The Strategy Of Walkthrough Chapter 2169

Chapter 2168: Su Li X Su Ci

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After leaving the world belonging to Mr. Huo.

Su Ci touched her heart, always feeling that something was different.

System: "Xiaozai, what's the matter with you?"

Su Ci blinked, and then softly said, "I have been a **** for a long time, but I found that I am also very happy to be a human being."

Yes, happy.

This is the first time she has such clear emotions.

Su Ci couldn't help but lifted her long eyelashes, it seemed that Tiandao whispered in her ear: "When will you understand."

The girl couldn't help but pursed her lips.

Want to tell God, she understands a little bit.

But Tiandao hasn't spoken to her for a long time.

Su Ci is a little sad.

When the system heard her ask about Tiandao, she couldn't help but speak: "The gods have not heard news from Tiandao for a long time."

Moreover, there is only Su Ci in the Nine Realms who can deal with Heavenly Dao.

Because the girl is the darling of heaven.

Experience: [78100]

Divine power: [0.87]

Skills; [Splendid body and soft body]

Appearance: [Snow Skin Red Lips]


A black car was driving, and suddenly, it braked sharply.

The driver stopped the car and moved forward with inertia.

"Master Liu, what's the matter?"

There was a young boy's voice behind him, his voice mixed with a little coldness.

Master Liu returned to his senses and got off immediately.

And at this moment, a snow-white figure jumped in from the car door he opened.

Master Liu was taken aback.

He glanced intently.

It turned out to be a snow-white cat.

Especially those eyes have different pupils.

And on the back seat.

Sitting a teenager.

His skin was a little cold and white, his phoenix eyes looked a little cold, and the bridge of his nose was high.

And after Meow flicked his tail.

He sat in the arms of the boy rather well-behaved.

The driver couldn't help but his expression changed. You must know that Young Master Shen has a habit of cleanliness.

He immediately said: "Master, I will chase this cat off immediately."

Shen Mo looked down at the cat in his arms.

The kitten also lifted his face slightly, her big beautiful eyes watery. Its eyes are of two different colors, one is aqua blue, and the other is pale pink.

Su Ci looked at the boy in front of him.

Sitting in front of him obediently, then tilted his head slightly and stared at him.

When the driver stretched out her hand, she avoided flexibly.

Just when the driver is about to make the next action.

Shen Mo raised his hand and said, "No need."

The driver showed a slightly surprised expression. You must know that Young Master Shen Mo has a habit of cleanliness, and he doesn't usually make people close.

He glanced at the cat.

It looks very beautiful, not like a stray cat.

Especially those eyes, good-looking is good-looking, that is, the driver has never seen cat eyes look like this.

Su Ci sat down quietly again.

Shen Mo stretched out his hand and touched her head.

Su Ci immediately raised her neck to look at him.

Shen Mo had turned his face out of the window, his eyelashes were a bit long, and even the curvature of his thin lips looked cold and cold.

But his hands are unusually warm.

Su Ci lay down softly, with one eye open and one eye closed, and blinked.

Then his ears moved.

Shen Mo noticed the furry on his hand, and he glanced down.

The kitten yelled at him softly: "Meow."

An imperceptible arc appeared on Shen Mo's lips.

The car stopped in front of the Shen family's house.

The driver opened the door.

Take the wheelchair down.

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