The Strongest Gods And Demons Summoning System Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Power Of Domination

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The gravel sword, the ancient sacred artifact.

Thousands of years ago, it belonged to the stone ancestor. Because of the fall of the stone ancestor, the gravel sword disappeared.

Even Shi Hao didn't know the whereabouts of the gravel sword.

Looking at the Pluto at this moment, the corners of Shi Hao's mouth suddenly became stiff, and then he suddenly raised his palm, and as the space fell apart, suddenly transformed into a blue giant sword.

"Pluto, the gravel sword has not disappeared, but is hidden in the stone ancestor space. Today, let you learn about the power of the dragon elephant and the advantages of the gravel sword." Shi Hao said this as if he was possessed by the **** of war.

In him, there was a sacred and inviolable power that swept the audience, and the gravel sword even dotted the space, showing colorful brilliance, but there were signs of female snails in the brilliance.

Dao Tianyin, the mysterious and infinite glow, fell from the nine heavens and ten earth.

"It turned out to be a gravel sword?"

The Hades opened his eyes wide, and there was a completely incredible look in the depths. He didn't expect that Shi Hao could take out the gravel sword, and seeing what Shi Hao meant, he already knew the whereabouts of the gravel sword.

"Shi ancestors, you are looking for death."

"The gravel sword is certainly powerful, but I have a heavenly devil tower, which can suppress all enemies, and you will get out of it."

Suddenly, Pluto shouted.

His voice roared, his evil intentions tumbling, and terrifying power swept out, instantly mingled with destructive power.


For a moment, Shi Hao felt the breath of death, but she was not afraid of it. The gravel sword suddenly burst into cold light, and as the breath rose, strong killing power was already falling around.

"Pluto, I must kill you." At the same time, Shi Hao didn't forget to shout.

His voice was mixed with a strong killing power, and a terrifying aura swept all directions in the world.

The power of ice and the power of petrification spread all over the space.

Wherever he passed, the entire space was frozen and dusty, and many foreign experts only felt that their life aura was constantly dissipating, and they looked at Ye Qing with extremely terrifying expressions.

"How can this guy be so scary?"

Looking at Shi Hao at this moment, everyone looked very surprised. They didn't expect Shi Hao's strength to be so terrifying in their hearts, as if they were invincible. The power of petrification made them almost petrified.

But when Pluto looked at Shi Hao like this, he was equally happy and not afraid?

"You are good at strength, but I am already a top immortal expert. Even if your divine palace elders come to deal with me, it is useless, so you will definitely die next." Pluto said this with an extremely indifferent expression, accompanied by Ascending with the cold light, it suddenly blasted towards Shi Hao.


With a loud noise, Shi Hao's combat effectiveness was insufficient, and his body immediately took a few steps back, and the gravel sword almost broke out. He looked at the Pluto, his expression already had solemn eyes.

"So powerful?"

Looking at the Pluto at this moment, Shi Hao couldn't believe that he had gone all out, but there was absolutely no power to deal with the Pluto. Looking at such a Pluto, Shi Hao was also at a loss.

"Hmph, I said, you are not my opponent, but if you have to come and die, don't blame me for being impolite."

Pluto said indifferently.

Then he looked at Shi Hao and raised his palm again, but this time the attack had already become Wushu Wushuang, as if it could destroy the heavens, and terrifying power had already fallen from all directions.

Only for a moment, Shi Hao felt the breath of death again.

"Don't I have any way to deal with Pluto?" Shi Hao couldn't help despairing.

He thought that he had a gravel sword, even if he couldn't beat Pluto, he still had the power to protect himself.

But now it seems that Ye Qing's strength is too terrifying.

Therefore, looking at the Pluto, Shi Hao's eyes fell into a shadow, more desperate.

"Sheji Mountains and Rivers."

At this moment, Jing Wushuang suddenly yelled, and the picture of Sheji Mountains and Rivers turned into a golden disc and hovered above the sky.

The terrifying killing power swept the entire surroundings, and the storm was surging, once again making people feel Jing Wushuang's benefits, even if Shi Hao looked at Jing Wushuang, he was surprised.

"Sheji Mountains and Rivers, this is a supreme treasure. If you deal with Pluto, there shouldn't be any problems."

Shi Hao thought to himself.

He opened his eyes to look at Jing Wushuang, his eyes flashed with expectation. At this moment, Jing Wushuang is like a peerless powerhouse, and Sheji Mountains and Rivers have endless killing power in her hands.

"It turned out to be Sheji Mountains and Rivers. You really belong to you, but you can't deal with me at all."

Pluto looked at Jing Wushuang. Suddenly raising his palm, the terrible attack already contained the power of killing.

In just a moment, Jing Wushuang felt the power of death.


Before the quiet and unparalleled Sheji Mountain and River could exert her power, she was seriously injured and fell to the ground.

Could it be!

Is it really going to die here?

At this moment, Jing Wushuang was extremely unwilling. She didn't expect that she would not be able to deal with Pluto.

Even adding Shi Hao would not help.

Tower of Babel!

On the third floor, Yan Tianjiao ran away frantically, constantly breaking the power of the law, but behind her there were a few members of the evil demon clan. As these people rose, terrible evil intentions swept the entire space.

"Stop her."

At the same time, the members of the evil demon clan did not forget to shout, and their voice was indifferent.

They looked at Yan Tianjiao with completely cold eyes. The terrible killing intent had already risen and exploded at this moment, as if it could destroy the world and let Yan Tianjiao feel the death.

"I must leave here quickly. If not, I will die in their hands. As long as I find Chu Yun, I can survive."

Yan Tianjiao gritted his teeth while thinking.

She knew very well that in the entire Tongtian Pagoda, only Chu Yun was strong enough, and it was completely beyond the reach of ordinary people.

Once Chu Yun made a move, he could naturally compete against Pluto.

Tongtian Tower, ninety floors.

Chu Yun was in it at the moment, looking at the power of the surrounding laws, Ye Qing's eyes sank with a solemn look.

"Since I entered the Tongtian Pagoda, my strength has broken through the Immortal Venerable Triple Level, and I control more than 1,000 laws of swords. Now my strength has long been transformed into the power of dominance, and there is no problem in breaking this space."

Chu Yun sank his eyes and controlled a thousand laws, Ye Qing was already the ruler of heaven and earth.

This is because many laws are mutually reinforcing and restraining each other, but Ye Qing can control it and naturally transform into the power of dominance.

"Master, taboo."

In front of Chu Yun, there were no less than a hundred laws, but with the power of the master, it swept the entire space.

Suddenly, electric flints in all directions showed shocking power.

During the explosion, Ye Qing's body disappeared, and he had clearly arrived at the lower level of the Tongtian Tower.

ninety one!

Ye Qing opened his eyes and felt the power of more than two hundred laws as his thoughts fluctuated.

But Ye Qing was not afraid, and began to feel the original power of the law.

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