The Strongest Husband In Ten Thousand Realms Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464: Doctor Jinghu

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Chapter 167 Jinghu Medical Village

Just when Duanmu Rong paused, the originally calm lake once again fluctuated, and the boat under his feet suddenly became unstable. It seemed that the monster was coming towards the boat.

When the ship swayed, Duanmurong grabbed Gao Yue's hand for the first time and took Gao Yue away from the place.

But Yang Yu's choice was a bit strange, and Yang Yu fell back into the ship at the moment the ship was shaking.

The ship shook violently, but Tianming didn't mean to leave the boat. After all, Gai Nie was still in a coma. If Tian Ming left, Gai Nie would definitely be eaten by the monster.

After seeing Tianming's performance, Yang Yu nodded in satisfaction, but Yang Yu nodded. The arc was relatively small and was not discovered by others.

Then the ship that was shaking, after Yang Yu landed, it calmed down. A huge black shadow was swimming down the water.

When he saw the monster, Duan Murong's eyes showed surprise.

However, Duan Murong, who is good at concealing his emotions, did not speak, but quietly watched the underwater monsters move.

Every time that monster moves, it will always bring up countless vortexes.

Yang Yu leaned against the boat and looked at the water. He suddenly turned his head and asked Duan Mulong, "Are you sure there is nothing in this lake besides this thing, right?"

Duan Murong was a little puzzled when he heard Yang Yu's question, but he nodded.

To be honest, even this monster in the lake did not know where she came from. There has been no living thing in this lake for a long time, and the only living thing may be them on the island in the middle of the lake.

After getting the affirmative answer, Yang Yu looked at Duan Murong, then Yang Yu tapped his finger on the water.

When Yang Yu moved, Tianming subconsciously reached out to grab Yang Yus craftsmanship. After all, the monster was still in the water. Yang Yus action was too dangerous. If the monster came up and swallowed Yang Yus fingers What should I do if it falls?

But in the next second, Tianming felt that his care was wrong.

He should care about that monster, why should he care about Yang Yu, Yang Yu is the biggest monster!

With Yang Yu's finger as the center, the entire water surface is instantly dissatisfied with the power grid.

Because they are in wooden boats, they are not conductive, but there are still waves of ripples on the surface of the water. Under these ripples, the white silk threads seem to be alive and generally spread forward.

Yang Yu looked at his hand with a smile, and gently pulled his hand out of the water, but even if Yang Yu's hand had been pulled out, the entire surface of the water was still white.

Although it is daylight now, the light on the water surface is still enduring, lasting for almost a quarter of an hour.

"I advise you not to reach out and touch it. If you die, I'm not responsible?" Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a person curiously wanting to reach out to touch the water. Yang Yu kindly reminded him.

This person should want to see what the white light is, but Yang Yu feels that it is not feasible to use his life to see the white light.

Hearing what Yang Yu said, the man honestly took his hand back.

Soon everyone smelled a scent of meat, and then one person saw the corpse on the lake. He didn't know when it was ripe, and it smelled of burnt fragrance.

"How did I smell the roasted pheasant?" Tianming's nose kept moving. It smelled a very familiar smell of meat, but soon Tianming's eyes were fixed on the corpses floating on the lake. Block on.

After seeing the corpse, Tianming rolled his throat twice and couldn't help but vomit.

You must know that Tianming is not very old, his mental endurance is not very good, and it is the first time that he has seen such a magical scene.

Although Tianming saw a lot of dead people in this way, he still saw the scorched dead for the first time.

Moreover, the scorched dead also exuded a kind of patron pheasant taste. For a moment, he felt that he would never want to eat roast pheasant.

After Yang Yu wiped his fingers on the clothes twice, he turned to look at Duanmu Rong.

"Now I helped you solve a big problem. In return, you should take us back to your home?" When Yang Yu spoke, a huge black figure appeared on the water, and that black Shadows are fish monsters that have been making waves in the water.

Yang Yu didn't even give alms to the fish monster, but Yang Yu still looked at Duanmu Rong.

After all, Yang Yu didn't like to look at corpses very much, and he didn't like to eat grilled fish very much, and this fish didn't know that it was eaten in the lake. What if it grows so big, what if it becomes poisonous?

When the fish monster came up, the fragrance of the fish spread.

People who smelled the grilled fish couldn't help but swallowed a mouthful of water. The smell was so fragrant, they hadn't had time to eat a few bites of rice after they had been on the road for so long.

"Take them back to Jinghu Medical Village." Duan Mulong took a deep look at Yang Yu, then turned and went into the cabin. After Gao Yue heard Duan Mulong's words, she naturally shook her hand at Tianming very happily.

"Since Sister Rong has already said so, your uncle will be rescued soon, so don't worry."

The boat that had been staying on the lake started his journey staggeringly.

Yang Yu looked at the water. The fish monster's body was already farther and farther away, but when Yang Yu was about to leave, he suddenly found something moving under the fish monster.

The people around rushed on their own way, and didn't notice anything on the water surface at all, and since these people saw those things on the water surface, they never wanted to touch the water surface.

What's more, Yang Yu's actions just now sounded like a wake-up call for them. Yang Yu was already telling them not to approach the water casually.

"What's the move you just used? You are so handsome. I want to learn it too. Can you teach me?" Tianming, who was sitting next to Yang Yu, looked at Yang Yu with admiration. Now Yang Yu is in his heart. The status of is already second only to Gene.

Hearing what Tianming said, Yang Yu turned to look at Tianming and touched his chin. Yang Yu raised his eyebrows and said to Tianming, "You are not very suitable for this move. I will teach you better if you have a chance in the future. Do you remember the operation technique I taught you earlier?"

Tianming nodded fiercely, as if he wanted to use his actions to show that he still remembered.

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