The Shovel System Book 1 Chapter 22

Volume 1: Mountains And Streams Chapter 22 Shimmering Chromed Shovel Soul Dao

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The old man gazes inwards. He peers at the top of his shovel vessel. He sees the dim jade representing his Shimmering Chromed Shovel Soul Dao. He focuses on it and his sight plunges into it.

The Shimmering Chromed Shovel Soul Dao space is a vast dark ocean that is quietly rippling from the beast senses impacting it. Jackie can see the titanic bowl-shaped depression formed by the beast senses pressing down on his soul cultivation.

He can see a slight light deep under the sea. It's an orb that is resting silently. The orb is being warped and deformed under the mighty pressure of the level 10 beast senses pressing down on his soul cultivation. Jackie is spooked, he may have already dropped dead the moment the boar pressured him had he not had the soul cultivation! That grandpa boar was trying to destroy his soul!

Jackie focuses on his soul, feeling an innate connection with it. His mind is filled in an instant with the techniques for using this cultivation. He focuses on his struggling, steadily flattening soul and urges it to rotate.

He feels like he is once again in his old body, attempting to move a heavy boulder. Jackie clenches his fingers as tightly as he can in the few moments since he looked inside himself. His knuckles blanch white in an instant.

His soul wobbles slightly. This slight wobbling kicks up enormous waves across the entire soul ocean in his mind, even slightly reducing the pressure on the old man. His soul pushes back against the pressure, fighting to return to its original shape.

He feels a cool sensation flood into his brain, his thoughts becoming slightly faster and clearer. He feels the depression turning into hope! Jackie thinks to himself, 'good stuff, good stuff.'

Jackie's willpower is bolstered and his fighting spirit ignites. He pushes again, willing the soul to rotate! The feeling of pushing a huge boulder has slightly reduced as the boar's pressure gets reduced by a tiny bit by the turbulent soul sea.

His soul wobbles more violently. The sea's waves kick up even further and Jackie witnesses dim light beginning to zap across the tips of the waves as they crash back down. The tyrannical pressure eases again and the depression in his soul sea rises slightly against the might of the beast senses.

Jackie's eyes have a flash of light in that instant, mere moments since the beast started pressuring him. He can feel the air outside his body slowing down, the boar slowing down, everything in his sight slowing. He realizes that his mind is becoming faster, vastly faster and even time seems to slow down in his vision.

Not only that, he feels like he has been under the mental fog of old age this entire time and that fog is being lifted, allowing his mind to become more nimble, stray thoughts and memories of his actions flash across his mind by the thousands as he notices that he...

He pauses that reflection of his decisions for a less dangerous time and focuses his willpower again on his vibrating soul.

Jackie summons up his willpower again and charges against his soul, willing it with everything that he has! The old man's eyes turn bloodshot while his face reddens from the effort.

His soul shakes and trembles. The massive soul vibrates and wobbles. The soul sea becomes violent. Suddenly, the soul turns, and he feels like he heard the crisp, clean sound of a chime throughout his entire body. His soul brightens and pops back out into a perfect sphere, looking like a tiny golden sun beneath the wild soul ocean. He sees thousands of little shimmers across the ocean bursting into life.

He pushes his soul to spin faster, his face paling as everything around him slows down hundreds of times. He sees his soul whipping up strange currents in his soul sea as it spins up to higher speeds. The depression in his soul sea pops back out with the crash of the metallic, shimmering waves.

His soul sea brightens faster and faster, shovel lights blossoming across the entire soul ocean and into the horizon, forming mysterious patterns that escape his comprehension. The elderly fog on his mind evaporates, making his mind as nimble and sharp as when he was a teenager. He feels youthful vigor filling his brain, the coolness makes his body feel comfortable all over.

The currents grow stronger as his soul cultivation soars into full activation, the surface becoming tranquil while vast and ferocious currents roar underneath the soul ocean like countless shimmering dragons racing at their fastest speeds.

His soul reaches its top speed, rotating under his soul ocean. Peers at his marvelous Shimmering Chromed Shovel Soul ocean, seeing the translucent metallic ocean sparkling like a small galaxy, profound secrets hide inside, but he doesn't have time to worry about that.

Jackie's eyes snap open and glare at the boar. Only a few moments have passed, yet it felt like a small eternity under the boar's level 10 beast senses. Now, the pressure of the boar can't even ruffle his clothes.

The towering old man's granite-like muscles contract and displeasure instantly colors his face.

Too slow! His mind is far too fast for his body, even the air feels solid at this mental speed. But, Jackie clenches his booty, straightening his chest as he glares up at the titan boar grandpa. His memory flashed by in an instant, he has the Hardworking Tyrant Excavator Body!

Jackie splits his senses back into his vessel and finds the jade on it for his Hardworking Tyrant Excavator Body, zooming inside. He sees a vast cyclone of shovel vitality quietly turning. He's shocked, vitality is usually in a vitality pool, but this is fine. He wills it faster, channeling Tyrant Shovel vitality throughout his vessel.

The shovel vitality cyclone speeds up and spins tighter and tighter, like an ice-skater tucking his arms in to perform pirouettes at high speeds.

Shovel vitality bursts out from the cyclone and erupts from the jade, pouring throughout the shovel vessel, filling the vessel's channels in an instant.

The old man's body is suddenly covered by mysterious silver markings with one on each arm, forming into the shape of a shovel-head on his hands with the shafts reaching up his arms to his shoulders. The old man feels unstoppable at that moment, his tyrannical power growing at an unstoppable speed.

He clenches his free hand. Thunder booms from his fist and rolls out across the plains. He can move freely at this speed!

He notices the boar's tusks lighting up as fast as he is, realizing that the boar is totally capable of operating at these speeds!

No! It's just reacting, he realizes with his sharpened mind, beasts can't practice soul cultivation techniques before level 18. He channels his occult energy, his 100 shovel stomps cultivation flowing through his vessel faster than ever before. He stomps on the nearly instantly materialized shovel and vanishes with a blur, yet sees the boar's eyes tracking him!

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