The Strongest Learning System Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082: Bulletproof water glass

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"That's too late!"

Long Er walked over and whispered, "If there is no one of us in that building, it will take at least ten minutes to rush over."

Tianbeis voice sounded from the intercom, Long Yi, our people are on the way, dont worry, we have installed a layer of bullet-proof water glass on the entire roof, which is indistinguishable by the naked eye.

"When did this happen?"

Hearing this, Long Yi and Long Er were taken aback, they didn't even know that they had this preparation.

For a while, the two of them acted exactly the same. They raised their heads to look at the sky. After carefully distinguishing them, they could barely see that the sunlight was slightly distorted.

"It was arranged last night, so I won't explain it to you anymore. You only need to guard the safety of the scene, and leave the rest to our secret pavilion."

Tianbei put down the intercom, his face was a little gloomy, and his murderous intent skyrocketed.

"Do you really dare to come? Huh! Don't even think about leaving when you come!"

Last night, he felt a little worried after thinking about it, knowing that there was a fish slipping through the net, how could he be relieved.

So using a special relationship, I found the largest glass manufacturer in Linhai overnight and built a huge bulletproof water glass cover. Before dawn, without anyone passing through, the roof of the entire hotel was perfectly protected.

In this way, even if someone puts a cold gun on, there is no need to worry.

On the rooftop.

In the warm applause, Su Mo stepped onto the stage.

Wang Tao held the microphone and said with a smile: "Are you wondering where the bride is?"


All the guests responded cooperatively.

"Well, the bride, it's natural to make a grand appearance, with music!"

Exciting music sounded at the scene, which made people involuntarily look forward to it.

In the live broadcast room, countless netizens were even more anxious.

"Bride, bride!!"

"Wow, I'm looking forward to it; Yan Jiuxi is so beautiful."

"Do I really have no chance? Not reconciled!"

"The arrangement is so romantic, I want to have such a wedding too."

"Cut, I still want to drive a Ferrari, want to get rich overnight, want to go to the pinnacle of life; I'm still young! Go to sleep, you have everything in your dreams."

With the sound of the music, Yan Jiuxi appeared at the entrance of the wedding scene.

Wearing red makeup, her eyebrows are like emerald feathers, her muscles are like sheep fat, and her eyes are full of aura. Three thousand green silks fall smoothly on the fragrant shoulders, which is extremely beautiful.

The tailor-made Phoenix Crown Xia Pei also set off her like a Nine Heavens Profound Girl, with a fairy posture.

Jiaojiao leaned into the country, slowly moving the lotus.

Both men and women were shocked by this unparalleled beauty.

How can there be such a woman in the world?

The four women followed in lavender dresses, An Ran, Lu Wangyou and the two women were already stunning in their own right, but compared with Yan Jiuxi, the gap was immediately apparent.

In the live broadcast room, there was a burst of howling ghosts and wolves.

"What kind of beauty is this? My God!"

"So beautiful!"

"Wait for another issue of the two-color ball, okay?"

"Phoenix Crown Xia, oh, so beautiful..."

"It's sad that such a beautiful lady is going to be in the hands of others!"

When he came to the stage, Yan Jiuxi showed a sweet smile, and was interrupted by Wang Tao when he was about to say something.

"The bride, don't worry, you'll have something to say later, let's let the witness come on stage first."

Hearing this, Yan Jiuxi blushed slightly and nodded lightly.

Su Mo held Yan Jiuxi's jade hand, his lips moved slightly, "Xiaoxi, you are so beautiful."

Yan Jiuxi blinked playfully, a ripple rippling slightly on the peerless face.

Allure with a smile!

The guests on the scene started talking in a low voice.

"Who is the witness?"

"I don't know, I haven't heard of it!"

"Anyway, it's not me. There are too many big guys here today."

"I want to be a witness, but I have no chance!"

"Su Mo's witness, tut tut..."

While everyone was discussing, the head of state slowly stood up and walked onto the stage.

Seeing this, the wedding scene became extremely quiet.

what's the situation?

Could it be...

OMG! !

Thinking of that possibility, everyone couldn't help but numb their scalp.

On the roof of the building a few kilometers away, a man in black showed a full of murderous intent, with a gloomy voice: "Su Mo, Head of State Xia; you all have to die today!"


The bullet is loaded.

"Su Mo, kill you first."

The man in black pulled the trigger, a sneer appeared on his face.

"call out!"

A voice sounded.

But in the next second, the man in black's smile solidified on his face. Looking through the scope, Su Mo was unscathed. The bullet he shot was fixed in the air, and there were spider web cracks around him.

Bulletproof water glass?

bad! !

Upon seeing this, the man in black immediately understood everything, and his face became extremely ugly.


The bullet was loaded again.

"call out!"

The man in black showed cruelty on his face and muttered to himself: "Even so, you will die."

The second bullet hit the back of the first bullet precisely, and the cracks around it increased again.

Bulletproof water glass, this is Xia Guo's proprietary technology.

Compared with ordinary bulletproof glass, water glass has a certain degree of willfulness and stronger defense. The most important thing is that the water glass is still transparent, which is almost indistinguishable by the naked eye.

At the beginning, this patented technology came out and caused a huge sensation all over the world.

Many countries want to buy this patent license from Xia Guo, but unfortunately, Xia Guo doesn't sell it at all.

Just let it look, not use it!

Hey, just play...

However, the man in black also has his own plan, even if it is bulletproof water glass, how many bullets can the same point be able to withstand?

Take a break!

He has absolute confidence in his marksmanship! !

As long as one point is broken, the bulletproof water glass on the roof will instantly shatter. Although it will definitely arouse the vigilance of the other party, it only takes a second or two for him to kill.

"call out!"

"call out!"

One shot, one shot...

On the rooftop.

Because of the live music and the large number of people, there was constant conversation.

So the sound of the bullet hitting the bulletproof water glass was perfectly covered up, and it did not attract everyone's attention.

However, someone still discovered this situation.

Long Yi and Long Er, their attention has always been on the front right. They noticed when the other side fired the first shot. As the killer kept shooting, the two also guessed the other side's plan.

Long Yi used the radio intercom to remind in a hurry, "Tianbei, how long do you need? The other party is preparing to break the face with a point. I guess the bulletproof water glass will not last long. It won't work. I will **** the head of state and Teacher Su to one. safe place."

"No need to!"

Tianbeis voice came from the intercom, "I need another second! Puff..."


The man in black was holding his throat, but the blood still couldn't stop it coming out, feeling the vitality in his body fast passing away, he made a difficult voice.

"Do you... think it's over like this...?"

A crazy smile appeared on the pale face of the man in black. I don't know when a small remote control appeared in his hand, pressed it hard, and then his neck crooked, completely losing his vitality.

Tianbei wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

He squatted down in a hurry, took the remote control in the hands of the man in black, and his face changed a lot when he saw it.

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