The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 560

Chapter 560 Have A Baby. The Past Glory

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Chapter 560: Have A Baby. The Past Glory

Little Yun Zhus naivety tipped everyone in the room off to the extreme awkwardness.

Yun Jians ears were flushed to a new height as she pushed Si Yi away in embarrassmentshe made a soft pinch on his arm too.

Si Yi dropped his arms immediately at Yun Jians soft shove as well, turning to look helplessly at little Yun Zhu.

"Cough cough" As if easing the awkward atmosphere, Yun Jian coughed twice. When she felt like she had escaped from the embarrassment, she asked Si Yi briefly, as if adjusting from the awkwardness just now, "Since youre Lord Divinity mentioned by Lan Su, why did you come to this world?"

Yun Jian was asking purely to cover up for Si Yis unexpected actions just now.

In spite of it, Si Yis eyes were trained unblinking on Yun Jian. The tender glow in his deep orbs was obvious.

"I dont completely remember the past. Now Im someone here after being born, the young master of a family dealing with armaments," said Si Yi, telling Yun Jian without reservation what he did not even tell Ya Dang and Mo Sen who were always by his side.

Lan Su was on Yun Jians side. Since the latter did not mention anything about her, Si Yi did not avoid disclosing the information in front of her.

Then, Yun Jian got to know the general picture from Si Yi.

The young man had only remembered that he was Lord Divinity from Deity Continent and could not remember the rest. What he did remember, however, were only fragments. It felt like a movie was playing in his mind but his memory came in jagged pieces.

He could not recall everything.

As for why he was here, he had totally forgotten about it. Yet, he could remember that the entrance to Yulong Mainland was the catacomb. That was why Si Yi had told Yun Jian back then that he must make a trip to the catacomb regardless.It was also why Si Yi knew the sandalwood box so well.

It came as a strike of realization to Yun Jian when she listened to Si Yi.

Lan Su who had been standing on the side had only just recovered from what Si Yi was going to do to Yun Jian in front of her. What he had said, however, had gone past her ear although she was standing behind Yun Jian.

Despite Lan Sus usual aloof persona, she was currently rejoicing in her mindher Wizard Lord Wu had finally been struck with enlightenment! She knew with a man

Back when Wizard Lord Wu was still around, she had no male around herat all. If Wizard Lord Wu gave birth, it could only be a girl and that girl could inherit her place!

It was unfortunate that Wizard Lord Wu did not even have a male by her side in the previous life. Forget about something happening with a man

Currently, there was nothing more than Lan Su wanted to do than to tell the good news to everyone in Wu Clan.

"Jiejie, I want kisses! And hugs!" Yun Zhu was clever. He spoke knowing that he could interrupt them when Si Yi was done talking to Yun Jian. He stretched his arms out with a pout simultaneously as he cried out looking at Yun Jian adorably.

Si Yis handsome face sank the moment he heard Yun Zhu asking for Yun Jians hugs and kisses. Stealthily, he pulled Yun Zhu over and picked him up first before Yun Zhu could ask for Yun Jian.

"Si Yi-gege!" Being hauled up by Si Yi, Yun Zhu was still thrilled. He swung his arms around, his pretty cheeks pink and plump.

"Good boy." Si Yi carried Yun Zhu with one arm and patted his head.

Lan Su, on the other hand, looked at Yun Jian in glee and asked her, "Wizard Lord Wu, may I ask when you can give birth to a child with Lord Divinity?"

As long as it was a girl that Wizard Lord Wu gave birth to, she could have her child take her place even if she could not return to Yulong Mainland with Lan Su! The Wu Clan could still recover its past glory!

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