The Richest Man Yang Fei Chapter 2616

Chapter 2614: If You Can Go Back To The Past

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Yang Fei took a special plane and returned to Southern Province.

Before he boarded the plane, he called Su Tong and asked her to come to the provincial capital, saying that he had important things to talk to her.

Although Su Tong was surprised, he still came.

She met Yang Fei at the airport.

Seeing Yang Fei alone, Su Tong asked puzzledly: "You didn't bring anyone here?"

"I'm here to see you, who should I bring with you!" Yang Fei smiled, "Where are you? Are you alone?"

"Hmm!" Su Tong said, "Get in the car."

"Let me drive!" Yang Fei took the driving position.

Su Tong nodded, and took the seat of the co-pilot.

"Where to go?" Su Tong asked after entering the city.

"Sister, just follow me. I'll take you to a good place."

"A good place?" Su Tong said, "I know the provincial capital very well. How can there be any good places here? When you come back this time, didn't you say that you have important things to talk to me about? Are you going to talk about the beverage company? I have already resumed all projects in accordance with your instructions, and the second round of financing is also under intense preparations."

Yang Fei said: "Today, we are not talking about work."

Su Tong said: "Don't talk about work? Then, what are the important things between us?"

Yang Fei said, "Sister, apart from work, there is nothing else between us?"

Su Tong was silent for a while, and said quietly: "Of course there is also a child's matter?"

Yang Fei said: "The children are all well! Don't worry about us."

Su Tong is even more puzzled. Apart from work and children, is there anything else that is worth his special trip?

"Yang Fei, did something happen?" Su Tong was suddenly taken aback.

"Well, something is wrong. You'll know when you get there." Yang Fei turned his head and looked at her with a slight smile, "It's been more than ten years, and you're still the same and haven't changed."

Su Tong gently stroked his face, and said shyly: "I'm the mother of three children, and haven't changed? I'm old..."

"My parents are here, don't say you are old." Yang Fei smiled, "Really, I see you, it will be no different from when I first met you, even more beautiful than before."

"We just met that club? It's been more than ten years. At that time, I was only 20 years old, and you were less than 19 years old!" Su Tong's thoughts were successfully brought back to the past by Yang Fei, a little sad. , Somewhat embarrassed.

What a beautiful youthful years!

Gone forever!

"Yes!" Yang Fei sighed, "In a blink of an eye, you and I are both in your thirties. Time flies, and the dead are like this! Sister, do you remember your 20th birthday wish?"

"My wish?" Su Tong smiled, as if he really went back in time, closed his eyes and thought for a while, smiled, "I can't remember anymore."

Yang Fei said: "I still remember my wish for my 19th birthday."

Su Tong said: "Really? What is your wish?"

Yang Fei slowed down, turned his head, staring at her: "My wish at that time was to be with you forever."

Su Tong smiled, but his smile was immediately replaced by sadness.

Yang Fei said: "My thoughts at the time were really simple and simple. I just wanted to make more money, give you happiness, and then keep you by my side forever..."

Su Tong cupped his face in both hands and shook his head gently: "Yang Fei, please, stop talking!"

Yang Fei said sadly: "We have earned the money a long time ago. But my wish has not been realized. The journey we have traveled is too long and too tortuous, so that we can forget our original intention when we set off."

There was a light rain outside, and the wiper of the car was swiping again and again, making the blurry scene in front of me clear and bright.

Su Tong whispered: "I seem to remember, my 20th birthday, my wish is to spend the rest of my life with you."

Yang Fei said: "Look, our wishes are so surprisingly consistent! Does this mean that our love was true?"

"Love? Do you think it's ridiculous that we still say the word love now?" Su Tong wiped the corner of his eyes and tightened his lips. "We are past the age of saying love."

Yang Fei said: "Sister, if time can be turned back, let us go back to the morning of August 18, 1993, what choice would you make?"

"93? August 18? In the morning?" Su Tong thought back hard, "Did something happen that morning? I don't remember."

"That morning, I woke up with a hangover and was late for work. You ran from the workshop to the dormitory to call me to work! There were leaders who came to our factory to check the work that day! Did you remember?"

"Oh! I remember!" Su Tong fell into the memory, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, "There are so many memories between us, why did you go back to August 18, 1993?"

"Because this day is very special to me."

"What's so special?"

"That day was my new life."

"Freshman? You are all working now! Freshman! You didn't go to college again! What freshman?"

"Ah, I mean, that day was the most important day in my life. I came out of my old relationship and got a new life!"

"Oh, what does that mean, um, why did you come out of your broken love that day?"

"Because of you." Yang Fei smiled, "Seriously, when I think about it now, the picture is still so real. You were standing outside the door. Although you were wearing work clothes, to me, you were like a fairy descending to the earth. Your whole person exudes a dazzling light, bathes me, and gives me a new life!"

"Am I as good as you said?" Su Tong chuckled, "I was wearing such old-fashioned clothes at the time! I must look old-fashioned too! It's strange that you can see me."

"Sister, you haven't answered my question yet!"

"what is the problem?"

"I ask you, if you go back to that day, how would you choose?"

"How can I choose? Of course, I will go back to the dormitory, call you up, and drag you to work!"

"Why do you come back and call me to work? Is it because you care about me? Like me?"

"You're less stinky!"

"Hee hee~wuxiaworld.online~ I think it is like this! Don't deny it!"

"I hate you!" Su Tong put a lock of hair behind her ears and blushed, "Unfortunately, we can't go back!"

Yang Fei said: "Sister, if you go back in time, don't you regret being with me?"

Su Tong was startled, and said: "I have never regretted it."

"Then why do you have to divorce me? I still don't understand. Can you tell me the truth?" Yang Fei suddenly asked.

"Oh!" Su Tong let out a long sigh, "Yang Fei, don't ask."

"I must know. I know you haven't changed your mind. I am puzzled by your divorce."

"Yang Fei, isn't it good for you to be with Li Juan now?"

"Li Juan? Did she make trouble from it? She forced you, right? You tell the truth!"

"Yang Fei, you don't need to pursue the past. As long as you are happy, I can do whatever it takes." Su Tong turned his head and tried not to let his tears fall.

She looked out of the car window, her eyes widened suddenly, because she found something incredible!


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