The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 635

Chapter 635 Its Yours Right? Dont Let Others See It

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As Si Yi hugged her from the back, a light shudder ran through Yun Jian. Si Yis embrace was cozy with a masculine warmth, prompting Yun Jian to snuggle close.

To prevent the earlier embarrassment from happening again, Si Yi made sure he locked the door this time.

With his arms around her, he threw them on the bed.

Yun Jian felt like she caught a whiff of the fresh scent belonging uniquely to Si Yi when she fell onto Si Yis bed. It was faint and easy on the nose.

"You" Yun Jian started, but a toss from Si Yi put him on his side as he wrapped his arms around her slim waist.

"Sleep," he said softly. His deep buzz of a voice sounded like the soft spring shower that cooled and quieted one down.

"Mn," Yun Jian hummed when nothing else came from Si Yi.

The young man was silent after that. Lying in his arms, it was so quiet that Yun Jian could hear his breathing. She closed her eyes and was lulled into a deep sleep.

The next day, the bright morning sun rose from the east. While it was a cold winter, there was already an underlying thrum from the world that hinted at its readiness for spring on this new day.

When Yun Jian woke up, Si Yi was watching her from the side. She sat up as well.

Brushing her teeth, cleaning her face, and freshening up, Yun Jian put her hair up into a high ponytail and left the room with Si Yi.

She wore a simple and loose tracksuit, which she had bought not too long ago specifically for her morning run, while Si Yi wore a white sweater with a black jacket that accentuated his tall and slim figure.

They went downstairs together with the plan of a morning run.

Just as they stepped out of the mansion, both Yun Jian and Si Yi were distracted by the military jeep parked at the gate. Trailing their eyes after the vehicle, they saw Ge Junjian waving at them from the car.

Thinking that there was a mission from the military again, Yun Jian went ahead and strode over to the man, only for the latter to be waving for Si Yi.

Ge Junjian had confirmed his relationship with Qin Yirou but it was inappropriate for him to stay overnight in the mansion since the marriage protocols were yet to be completed. This was Dong Ruans house, after all, and it was different from Zhang Meihuas house. To be honest, Dong Ruan would not be fazed even if she knew about Ge Junjian staying the night but Qin Yirou felt awkward about it regardless.

"Officer Ge, whats up?" Yun Jian asked doubtfully when Ge Junjian was waving for Si Yi.

"Look, this is yours, right?" Ge Junjian asked Si Yi as he pushed the latters silver-made pistol out. He was still seated in the jeep with his window rolled down.

"Mm." Si Yi extended his hand to retrieve the offered pistol.

"Heh, why did you give Yirou the gun yesterday? Are you not scared of it going off by accident! Besides, the country forbids owning firearms. You kid better hide it well and not let others see it!" Ge Junjian told Si Yi and pressed his honk with a laugh before driving away as he said goodbye.

He was here to return Si Yi the pistol. Yun Jian was surprised. She was not in possession of a pistol other than when she was on missions. There was not much time in the military to use it either. As for the butterfly knife, she had always kept it around her.

"Lets go." Si Yi slipped the silver pistol back to his belt easily and grabbed Yun Jians hand to start their morning run.

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