there was a tangy fragrance, which made people relaxed and comfortable.

Zuo Jun, wearing black-rimmed glasses, said boldly: "Today, it's me who treats you! Later, you must be welcome!"

Lin Fan said, "You don't need to pay today."

After all, where do you need any money for your own singing?

However, Zuo Jun thought that Lin Fan felt that he was still studying, so he refused to let himself pay.

So, he opened his mouth and said: "Brother Lin, my exam is bad this time. It's okay to treat me, so don't fight with me."

Lin Fan smiled without speaking.

Soon, a waiter greeted us.

"Welcome to Brilliant, is there a reserved box?"

Zuo Jundao: "We don't have a reservation, just open a parcel for us."

The waiter apologized: "Sorry, our packet is full."

"What about the middle bag?" Zuo Jun asked ~www.wuxiaworld~ there is another middle bag. "The waiter replied.

Zuo Jun said: "Okay, then we need a middle package."

I have to say, Brilliant is worthy of being the best in Qingshi.

Even the ordinary middle bag, the soft sofa, and the interior decoration are very good, and the overall feeling is very good.

Lin Fan couldn't help but nodded to himself.

The waiter said: "If you buy more than 400 yuan in our in-house supermarket, you can sing in the middle for 3 hours for free."

Originally, the room cost would cost one or two hundred, and singing really needed food and drink.

Nowadays, you can sing for free just by buying something, which is very attractive.

So, Zuo Jun immediately said: "Let's go to the supermarket to choose something, and take whatever you want to eat!"

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