The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 507

Chapter 507 The Fifth Day Of Lunar New Year

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Both of Si Yis hands were pressed behind his head as he lay on the bed pillowing on them. He was taken aback by Ge Junjians question but his expression remained unfazed.

The room was completely dimmed but the moonlight that spilled from the curtain allowed Ge Junjian who was lying right in front of the window to see Si Yis action clearly. His instinct told him that the latter was not a simple man, that much was visible from Si Yis words and movement.

In spite of it, Si Yi was not answering his question.

The night was quiet. There was nothing else outside the window except the silver glow of the moon.

Just when Ge Junjian thought that Si Yi was not going to reply to him, the latter spoke up. His voice was gentle at the mention of Yun Jian.

"I only want her in this lifetime!"

It was not just being interested, having a crush or some puppy love. When Si Yi had decided on it, it was lasting an entire lifetime. He was a man of his words!

Listening to the answer, there was a beat of pause from Ge Junjian as he was startled, not expecting Si Yi to feel so deeply for Yun Jian.

In this lifetime! Countless couples had expressed their love in a similar fashion when they were in love but how many among them could stand against the test of time?

Si Yi might not be eloquent in expressing his love, he might not tell Yun Jian sweet nothings, not even having said a simple "I love you", but true love was kept in the heartnot on the edge of the lips as sugared words to woo girls.

Ge Junjian could feel Si Yis sincerity distinctly. It was a sense of determination that he was unable to achieve.

He kept quiet after that.

Although he went silent, Ge Junjian knew from the bottom of his heart that Si Yi and Yun Jian were going to end up together sooner or later.

Yun Jian had gotten up early the next morning. Actually, everyone in Zhang Meihuas house had risen bright and early.

The second day of Lunar New Year was an auspicious day. Zhang Meihua had invited all direct-relatives to pay respect to Qin Youfu this morning.

It had been some years since Yun Jians grandfather, Qin Youfu, passed away. Among those from Qin Yirous birth family, Qin Youfu was the only one who was genuinely nice to them. It was unfortunate that he had passed early.

As Qin Youfus wife, Zhang Meihua was materialistic but she was also extremely truthful to her husband. Even after he had passed on, she had never thought of finding someone new.

Rising early on the second day of the Lunar New Year, one could already feel the piercing wintry wind with a hand out of the blanket despite being in an enclosed room.

It was when Yun Jian went downstairs and opened the door that she discovered the outside world was a splash of snow white.

Longmen City in Zhe Province was located in Country Zs southern region and rarely had snow throughout the year.

When Yun Jian got up, however, there was already a thick blanket of snow outside. Taking a breath with slightly parted lips, a gust of air escaped her lips and rose into the clouds.

Yun Jian waited for Zhang Meihua and the other adults to pack what they needed like joss sticks and other ritual items before following them to visit her grandfathers tomb. She could vaguely make out how much this grandfather of hers whom she had never met loved her from the original owners memory.

Si Yi had gone along since Yun Jian was going. Out of politeness, Ge Junjian went as well.

When they came back home from visiting Qin Youfus grave, it was already noon. Yun Zhu spent the day playing snow outside ecstatically while Yun Jian and Si Yi started a snow fight with him.

The days slipped by swiftly and it was the fifth day of the Lunar New Year in the blink of an eye.

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