The Strongest Husband In Ten Thousand Realms Chapter 1465

Chapter 1465: Look Different

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Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Eight

Reaching out his hand and patted Tianming's head gently, Yang Yu let Tianming run the exercises that he taught him at that time.

After receiving Yang Yu's instructions, Tianming started his spiritual journey with excitement.

I was watching Xiang Shaoyu all the time and heard Yang Yu's words. He looked at Yang Yu suspiciously with his eyes. Yang Yu turned his head and smiled at Xiang Shaoyu.

Soon the boat sailed to the door of Yizhuang, but at this moment, Xiang Shaoyu bid farewell to them.

Tianming stood beside Yang Yu, looking at his aunt with some doubts. He originally thought Xiang Shaoyu was going to stay here with them, but Xiang Shaoyu did not choose to stay here with them, but chose to leave.

Duan Mulong's gaze crossed Xiang Shaoyu's body, and without saying anything, she turned and entered the door.

The only talkative Gao Yue looked at Xiang Shaoyu with big, smart eyes. She was also a little puzzled. Why did Xiang Shaoyu choose to say goodbye?

"Since you are all very safe, let's just leave it alone. Goodbye."

The reason Xiang Shaoyu came here with them is because he thinks that a child at Tianming cant take a good person to treat his illness, and now they have come to a relatively safe place. Worry about this again.

What's more, what Yang Yu just showed was not just that simple. Although everyone saw it, Yang Yu killed the fish monster very powerfully, but Xiang Shaoyu saw Yang Yu's hidden strength.

Xiang Shaoyu is very strange, why Yang Yu has such a strength, but the world is no wonder, and Xiang Shaoyu and Yang Yu do not necessarily have many intersections, so Xiang Shaoyu does not care too much about this.

After watching Xiang Shaoyu and his party leave, Tianming looked up at Yang Yu with some doubts.

"Then why did he come here by boat with us? One of his subordinates died because of this incident."

Yang Yu always looked at Xiang Shaoyus back, and didnt turn his head because of Tianmings questioning, but he still answered Tianmings words: "Maybe its because Gai Nie fought side by side with him. After all, you are a small My child, how can you have so much power to save Gnie?"

Although he was a little unconvinced in his heart, Tianming lowered his head. He was indeed incapable.

After Xiang Shaoyu's figure completely disappeared from everyone's sight, Gao Yue opened the door to meet Yang Yu and Tianming.

"This villa is actually very good, it should be regarded as a pure land in troubled times, but living here must do things by yourself, oh, this will be rewarded." Gao Yue led the way while introducing them to Yang Yu.

As soon as he entered the door, several people appeared and carried Gai Nie away. Yang Yu did not stop him. After all, Gai Nie still needs treatment, but Yang Yujiao's Gai Nie's treatment should be considered acceptable. Yang Yu has already taken good medicine to Gai Nie.

Tianming is very, very curious about all the things in this villa, and his eyes are even more chaotic.

Although Yang Yu didn't lower his head, he could also feel Tianming's very curious emotions. After patting Tianming's head lightly, Tianming calmed down.

And Duan Mu Rong, who had already left, was already in a guest room, and Gane, who was lying across from her, was in a coma.

Duan Mulong's expression was a bit tangled, but in the end she chose to sit next to Gai Nie and get Gai Nie's pulse.

As time went by, Duan Murong's expression began to become strange.

From the very first meeting, Duan Mulong felt that Gai Nie was seriously injured. He must be unstable inside, but when Duan Mu Rong really got Gai Nie's pulse, Duan Mu Rong found something very strange. Regarding the matter, Genie's injury was much lighter than the external injury.

If Duanmu Rong didn't think it was just a skin injury, Gai Nie exuded from the inside and outside, it was obviously very weak.

Someone must have done some treatment to Gai Nies injury before this, so that the spread of Gai Nies wound can be restrained so well, but Duan Mu Rong is very curious, who has the ability to be so short-lived Within time, Guene was pulled back from the line of life and death.

When Duanmurong was thinking, the door was knocked suddenly. Duanmurong looked up and saw Gao Yue standing at the door.

"Sister Rong, how is this person's injury? When I checked outside, I felt that this person's injury was very serious." Gao Yue still holds a red lantern in her hand, but this red lantern is not the previous one. Taken, the previous one has been completely buried in the lake.

Duan Mulong withdrew the hand resting on Gai Nie's wrist, and stretched out her hand to make a move towards Gao Yue.

"Did you encounter any weird things when you went out today?"

Seeing Duan Murong's softened face, Gao Yue stepped forward and shook his head. He didn't encounter any strange things along the way, but the only person he might encounter was Tianming.

Although he said that he brought back a patient this time, Gao Yue always felt that this patient was a little different.

By observing Duan Mulong's expression, Gao Yue also felt the matter between the patient and Duan Mulong.

"Nothing is fine, where did you put the other two people?" Duan Murong felt relieved after hearing Gao Yue's words, and then inquired about the whereabouts of Yang Yu and the others.

"I arranged the two of them in the yard next door, very close to this yard, so it happened that they could all live together and take care of each other."


The atmosphere in this villa is really harmonious, and Yang Yu came to this conclusion after walking around.

Occasionally there will be bird calls in the sky. Yang Yu didn't care about it at first, but he soon noticed the species of these birds. Isn't this Bai Feng's favorite species?

I don't know what happened to the quicksand now, whether it is the same or different from before.

Along the way, Yang Yu also saw people with a lot of quicksand, but the speed of quicksand replacement is still very fast. The former is a memory, while the latter is fresh blood.

Due to the exhaustion of the journey all the way, Tianming was still a young man growing up, so when he came to a stable place, he couldn't wait to see Gong Zhou.

Yang Yu didn't stop Tianming from going to bed. After all, Tianming is still growing up. Besides, if he doesn't sleep now, he may not have time to sleep in the future.

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