The Rise Of Plants Chapter 1804

Chapter 1803: Detachment The Means Of The Mother Tree

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The heavens hated the will of the gods for destroying themselves into such a god. When it was completely liberated, that monstrous hatred broke out completely without concealing it. The people around felt the hatred and were affected one after another.

If it weren't for the main divine kingdom, perhaps they would have rushed out now.

The will of the heavens turned into a big mouth and swallowed the ink shadow in one mouthful. Ink Shadow wakes up amidst the screams: "No, how could this happen, I'm obviously going to be detached. Damn it, you bastards."

After the scream, the breath of ink shadow disappeared, and what disappeared together was the breath of the will of the heavens. I don't know if the ink shadow was completely sealed by the will of the heavens, or if they died together. But listening to the last words of Ink Shadow, it should be impossible to survive.

Others, after looking at each other, didn't know whether to cry or laugh. The Lord of Gods disappeared, and the will of the heavens that tried to control them also disappeared, and all threats disappeared, as if everything had become better. However, they clearly felt the aura of the world's dying.

In the air, the long river of destiny that has lost the control of the will of the heavens is still flowing, not hidden.

Looking up at the river of fate, the end of the river of fate has appeared, and the entire river of fate has begun to collapse. Everyone knows that once the river of fate completely collapses, it is the moment when the world of heavens will perish.

Around, the void was shattering piece by piece, and this was no longer a crack. No new gods are born, and no fallen beasts are born. At this moment, no matter whether it was the evil spirits or the fallen beasts, they all perished collectively, leaving nothing behind.

"What shall we do, wait for death here."

"What else can you do without waiting for death, can you go out. If you go out, the chaotic aura outside is also not something we can bear. If you go out, you will die. Here, at least you can wait for a while."

"Yes, according to the rate of destruction of the long river of fate, we can survive for ten years."

Time is such a short time. For mortals, ten years may be very long. But for these gods who don't know how long they have lived, ten years is too short, and this feeling of waiting for death is even more uncomfortable.

"We still, hey, what is that, is anyone detached again."

Suddenly, in the middle of the central plane, an emerald green light burst out, and the light went straight into the sky. This kind of power is very similar to the previous power that transcends everything, and it also gives people a kind of cordial feeling.

"Look, it's the mother tree, the mother tree is broken."

On the central plane, the mother tree that had been jealous of all the main gods, finally shattered. In the past, even if it withered, no one was able to put the wreckage of its mother tree to the end. In the middle, a new beam of light burst out, and a figure slowly emerged. "It's the Lord of the Sacred Tree, he is detached."

"Could it be that the Lord of the Sacred Tree has survived for such a short period of time and is also prepared in advance."

Chi Nan opened his eyes and felt the unprecedented terrifying power. Before this power, how was he different from the ant before. As soon as he came out, Chi Nan heard other people's discussions, and at the same time connected with his ordinary clone.

"Unexpectedly, so many things have happened, so many people are detached. But don't worry, I am here to save the world, I am the savior." Chi Nan laughed.

"I didn't prepare all of this, it was all prepared before the mother tree died."

Everyone's eyes lit up: "Mother tree? Mother tree has the world in mind. If he prepared it, there will be no problem. Lord of the holy tree, no, Lord of the holy tree, how do you save the world? This world is about to be destroyed."

Chi Nan shook his head and said: "The destruction of the heavens is a general trend. I can't change it, but I can build a new world."

Everyone was very disappointed when they heard that they couldn't change it, but they were a little surprised when they heard the rest. Can this world be recreated? Wait, maybe this is the ability to dominate. The mother tree has been prepared for so long, it is impossible to use them at all. In fact, Chi Nan was also sighing.

In order to save most of the living beings, the mother tree even lost its self. In Chi Nan's feeling, even if the mother tree's original strength cannot resist the will of the heavens, it is okay to wait until the last moment to give up and complete detachment.

Unexpectedly, this kind of selfless existence actually exists, which really makes me feel ashamed.

"Wait a minute, I'm going to prepare." Chi Nan also finished speaking, waved his hand to take away the supernatural powers under his hand, and took his own kingdom of God, and was about to leave. It's just that Chi Nan was taken aback for a moment, as if he felt something. After thinking about it, he waved his hand and disappeared. Seeing Chi Nan disappear, everyone became anxious.

Outside, in the endless chaos, Chi Nan has already appeared. Take a deep breath, ah, the breath here no longer hurts himself, and it can absorb the strength that can be used to continue to improve.

But it would do great harm to one's own kingdom of God. Without the protection of one's own power, the kingdom of God would soon be completely corroded.

Chi Nan entered the kingdom of God, and the others immediately surrounded him.

"Chi Nan, can you really build a new world? This is no longer the world of the heavens." Hermilla looked anxious. At this juncture, they couldn't help but their mentality could be normal.

Chi Nan waved his hand: "Don't worry~wuxiaworld.online~No problem, I have inherited everything about the mother tree. Now, I want to make my kingdom of God a new world. You all stand back. I'm going to start."

Chi Nan waved his hand, and there was a sapling in his hand. Although it was a sapling, it gave people the feeling of standing upright, as if the whole world was not as big as this tree. That's right, this is the sacred tree sapling that has been growing in his body, and now he can finally take it out. The sapling grown from the seeds prepared by the mother tree is a world tree.

It is only now that Chi Nan knows exactly what the sapling is for. This sapling has always ignored himself at all, although it can help him improve without hindrance, it has not been under his control.

Most of the power he got was absorbed and used to supply the growth of the sacred tree. Now Chi Nan understands that so much accumulation is for the last moment. The savior, I didn't expect that such a tall name could be worn on his head.

Chi Nan waved his hand and the sapling flew up and fell to the ground. The sapling waved the branch towards Chi Nan, as if expressing something. When it fell to the ground, it began to swell continuously, and it grew crazily.

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