The Rise Of Plants Chapter 1805

Chapter 1804: The End Is The Beginning Grand Finale

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The saplings continue to expand, which cannot be said to be growth. It should be said that the sacred tree was originally like this. The sacred tree supports the top of the kingdom of God and keeps the top of the kingdom of God even larger. The top of the twelve sacred trees of life that originally supported the kingdom of God was separated from the kingdom of God.

The branches of the sacred tree are submerged above the kingdom of God, and they are completely integrated, and the roots of the tree root below it, the same. Chi Nan felt that his kingdom of God had begun to undergo tremendous changes. The kingdom of God is constantly expanding. If it were before, such expansion would have been shattered long ago. But now, fused with the holy tree, as long as the holy tree does not shatter, the kingdom of God will be fine.

As the sacred tree continues to grow, its kingdom of God has expanded exponentially. No, it can no longer be regarded as the kingdom of God, this is a world, a perfect world.

The original elemental kingdom entered into his own world and fell in the center of the canopy. Chi Nan felt that the elemental kingdom had completely turned into a huge elemental world and became the source of the elements of this world.

Above it, there is a starry sky, and I don't know what it is for now. And below the root of the tree, the space that he used to cultivate gods and sins turned into a dead silence and turned into an underworld.

The laws in the kingdom of God were instantly perfected, and it truly became a world, and it was still a top-notch world.

Although not comparable to the heavens and worlds, this is just the beginning, and the future growth will be unlimited. As long as the sacred tree still exists, as long as oneself still has a breath, this world will not be destroyed.

Along with the improvement of the world, the aura of Hemila and others began to continuously improve, and finally broke through the threshold of the upper gods and became the main gods. For a person who manages a world, the upper **** level is not enough.

Unexpectedly, Hermilla and others, who gave up the opportunity to become the main god, broke through with themselves first.

A complete world was born, and it was still growing and expanding, but Chi Nan knew that he couldn't wait any longer. "Begin to connect, connect the original heavens and worlds." The world and the world collided.

The gap has become a portal, connecting the two worlds. "Everyone helps to transfer the planes and creatures of the original world. After completion, the new world can leave you room for survival."

Chi Nan's voice sounded throughout the heavens, and the gods who had been desperate saw the portal and suddenly went crazy. "You can rest assured that we will complete the task."

The crazy gods dragged the kingdom and plane of the gods towards the portal with all their strength.

Fortunately, it appeared that almost all the living planes were near the center, and there was no need to run around. In other places, there may no longer be any planes, and they have all been destroyed.

One by one the planes and the kingdom of God entered, and they flew towards the sky as soon as they entered, forming a fruit-like thing on the branches of the sacred tree. From below, it seems that there is an extra star in the sky.

There are more and more stars in the sky, which also means more and more planes and kingdoms of God. Chi Nan realized that in his new world, the basic laws are probably very different from the original world of the heavens.

In ten years, or in less than ten years, the remaining kingdoms and planes of the gods have been transferred, and all the gods have entered the new world. The world of the heavens, like a glass ball reaching its limit, was completely shattered and eroded in the chaos, leaving nothing in the end.

The disappeared **** of evil did not appear after all, just disappeared completely, and it seemed that he would not appear anymore.

Chi Nan was sitting in his own temple, and through the void, he could see three hard-working guys not far away trying to establish his own place of residence. This is the rule of destiny, the rule of rot and poison, and the rule of light and darkness.

These three guys, after calculating for such a long time, finally detached themselves, but they don't even have a place to live in the chaos, which is really hard. Seeing this, Chi Nan felt more balanced.

"Humph, sooner or later I will seek revenge from you."

Chi Nan looked at his energy pool, he himself did not expect that although his demon incarnation was destroyed, its origin was retained by the kingdom of God. It's just that the demon incarnation means that you have to wait until you are detached, and then you will find this place yourself. Otherwise, Chi Nan, who is already confident of surpassing the rot and poison, will definitely take the initiative to find him for revenge.

And the poisonous master seemed to feel Chi Nan's hostility, so he was the one furthest away from him.

"Don't think about it so much. After such a long time, you should take a break."

Hearing Hermillas words, Chi Nan nodded: "Yes, my dream after coming to this world has finally come true. I finally stood at the pinnacle of the whole world, although it was a little different from what I thought. What should I do, I feel a little bit unable to find the goal." Chi Nan whispered to himself.

Sophia came over and sat on Chi Nan's lap: "Next, of course, we will work hard for our offspring."

Offspring? Do we have offspring? Chi Nan was a little confused.

But seeing Sophia's charming appearance, Chi Nan's heart was fiery. Even at the level of dominating detachment, Chi Nan still feels a little unbearable in the face of his wife's temptation, and his heart is fiery~wuxiaworld.online~ For the sake of future generations, we must work hard. "

The stronger the strength, the harder it is to leave offspring. After Chi Nan entered the demigod, he knew this situation and regretted that he had never left a offspring. After that, they worked hard, but there was no result. Later, Chi Nan was always busy, but this kind of thing was temporarily let go.

Now finally there is time. Chi Nan immediately hugged Sophie and walked behind the temple with a big smile.

"Hahahaha, come, come, this time we must work hard until we get results, you all come together, don't be shy, we haven't had such a carnival for a long time, just take it easy."

Hemila and the others looked at each other, their faces were ruddy, but they still walked over. It's just that the number of people seems a bit wrong. Forget it, who else would think so much at this time.

Behind the temple, there was a sound that no one heard, and it continued for a long time.

(End of the book)

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