The Strongest Learning System Chapter 946

Chapter 946: Civil War

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"You are too mean!"

Hearing this, Su Mo became unhappy, and looked at Li Renhui speechlessly, "Master principal, this is wrong."

"At the beginning we made a gambling agreement, but you are willing, no one is forcing you?"

"Now that I am about to win, I have to regret it? How can you be like this? Anyway, I have a recording. If you are wronged, I will go to the teacher and let him judge!"


Li Renhui's face was extremely dark. In terms of seniority, Chen Daoming was higher than him. What's more, he and Su Mo were still a teacher-apprentice relationship. If Su Mo really asked him to judge, he would definitely turn to Su Mo without even thinking about it.

Thinking of this, Li Renhui felt very helpless, frowning and said: "Hurry up and get rid of me, I will be upset when I see you!"

"Get out of here."

Su Mo smiled, he knew that Li Renhui had given up the idea of voiding the gambling agreement. As long as the gambling agreement was established, everything would be fine.

In the lounge.

"Today is the knockout, there is no fault tolerance rate."

Deng Xuduan said solemnly: "I hope everyone can cheer up and don't take it lightly."

Hearing this, Zheng Changdong and the two team members couldn't help but looked at Su Mo who was dozing off, with strange expressions.

This is called cheering up?

"What are you looking at?"

Deng Xuduan snorted coldly, "Don't disturb Teacher Su's rest, he is different from you!"

Three people: "..."

It's really different!

In terms of treatment alone, there was a difference of tens of thousands of miles.

At this time, Su Mo opened his eyes and asked: "Coach, has the schedule come out?"

"I'm about to talk about it."

Deng Xuduan smiled instantly and took the schedule to walk to Su Mo, "This is today's schedule. There will be two rounds of competition. After the top eight candidates are determined, tomorrow will be the final."


Su Mo glanced at the schedule, and couldn't help being surprised: "I'm going to run into Lei Youhui?"


Deng Xuduan smiled bitterly, "It's not just that you have to meet Lei Youhui, but also Zheng Changdong and Li Yibin. That is to say, of the four of you today, only two of you can advance to the quarterfinals."

He is also helpless as a coach because of his own civil war.

Lei Youhui's expression was a little unnatural, and he said helplessly, "It's over, I'm dead when I meet Teacher Su!"

Su Mo's level is abnormal, but he has seen it with his own eyes.

He couldn't even beat Zheng Changdong, but Zheng Changdong was abused by Su Mo, asking him to fight with Su Mo, just playing a lantern in the toilet-looking for death!

"Well, it's dead!"

Zheng Changdong and Li Yibin glanced at each other silently, and nodded very tacitly.

Lei Youhui: "..."

Is this comforting or shocking?

Don't bring this to play!

"Don't think so much."

Su Mo slowly said: "Don't worry, theoretically, you still have the hope of winning!"


Lei Youhui's eyes were full of doubts, "Teacher Su, don't lie to me!"

"of course not!"

It's not Su Mo's style to deceive people. He said that there is hope, but hope is not too great.

Lei Youhui rubbed his hands and laughed dryly: "Teacher Su, how much hope do I hope to win?"

In fact, he himself felt that there was no hope at all, but Su Mo just said he had the hope of winning, and he especially wanted to know how big this hope was.


Su Mo hesitated, "Are you sure you want to know? I think it's better not to know!"

The reminder in the words is very obvious.

"It's okay, just say it directly, Teacher Su."

Lei Youhui smiled boldly, and said, "I can't play as a player. I'm fairly good at quality and can withstand blows."

Su Mo couldn't help but look at Deng Xuduan. Seeing that he didn't say anything, he reluctantly explained: "Speaking of all the theoretical conditions, the probability of you winning me is 0.0014%, which is slightly lower."

Lei Youhui: "..."

Zheng Changdong: "..."

Li Yibin: "..."

Deng Xuduan: "..."


This is slightly lower?

It's almost as low as eighteen layers of hell!

The most important thing is how did this data come from, and how can it be so accurate?

Is this a fifth-level mathematician?



Deng Xuduan quickly turned the subject away and said, "Okay, all get ready. The game will start soon."

At this point, this topic is over.

In the first knockout match, Su Mo played against a player from Chaohai country.

Win three to zero, simply and neatly!

The score of the small game is 11:, 11:5, 11:6; very harmonious.

Seeing this score, Deng Xuduan finally had no worries anymore. If the water was released like this, it shouldn't be seen by others!

Lei Youhui also won 3-0.

In the next sixteen to eight, the two became opponents.

In front of the table.

Lei Youhui curled his lips and said pitifully, "Teacher Su, you have to be merciful!"

"rest assured."

Su Mo nodded seriously, "I won't beat you 11 to zero!"

Lei Youhui: "..."


What is the difference between saying this and not saying it?

Game start.

Lei Youhui served the ball. Although he knew his hope of winning was very slim, he was not discouraged.

Whether he wins or loses, he must do his best. This is respect for himself!

High toss internal rotation.

Upon seeing this, Su Mo directly attacked. This is his favorite way of scoring because of his efficiency.

The table tennis quickly flew to the opposite corner of Lei Youhui. He was prepared for this. He had watched a lot of Su Mo's games and knew that Su Mo likes to attack. The first time he finished the serve, his legs Squat down slightly, his body tensed.

Pulling the forehand in reverse, the ball reached the diagonal of Su Mo perfectly.


Su Mo stepped to the right of the table in one step, and he chose to play against Lei Youhui.

Facing Su Mo's powerful attack, Lei Youhui was not to be outdone. Although he looked a little flustered compared to Su Mo's calm and calm, he was able to hit the ball back anyway.



The speed of the ball is very fast, and it has broken through ten rounds in the blink of an eye.

Su Mo is still in front of the table. In contrast, Lei Youhui is more than three meters away from the table because of frequent corner kicks.

In the audience, as the two of them waved their rackets every time, there was a cry of exclamation.



No one thought that it was just the first ball that would be played so intensely.

The referee's eyes are also bright, watching Xia Guo players compete with other countries, almost all of them are unilaterally crushed.

On the other hand, the civil war of the Xia Guo team is simply a visual feast!

No wonder, several referees wanted to change with him today, but fortunately they didn't agree.



As Lei Youhui got farther and farther from the table, the range he ran was getting bigger and bigger. After 18 rounds of draws, Su Mo hit the ball to the opposite corner again.

Lei Youhui worked hard, but it was still a little bit worse.

One to zero.

However, he was not discouraged at all, instead, his fighting spirit became even higher.

Su Mo gave him a strong sense of oppression, the more he was like this, the more excited he was. Only by confronting such a master can he quickly improve his strength.

Losing is worth losing!

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