The Strongest Learning System Chapter 947

Chapter 947: Guide The Ball

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Low-throw internal rotation.

I don't know if it's because of pressure. Lei Youhui's serve is more aggressive than before, with stronger spin and faster speed.

Su Mo also didn't plan to use moves that didn't bounce, and chose to pull normally.

It's all his own, and that kind of lore is completely unnecessary. He can also see that Lei Youhui wants to play a head-on match with him. He doesn't mind satisfying Lei Youhui.


The offensives of both sides are dazzling.

In the stadium, the audience's exclamation sounded from time to time.



Every shot of Su Mo will change the angle, this time he will hit the left, and next time he will definitely hit the right.

Such frequent corner kicks made Lei Youhui miserable.

Facing Su Mos offense, he could only run back and forth in the field without stopping. Although he occasionally tried to adjust the corner kick, Su Mo only needed one step at a time to cross to the other side of the table. It was almost like driving. Hang the same.

Coupled with Su Mo's strong offense, Lei Youhui can only passively defend more often.

There is no energy at all to stop the counterattack. Of course, it is not impossible to force a counterattack, but the turnover rate will greatly increase, and he will not choose to do it as a last resort.

However, as he confronted Su Mo, he gradually realized that even if he wanted to counterattack, he had no chance.

Boil the frog in warm water!

As the game progressed, Lei Youhui's forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat.

He knew that Su Mo was very powerful, very powerful!

However, only when he really faced Su Mo did he know that he still underestimated Su Mo.

This is no longer simple and powerful.



A person's technology can reach this level, he really can't see the hope of winning.

Precise, domineering and elegant; these styles of play are reflected in Su Mo.



Su Mo made a super low ball smash, making Lei Youhui completely unable to react.

The first round is over, 11:3!

Of the three-pointers lost, two of them were deliberately intended by Su Mo, and one point was obtained by Lei Youhui with strength and luck. The reason was that he wiped the sides and wiped so lightly that he had no time to rescue him.

A two-minute break.

Lei Youhui walked to the rest area, took a towel and wiped off his sweat, and drank half a bottle of water in one breath.

Zheng Changdong, who was watching the game, winked at him and said, "Youhui, you played well!"

"Don't make fun of me."

Lei Youhui smiled bitterly, "Have you not seen how miserable I was being abused by Teacher Su? Alas, I really don't know how he practiced, his skills are too abnormal!"

"It's okay, duel with a master like Teacher Su, there is only good and no harm to you, cherish every ball." Zheng Changdong changed his expression, his face was full of seriousness.

He fought against Su Mo.

Deeply understand the suffocating pressure on Su Mo, and they need such pressure to improve.

Such an opportunity is very rare!

"I understand." Lei Youhui nodded heavily.

the other side.

Looking at Su Mo with a relaxed face, Deng Xuduan couldn't help but curl his lips: "Teacher Su, you are a little bit affectionate, you are all your own, there is no need to be so serious."

"Coach Deng, you are wrong."

Su Mo slowly shook his head, and said in a deep voice: "This game is very important to Lei Youhui. I can feel it. During the game, his potential is gradually being developed. I have to take out all of it. The strength to fight against him is a respect for him, and it can also help him improve himself."

"So, this game cannot be released!"

His perception is very keen, Lei Youhui's hitting power, reaction speed, and spin; all aspects are slowly rising in the game.

In this case, his best course is to show his true strength.

Of course, that kind of stunt shot doesn't count!

No one can catch that kind of ball, including himself.

In layman's terms, this game is equivalent to a coaching ball.

Hearing this, Deng Xuduan's eyes lit up, and he quickly said, "So, it seems that this kid Lei Youhui has a good chance, and he can convert pressure into motivation and use war to support war, not bad, not bad!"

"Then I would like to thank Mr. Su in advance. It seems that another world champion will appear in the national team!"

"a piece of cake!"

Su Mo smiled slightly and wiped his face with a towel.

Deng Xuduan: "..."

What to wipe?

Are you sweating?

I wiped my loneliness!

In the webcast room, the atmosphere is extremely lively.

"Wow, this game is so cool to watch!"

"Su Mo is too awesome! The national team players can't beat him, this is too exaggerated!"

"Crush unilaterally! It's really strong!"

"Oh, as expected, no one can beat Xia Guo's table tennis and football; although the words are the same, the gap is too big!"

"It's fine to be numb. Look at me. Now I don't even watch the football game. I was injured too deeply!"

"How did Su Mo, an amateur player, achieve such a terrifying level? I don't believe that he trains every day. You know that the national team is doing more than ten hours of high-intensity training every day! Can't beat this?"

"You have to believe in one thing, there really is such a genius in the world!"

In the commentary.

The male commentator also sighed, "Both players played very well, but, obviously, in terms of technology, Su Mo is ahead of Lei Youhui by many players."

"We Xia Guo's table tennis is really too strong!"

This made all the fans secretly excited.

Finally there is someone who understands!

Before watching the game, the Xia national team was unilaterally crushed, but the explanation had to say that the two sides were playing very fiercely. Xia Guo's player was only slightly better.

This makes the hearts of the fans very uncomfortable.

Now I finally heard the words of praise, one by one was extremely proud.

In fact, this is not to blame for the previous explanations, this is not just for the purpose of reducing the edge!

Xia Guo's table tennis team is really like a devil in the table tennis world.

It makes table tennis players all over the world desperate. If it is unusually high-profile, it will not do any good for the Xia Guo team.

This time belongs to the Xia civil war, so the commentator dared to express such a sentence.

If Xia Guo played against a foreign player, then this commentary would never say such a thing, because Deng Xuduan had already arranged everything in advance.

Win the gold medal low-key, this is the kingly way!

After a short break, the second round of the game continued.

Su Mo stands on the left side of the table to serve, a normal high toss and quick serve.

Lei Youhui's choice is very decisive, proactively attacking!


The table tennis quickly flew to the right corner of the table.

This blow is fast, accurate, and ruthless; all three points are available!

After the attack was successful, Lei Youhui's eyes were happy. Judging from his previous game experience, Su Mo would never catch up with the goal.

But is this really the case?

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