The Strongest Husband In Ten Thousand Realms Chapter 1466

Chapter 1466: Unbelievable

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Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Nine

When Yang Yu looked at the white birds in the sky, he suddenly felt a strange fluctuation, and quickly turned his head, but only saw a cloud of air.

Yang Yu followed the void with his eyes, and suddenly smiled for a while.

I really mean Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.

People who think will always be by their side the first time.

At the same time, he had hidden his body, did not listen, and looked at Yang Yu with a strange expression. When he saw Yang Yu, he suddenly felt a sense of deja vu, but this feeling did not last long. Was shrouded in a sense of crisis.

Logically speaking, his own hiding method should be very useful, but the man seemed to see through his hiding and smiled at the void.

The man Bai Feng refers to is naturally Yang Yu, and Bai Feng also has a very strange feeling for Yang Yu. He seems to have met Yang Yu somewhere, but it seems to be in his memories, but in Bai Fengs memories. There was no one besides Mo Ya.

His body floated on one of the eaves. At this moment, in order to avoid Yang Yu's tracking, Bai Feng had tried to hide his body as much as possible. Now Bai Feng regretted it. Why didn't he ask Mo Ya to come with him?

If Mo Ya came, he might still recognize Yang Yus identity. Just now Bai Feng was thinking about a question. If he doesnt know Yang Yu, but thinks Yang Yu is a acquaintance, then its only possible that Mo Ya has seen him. After all, Bai Feng has been with Mo Ya since he was a child, and sometimes went to see strangers with Mo Ya.

Yang Yu looked back at Void for a long while, and he felt the breath of Bai Feng and knew where Bai Feng was now, but Yang Yu did not act rashly. There must be a reason for Bai Feng's presence here, and in order not to To hinder the development of the following plot, Yang Yu decided to be a blind eye.

With such an idea, Yang Yu quickly left the place and walked towards a back garden.

The back garden planted not flowers, but herbs. The aroma of various herbs made Yang Yu a little dizzy, but in the middle of the herbs, Yang Yu saw a woman in white.

The white-clothed woman was swinging a hoe, turning up the herbs on the ground one by one. This action did not seem to be weeding, but rather destroying a medicine field.

Yang Yugang wanted to step forward and see to understand, but was stopped by two people coming out of the corner. Those two were two men, looking at Yang Yu with a puzzled expression.

"Are you new here recently? How do I feel that I haven't seen you here? What are you going to do?" The bodies of the two men are very strong, like two walls, blocking the back garden. Export.

Yang Yu looked at the defensive expression in the eyes of the two men, raised his eyebrows, and smiled at the two men.

One action caught the two people a bit by surprise. The two looked at each other, not knowing what information they had exchanged. Then one of the thinner men said: "This back garden is forbidden to other people. You It's better to leave."

"I saw a woman inside. Her actions at the moment seemed to be destroying those herbs. Are you not going to control it?" Since they didn't plan to let themselves in, Yang Yu also meant to rest, but just When Yang Yu finished saying this, the faces of the two people on the opposite side suddenly changed.

The two shook their heads and said loudly as if they were trying to convince themselves: "You are mistaken, this important place is usually no one enters, and we have been guarding here just now, just arrived, how can you come here? Maybe someone is inside?"

Although the two people said righteous words, neither of them chose to look back. Yang Yu looked at the expressions of the two of them and felt a little strange, but didn't say anything, so he turned and left.

After seeing Yang Yu's figure leaving, the two looked at each other, and both saw a trace of panic in each other's eyes.

"No, someone is here again. If this is the case, we have to report it to Girl Duanmu."

"Don't scare yourself, that person should be dazzled, and that person is a newcomer, he doesn't know anything at all, it's probably just an illusion."

The other person patted the man next to him on the shoulder, with a touch of comfort in his tone.

At the time of this sentence, the other person seemed to feel that the sentence was not very convincing, so he forced another sentence: "Arent there many hallucinating herbs in this herbal medicine? So that person must have come into contact with it. When it comes to this taste, you will see other things"

But when the voices of the two people fell, the two of them heard the laughter of a man at the same time, but the laughter was a man's voice.

The two looked at each other and returned to the place where they had stayed.

Naturally, it was impossible for Yang Yu to leave so easily, so they used a small method the moment they turned around to let them see that they had left.

Now Yang Yu has been wandering around these two people. Watching the discussion between these two people with horror, Yang Yu finds this matter very interesting.

It seems that something must have happened in this medicine field, otherwise the two people would not be so panicked, but the woman he just saw was indeed a real person, and it could not be anything else.

Thinking of this, Yang Yu's thoughts spread to the fish monster on the lake.

He snapped his fingers, summoned his own system, looked at the shiny golden panel, Yang Yu asked: "This world should not be supernatural, right?"

"People in every world have a soul, and the soul itself exists." The system did not directly answer Yang Yu's words. Instead, it changed another way. After hearing the system's answer, Yang Yu looked thoughtfully. Look at the direction of the herbal medicine.

The voice of the woman I saw before has completely disappeared, leaving only a lonely hoe.

And the other two people seemed to have not seen the hoe. It seemed that this matter was very interesting, and it was more interesting than Yang Yu imagined.

Yang Yu looked at the figures of the two people, then stepped into the medicine field.

Just when Yang Yu's figure disappeared. The two people seemed to have noticed something and looked at the herbal medicine together.

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