The Strategy Of Walkthrough Chapter 2170

Chapter 2169: Su Li X Su Ci End

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The gods of the gods all know that the porcelain spirit has returned from the catastrophe on Xiandu.

And His Royal Highness Su Li also came back with him.

The fairy emperor followed the fairy queen and asked the prince to personally visit the door to make amends with the porcelain spirit.

Kob your head to make amends.

Su Li was dressed in black with her ink hair tied up. That beautiful face is extraordinary.

At this time, she was looking at the girl with those eyes.

Cassiopeia said: "It was me who couldn't manage to make Su Li do such a bold thing."

They didn't know that their son would have such thoughts about the porcelain spirit being immortal.

Xiandi said: "After this seat returns, he will definitely make him think about it, and...and severely punish him."

Now the entire God Realm knows about the affairs of the porcelain spirit Shangxian and His Royal Highness Su Li.

The emperor was afraid that the porcelain spirit would be angry, so he came to apologize immediately.

Su Ci stared at Su Li's eyes together.

She raised her long eyelashes and said, "It's okay."

The immortal emperor looked at each other from behind the immortal, not knowing what porcelain spirits meant to be immortal.

Su Li said, "Shang Xian, I am willing to be responsible, and I will tie the knot with Xian Xian and become a married couple."

Emperor Xian: "...Where can you speak here!"

Su Ci's long eyelashes moved slightly and looked away.

However, in the eyes of the fairy queen, the porcelain spirit Shangxian was angry and impatient.

She said: "Shangxian doesn't care about you, but you have committed the following crimes. Starting today, go to Xueling Peak to think behind closed doors!"

His Royal Highness Su Li was taken away by the immortal emperor and the queen.

Then the system came out weakly: "ZiZi..."

It never thought that the man who kidnapped his cub was actually His Royal Highness!

Su Ci said: "Don't blame you."

The system hurriedly said: "Then what should I do now, now the people in the God Realm think you have your Highness..."

Su Ci asked: "What do you have for your Highness?"

"With your Royal Highness's child..." The system's voice lowered.

It's not sure now, will Zai Zai really accept His Royal Highness Su Li?

After all, Zai Zai has recovered all his memories now.

Su Ci did not speak.

Just thinking of what Su Li said, she couldn't help but look in the direction where they left.

The system found that something was wrong with Zai Zai.

Since returning to the God Realm.

Su Ci went to Lingquan Pond.

She said to Tiandao: "Porcelain is back..."

But Tiandao did not answer her words.

Su Ci pursed her lips slightly.

She knows where the heaven is, only in the past time, thousands of years. Tiandao always talks to her.

Su Ci never knew how special she was to Heaven.

She doesn't understand anything, and doesn't understand what it means to be accompanied by the way of heaven.

The girl lowered her head.

I saw His Royal Highness Su Li standing under the tree.

The other side's handsome and extraordinary face looked extremely handsome, and those eyes were looking deep at him.

Su Ci said, "Isn't your Royal Highness imprisoned?"

"Those bans are nothing to me."

His Royal Highness Su Li flew up.

He whispered: "God, I'm offended."

Su Ci didn't know where he was going to take him.

Until Su Li stopped.

Only found out that it was the **** of heaven.

Su Li pleaded: "I implore God to preside over the marriage ceremony for us."

God said: "His Royal Highness Suli asked, is the porcelain spirit immortal willing?"

Su Li forgot to come over, and those pale purple eyes stared at the girl, drooping affectionately, with a touch of tenderness.

The girl gave her hand over.

"I am willing."



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