The Strongest Gods And Demons Summoning System Chapter 699

Chapter 699: Identity Exposure

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"Shi ancestors, who is such a bull who caught the Shi ancestors?"

All the evil cultivators could hear the blood demon's words, they were all dumbfounded, and their expressions were extremely surprised.

The descendant of Shi ancestor has disappeared for countless years, Xie Xiu has been searching for the whereabouts of the descendant of Shi ancestor, but there is no news.

Now, the appearance of the descendants of Shi's ancestors made them ignore Ye Qing in the Tongtian Tower.

"Everyone, I did capture the descendants of the stone ancestors. This is true, and there are several other celebrities who have won the victory. This matter must be told to Pluto immediately."

The Gorefiend glanced at the audience and said with an extremely serious expression.

But his voice fell, and the beautiful eyes of Yan Tianjiao who were hiding in the dark were sad, she did not expect Ling Xin'er to be captured.

And, it still appeared in front of me.

Yan Tianjiao's expression was full of worries, and there were complicated eyes looking at the personnel in the distance.

"Chu Yun is passing through the Tongtian Tower, should I tell Chu Yun about this?"

Yan Tianjiao blinked.

She knew very well that Chu Yun's strength was not what it used to be, and Chu Yun would definitely be able to suppress the people around him.

After thinking about it, Yan Tianjiao gritted her teeth, her eyes sank, and a very serious gaze passed. She didn't expect Jing Wushuang and others to be caught, and they were still three people. This is simply a nest. .


At this moment, the space was suddenly surging, showing a powerful aura, and immediately there was a peerless figure permeating out, and in that moment, the breath was majestic, filling the whole surrounding with blood.

"I have seen Hades."

As soon as he saw those who came, Xie Xiu shouted, with a loud voice, which made Pluto nodded in satisfaction when he saw it. Looking at the people around, a light flashed in Pluto's eyes.

"Well, how can there be a human breath?"

Suddenly, Pluto looked up at the location where Yan Tianjiao was. He was the top powerhouse of the alien race.

At this moment, he could feel that Yan Tianjiao's breath was in the middle of evil cultivation.

"No, it was found."

Yan Tianjiao's expression was stiff, he didn't care too much, and he turned around and rushed directly into the Tongtian Tower.

"Everyone, catch this person for me."

"He is a human being, just sneaking into you."

Looking at Yan Tianjiao and fleeing, the Pluto said with an extremely serious expression.

When his voice fell, the people around couldn't help but flash their eyes, passing incredible expressions.

"It's **** good to have humans sneak into us."

"Catch him for me."

In the next moment, everyone was chasing and killing Yan Tianjiao.

"It's Yan Tianjiao."

Ling Xin'er and Jing Wushuang raised their heads to look in Yan Tianjiao's direction, and they both glanced at each other in unison.

They didn't expect that Yan Tianjiao had already entered the evil repair clan and was still hiding in it.

If it weren't for them to be caught, I'm afraid it would not lead to Pluto, which would expose Yan Tianjiao.

"Sister Wushuang, since Yan Tianjiao is here, it means that Chu Yun is also nearby."

Ling Xin'er suddenly thought of something and said.

Jing Wushuang nodded when she heard the words, but her eyes were solemn, "Although Chu Yun may be here, she is not strong enough. If she can deal with Pluto and so many people."

"So it makes no difference whether Chu Yun is there or not."

When she said this, Jing Wushuang still blinked, unable to believe her eyes in her heart.

She didn't understand why Chu Yun had come to the Xie Xiu clan.

Moreover, Yan Tianjiao and Chu Yun were not together.

"The descendants of Shi's ancestors surprised me."

The Evil King suddenly walked towards Shi Hao. He looked at Shi Hao, and a touch of indifference flashed in his eyes.

"Thousands of years ago, did Shi ancestors follow the invincible God of War and deal with our evil cultivators?"

"At that time, the Shi ancestors were powerful and could be turned into stone statues to suppress the Quartet, and the Shi ancestors' vitality was extremely tenacious. Because of this, our evil cultivators suffered heavy losses."

As soon as he said this, Shi Hao couldn't help blinking. He didn't expect in his heart that his ancestors would have discovered such a thing, but Shi Hao looked at Hades without any fear at all.

"Pluto, if you want to kill, kill, why bother talking nonsense, it's a pity that I don't control the strength given to me by my ancestors. If not, I will definitely split you to pieces and completely kill you."

"Huh, crazy."

Hearing Shi Hao's words, Pluto's expression sank, he immediately raised his palm, and suddenly there was a terrifying coercion that shocked him down, as if the Gaia heavens, with the breath of death.

As the first person to bear the brunt, Shi Hao immediately felt the advantage of Pluto, but she didn't have any fear. Looking at Pluto, Shi Hao's eyes sank, and his aura suddenly rose.

"Pluto, even if I die in your hands, I will make you pay."

"Hmph, do you have this strength?"

Looking at Shi Hao, the Hades spoke without fear.

His voice was indifferent, and his attacking power was extremely fierce, as if he could cover the heavens. The terrifying power has swept the entire place, and it was just a moment that made people feel terrible.

"The power of the dragon elephant."

At this moment, Shi Hao suddenly yelled, his eyes flashed, and he suddenly shuddered with killing intent.

On the back of his head, there appeared an unparalleled statue, the power of which was extremely fierce. With the surging wind and the turbulence of the heavens, the falling power of killing made people feel terrible.

"It turned out to be the power of the dragon elephant?" Pluto looked at Shi Hao, his eyes sank. The power of the dragon elephant was extremely terrifying, because the power came from ancient times and spanned several ages.

Although Pluto was powerful, he felt Shi Hao's advantage.

"Oh my God!"

Ling Xin'er looked at Shi Hao in surprise, and couldn't help saying: "This guy, turned out to be the strongest guy among us. He is really hidden, and actually controls the power of the dragon elephant."

Jing Wushuang heard the words and looked at Shi Hao with the same surprise, and said: "When I first came, I used my strength as the team leader, but I didn't expect that Shi Hao turned out to be the descendant of Shi ancestors. It seems that this time things have become tricky Up."

Jing Wushuang knew very well that although Shi Hao controlled the power of the dragon elephant, it was compared to the powerful Pluto.

Shi Hao is not enough to look at it at all.

Therefore, in the final result, Shi Hao will undoubtedly die.

When he thought of this, Jing Wushuang looked at Pluto with a solemn meaning in his heart.


Pluto's body was made of resentment, and the whole person exuded endless evil intentions, and the surroundings also became trustworthy, as if thousands of ghosts and gods were supporting them, suddenly breaking the power of Shi Hao's dragon elephant.

"Stone ancestors, if you still have the gravel sword from your ancestors, maybe I will be afraid of your power."

"But the gravel sword has been gone for a long time, and I don't know where to go. You can't deal with me with your three-legged cat kung fu."

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