The Strongest Learning System Chapter 948

Chapter 948: My Boyfriend No Loan

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The ping pong ball bounced slightly and flew to the right quickly.

It can be said that it is getting farther and farther away from Su Mo. Just when everyone thought that the ball would be lost, Su Mo's figure appeared in front of the table tennis in the blink of an eye.

Pull forehand!


Lei Youhui's eyes contracted, and he didn't see exactly how Su Mo ran to the right of the table, but seeing Su Mo hit the ball back, he backhanded the ball to the left.

The next second, Su Mo's figure reappeared to the left, shocked that Lei Youhui almost didn't bite his tongue.



How can it be so fast!

It's just anti-human!


The speed of the ball reached a terrible level, Lei Youhui just swiped the shot with instinct, but reluctantly swung it for nothing.

One to zero.


Lei Youhui let out a low growl. He had never encountered such a strong opponent before. At this moment, he felt that his blood was burning, and a certain switch in his body seemed to be turned on.

He doesn't care about winning or losing now, he just wants to seriously finish the game!

Upon seeing this, Su Mo smiled lightly and continued to serve.

High toss fast.

Lei Youhui swung the racket, and the table tennis quickly flew to the opposite direction of Su Mo. The speed was no less than a quick attack.

"not bad!"

Su Mo said to himself: "The speed and strength have increased by about 20%, and it should be stronger!"

He wants to see how far Lei Youhui can evolve today.

Pulling the forehand back, he increased his strength again.

Since he wants to maintain his oppressive power, he must show strong enough strength. If Lei Youhui becomes stronger, then he will increase his strength.

The excitement of the game instantly rose to a level.

The speed of the ball is too fast, and Lei Youhui is almost always hitting back with instinct.

In the gymnasium, full of exclamations sounded.

"Fuck, is this playing table tennis?"

"Fart! This is playing pinball!"

"Is this a table tennis match?"

"Quick, too fast!"

"Wow, this is just like watching a movie, exciting!"

National Taiwan University, 506 dormitory

Yan Jiuxi sat at the desk, An Ran's three daughters stood behind her, and the four of them covered their mouths in shock.

"so amazing!"

"The first time I saw such a wonderful table tennis match, it made me a little excited!"

"Miss Ann, after watching the game later, let's go buy a racket. I also want to play table tennis."

"Can you fight?"

"I can't teach Xiaoxi's man!"

As soon as these words came out, the eyes of the three women instantly focused on Yan Jiuxi.

Feeling the eyes of the three, Yan Jiuxi resolutely shook his head and refused: "I don't agree, Xiao Mo hasn't taught me to play table tennis yet!"

Moreover, I can only teach her!


Zhao Ling'er curled her lips and muttered to herself: "Preferring colors to friends!"


Yan Jiuxi blinked and confessed generously: "I just look down on my friends, don't you have Zhao Tian, Linger? You ask him to teach you how to fight and what to do with Xiaomo?"

"Zhao Tian?"

Zhao Linger vomited: "Why can he play some table tennis? He can eat almost!"


Yan Jiuxi chuckled, "I don't care about this, my boyfriend, don't borrow it!"


The three women couldn't help shivering.

Where did Xiao Xi, who used to be innocent and innocent, go?

Why do you love spreading dog food so much now!




Lei Youhui's speed and strength have been increasing, but every time he improves, Su Mo will also increase.

The gap between him and Su Mo has never been narrowed.

As a result, the competition between the two became more and more intense. Many foreign spectators on the scene watched the game in a daze, with shocked faces on their faces.

Why is Xia Guo's table tennis different from their country's?

One is playing ball, the other is playing bullets!

The gap is not so big!


Seeing only a short distance, Lei Youhui sighed helplessly.

too strong!

He felt that he had performed above the level, but he still couldn't see the gap between himself and Su Mo.

Su Mo is like a robot, with speed, strength and accuracy; all aspects are too perfect, and the most important thing is that he will not make mistakes.

The second round, 11:2!

The current big score of 2:0 came to Su Mo's match point.

Compared to the second game, Su Mo once again increased his strength in the third game, but this time Lei Youhui's level did not increase.

This is also normal. Lei Youhui would have been a member of the national team, and his skills have reached a very powerful level. Even if it can be improved, it can't be improved too much.

As a result, the third round of the game was somewhat unilaterally crushed. In the end, if Su Mo didn't take the initiative to serve the ball, I'm afraid it would have ended the game directly at 11:0.

After the missed serve, Su Mo didn't waste any more time and turned on his firepower.

The game ended quickly, 11:1!

Three to zero, win.

After the game, there was warm applause in the stadium.

For all the spectators, this game was a bit too exciting.

It's even more exciting than watching the finals. This game alone is worth the price!

Su Mo successfully advanced to the quarterfinals, listening to the applause on the spot, he waved to the audience.

Deng Xuduan patted Lei Youhui on the shoulder and comforted: "It's okay, you have performed very well, and your road will be broader in the future!"

"Coach, do you think I can reach the level of Teacher Su in my lifetime?" Lei Youhui sighed with rather complicated emotion.

Deng Xuduan's face turned dark, and he gave Lei Youhui a brain collapse.

"What do you think?"

"Su Mo is not a human at all, what are you comparing to him?"

"Don't think about being so useless all day, it's best to keep your feet down!"

Lei Youhui: "..."

It's too awful!

If you lose the game, you will have to be beaten without consolation, and you can't live!

At 11 o'clock in the morning, another civil war of the Xia Guo team began.

Su Mo sat in the viewing area and watched the whole game. In the end, Zheng Changdong 3:2 and Li Yibin won the game with a slight advantage.

At this point, all the top eight candidates have been determined.

The Xia Guo team has two players and the Sakura team has two players; the remaining four players are from different countries.

The women's record is even more dazzling, with three players squeezing into the quarterfinals.

In the lounge.

There was a burst of cheer and laughter, Xiao Leng chatted happily with the other two girls who had been promoted, and his eyes looked towards Su Mo from time to time.

It's just that Su Mo's attention is now all on the phone, he is busy teasing his girl.

On WeChat, Yan Jiuxi's profile picture kept flashing.

"Xiao Mo, I watched today's game. It was wonderful. Keep going!"

"Call your husband with your voice!"

"Farewell, Xiaoran and Ling'er are both in the dormitory..."

"Go your own way and let others envy you!"



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