The Shovel System Book 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1: Mountains And Streams Chapter 21 Grandpa Magic Boar's Revenge

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Jackie Lewin rises to his feet. He wants to check on his students. He pauses as he detects a colossal energy mass at the very edge of his shovel senses. The mass of energy takes shape in his mind, it's a titanic magic boar. The boar stands fifteen meters tall and around twenty meters long.

This boar is furiously rushing in his direction, and Jackie realizes that it is a Level 10 Magic beast!

The old man's face pales in fright. Time to skedaddle!

He prepares to channel his occult shovel energy to activate his shovel stomps to flee. Suddenly a translucent system message pops up in his gaze.


[Mandatory Life or Death Mission:

Defeat the level 10 Magical Beast 'Grandpa Earth Titan Boar' and Tribute its body to the Shovel System within 24 hours.

Rewards: Shovel system advances to Level 2

Failure Penalty: Death

Mission participation is Mandatory and cannot be declined.

Time remaining 23 hours, 59 minutes and 50 seconds.

System Note: User, rest assured, at least it's not Great Grandpa Titan Boar, THIS time...]


The old man's eyes bulge at the system's absurd mission. "BY GOD! FUDGE! I'm doomed!" His heart rate spikes and he gets the shakes, sweat pooling in his palms.

He may have a chance at fighting against Grandpa Titan boar, but the system JUST had to let him know that there may be a great grandpa titan boar lurking out there, waiting for its chance to seek vengeance on him should he win against this grandpa titan boar.

Jackie wraps his massive hand around the hilt of his assault shovel, comforting himself in its familiar grip. His heart calms down, but his fear hasn't subsided. He clenches his teeth and wipes the sweat from his brow before channeling his [100 Shovel Stomps] occult energy through his vessel.

The old man flashes out of the hut, leaving a long trail of afterimages. The air quakes and cracks as moisture rings form ahead of him. He leaves a deep vacuum behind him, causing the hut to implode in his direction, the ground to heave upwards while a spiraling typhoon of air forms parallel to the ground, all chasing after his long since distant afterimage before clattering back to the ground.

Jackie detected the boar long before the boar's magic beast senses could detect the old man. The boar in Jackie's shovel senses detects him a minute later and adjusts its course onto an intercept path with Jackie.

Jackie realizes that the boar is moving almost as fast as him! Truly, a level 10 magical beast. He gulps as he charges towards the deadly enemy coming for him, suddenly regretting eating that little magic boar when he was hungry. He regrets it deeply, feeling like crying about this unfair system.

Jackie's lips curl with bitter regret. But, oh boy was that meat tasty!

His powerful chest expands as he sucks in a breath of the compressed air, then heaves a billowing sigh that cracks across the purple grass plains like thunder.

The old man's eyes then narrow in determination to live! He must survive this battle, and he must kill the enemy! Jackie channels his array cultivation into his shovel, forming a deadly assault shovel ray that keeps expanding and growing.

The towering shovel ray splits the air without resistance. Jackie leaps up and flips, firing that massive shovel ray over the horizon.

The ray shoots away faster than he can see but then fizzles out at the edge of his vision. He chuckles defeatedly, sniping the boar with shovel essence isn't going to work.

The boar peaks over the horizon, and Jackie sucks in a cold breath.

The beast is mind-bogglingly huge. The boar is the size of a four and a half story tall office building. The monster's fur looks like a dense forest of graying obsidian spears erected from snout to tail. The creature's eyes glow a baleful red, leaving a light trail swirling out as it charges towards Jackie without a single hint of slowing down. It has a pair of enormous blood-red tusks jutting from its thick lips like battle towers. Both tusks are engraved with mysterious glowing blue arcane sigils and glyphs that form an unknown arcane power framework.

The beast has several moisture rings spreading out around its supersonic body. The earth shudders and quakes with every mighty stomp it takes. The titan boar's every breath is like a hurricane rushing into its snouts, and every exhale changes the weather.

Jackie feels its overbearing Beast Sense pressuring him, feeling like a mountain falling onto his elderly shoulders. He shudders, even as his steps slow down alongside his circulating occult cultivation. The old man grits his teeth, quickly trying to find a way to counter this mighty pressure before it leads directly to his death in a few moments as it prevents him from reacting on time to the boar's coming assault.

There is an itch of recalling something important in the back of his sluggish old-man mind, but before he can recall it, the boar is already upon him!

Grandpa Earth Titan Boar abruptly comes to a stop ahead of Jackie, peering down at the tiny little being.

Jackie groans under the mighty pressure of the level 10 Magical Beast, feeling like he's buried under a hundred tons of earth, even the air feels as solid as stone.

The boar widens its nostrils and leans towards Jackie. It inhales, uprooting several tons of earth too. Jackie feels the razer sharp air slicing across his hardened skin, but doing no damage.

The boar keeps inhaling, noticing a scent. At that moment, Jackie sees the eyes of the beast bulge and turn bloodshot in an unstoppable fury.

Jackie morns, realizing that the boar has confirmed that he gobbled up its grandson boar.

The old man's head beads up in perspiration as he groans under the formidable pressure of the level 10 magical beast senses.

A sudden light of recollection flashes across Jackie's eyes, he remembers! The old man looks inside himself, at his Shimmering Chromed Shovel Soul Dao Cultivation!

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