The Richest Man Yang Fei Chapter 2615

Chapter 2613: Where Does Life Come From?

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"Brother Yang Fei! What are you doing here?" Xiaoyu walked over and asked curiously.

Yang Fei came back to his senses and asked, "I just saw an old Taoist priest with white hair and white beard, who looked like a god."

"Hey, what do you see, is it an old master?" Xiaoyu looked around in surprise, "Where did he go?"

"Old Guanzhu? You mean, before the current Guanzhu came here, was Baiyun Guan the old Taoist presiding over it?"

"Yeah. That's an old master."

"Is he an expert?"

"Of course! Brother Yang Fei, you are so blessed, everyone said that he is an old god! Those who can see him are all blessed people!"

Yang Fei touched his head, thinking that the old Taoist had just tapped three times on his head and said that sentence again. I don't know the meaning?

"Have you really forgotten where you came from?"

This sentence echoed in Yang Fei's mind like the voice of Huang Zhong and Dal.

"Where did I come from?"

Yang Fei answered twice just now.

For the first time, he said that he came from the bottom of the mountain. This can be regarded as a fighter, because Lao Dao lives on the mountain and Yang Fei lives under the mountain, so he said he came from the mountain.

Yang Fei visited Jia Baoyus brushwork in replying to Miaoyus greetings. Miaoyu claimed to be an insider while Baoyu said he was an outsider.

But, after listening to the old way, I didn't think he was right.

Yang Fei answered in a serious manner for the second time, saying that he was from which province and city, and who was his first name and name.

But the old way still said that he answered wrong!

Yang Fei was a little dazed, judging from the old way, where am I from?

"Xiaoyu, where does Lao Guanzhu live?" Yang Fei asked.

"Well, it's hard to say."

"It's hard to say? What do you mean?"

"He is an old god, he has no fixed place!"

Yang Fei was startled, and walked towards the direction where the old way disappeared.

Xiaoyu followed: "Brother Yang Fei, where are you going?"

Yang Fei quickened his pace, and while searching, he shouted: "Old master? Old master!"

In the mountains at night, a cloud of darkness, half of the moon hung in the sky, and a faint brilliance filled the world.

Yang Fei looked for a while, saw a light like a bean in front of him, and walked in that direction.

came to the front, looking at it by the moonlight, it was a simple hut.

Yang Fei stepped forward, buttoned the door, and yelled respectfully: "Old Master? Younger Yang Fei begs to see you."

Inside there was an old answer: "Come in!"

Yang Fei gently pushed the door, and the door opened.

There is no electricity in it, only an oil lamp is lit.

Apart from a bed, a chair, and a table, there is nothing long in the room.

Lao Dao sat cross-legged on the bed, his eyes drooping slightly.

"Donor, please sit down."

"Thank you for the old master!" Yang Fei bowed to salute, and sat down in a chair.

Xiaoyu followed, and yelled clearly: "Good old master! So you live here! We have been looking for you!"

The old Guanzhu smiled slightly: "If you are about to die, what else can you find?"

Xiaoyu said: "You are an old god! You won't die! You want to become an immortal!"

Old Guanzhu said: "God? Hahaha! There are no gods in the world!"

Yang Fei gave a light cough: "Old god, did you enlighten me just now? But I am really dull and don't understand what you mean. Where did I come from?"

The old view master decided Yang Fei, did not answer his question, but slowly asked: "Between the donor's eyebrows, there seems to be a frustration, as if there is something incomprehensible?"

Yang Fei thought for a while, and said, "Yes, someone jumped off the building today. I have some thoughts in my heart."

Old Guanzuo said: "The deceased has something to do with you? Died because of you?"

"Something. Although I don't kill Boren, Boren died because of me."

"You got something from him?"

"Yes? Well, you can say so! But everyone in the world calls me a robber."


"I sometimes wonder, is it a fault to rob the rich and help the poor?"

The old Guanzhu was silent for a while, and said: "If a person steals, he is rich, but the rich may not steal; if there is cheap but the poor, the poor may not necessarily be cheap."

Yang Fei said: "Old god, do you mean that what I did is not out of line?"

The old view subject said: "Being exceptional is also outstanding, and it is also called overregulation. What is the character? Who determines the character? The secular character, why not come out?"

Yang Fei's eyes lit up, and there was a feeling of enlightenment in his heart.

"Old god, you asked me where I came from before. Where do I come from?"

"Where are you from? Shouldn't you ask yourself?"

"I, I seem to be lost."

Old Guanzhu said: "Donor, what is the most precious in the world?"

Yang Fei thought for a while, and replied: "I have lost it, I haven't got it."

The old Guanzhu slowly shook his head: "Think again."

Yang Fei said: "Do you own it?"

The old watcher laughed and said nothing.

Yang Fei said, "What does this have to do with where I come from?"

Old Guanzhu said: "Donor, gold or mud is better?"

Yang Fei said: "Of course it is gold."

The old Guanzuo said: "What if you are a seed?"

Yang Fei was silent.

Old Guanzhu said: "Donor, it's getting late, please go back!"

Yang Fei said: "Old god, you haven't answered me yet, where do I come from!"

The old Guanzhu flicked his right hand, and the bean-like light suddenly went out.

It was pitch black in the hut.

In the darkness, there was the voice of the old master:

"The clouds fill the four wilds, and the heart grows dusty.

Please come back and see where the students come from. "

Yang Fei walked out the door and couldn't help being stunned when he heard this poem.

Where does come from?

Gold or mud is better?

What is the most precious in the world?

This night, Yang Fei couldn't sleep. He was in the mountain roadhouse and listened to the wind and trees all night.

The next morning, Yang Fei got up as soon as it was light.

He followed the direction of last night and came to find the old master.

However, he searched all the places nearby, and he didn't find the little hut, let alone any old gods.

Yang Fei called Xiaoyu, and the two followed the road last night and walked again, but they still couldn't find the hut.

There is only one old tree with new buds nearby.

Yang Fei stood in front of the old tree, looking at the new sprouts on the branch with his hand, and said nothing for a long time.

"Xiaoyu, where is the old master? He won't really become a god? You saw him last night ~wuxiaworld.online~, did you?"

"Hmm!" Xiaoyu said in confusion, "I don't know where he went!"

Yang Fei gave a wry smile: "If it wasn't because you saw it, I would really suspect that I just had a dream last night! What is there to say about this tree?"

Xiaoyu bit her finger, thought for a while, and said, "Brother Yang Fei, I heard a story from the old master. It is a story about the young shoots of trees. Would you like to listen?"

"Oh? Say it!"

Xiaoyu pointed to the sprouts and said: "One day, I was pinching the buds on the tree. The old master saw it and asked me, "You can pinch off the roots and shoots. Can you pinch off the whole tree's shoots?" I said. sure!"

Yang Fei smiled and said, "What happened later?"

Xiaoyu said: "Old Guanzhu asked me again, can you cut off the sprouts of the whole spring? I thought about it, and said no. The old Guanzhu smiled and left."

Yang Fei muttered: "Can you cut off the buds of the whole spring? Old god, what are you telling me?"

He suddenly thought of the four sentences Old Guanzhu said last night: "The clouds are full of wildness, and the heart grows dust. Please look back and see where life comes from."

Yang Fei suddenly realized!


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