The Strongest Pet System Chapter 954

Chapter 954: Reinforcements

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Wang Ches source of good fortune is linked to the heavens and worlds in the ninth area, and it can still provide the essence of power to the heavens and worlds below, and because there is no bottleneck, the powerhouses in the ninth area are Under such circumstances, breakthroughs have been made.

It can be said that the current ninth district is much stronger than the entire sky realm!

As Qin Gelin, who has always had the best relationship with Wang Che, admires Yuxi, Qin Xue and Qin Yu, they themselves can get more resources, and they are also becoming stronger now. Bai Wudi didn't expect Wang Che to have so many helpers, and was surprised.

But then he calmed down: "Smelly boy, do you think you can deal with me by looking for these shrimp soldiers and crabs? You really think that my protoss is no one, right?"

Wang Che sneered and said, "Do you think your Protoss will definitely help you?"

This world is a world respected by the strong, but also a world of interests.

Bai Wudi himself belonged to the Protoss, but apart from being aloof, he didn't bring much benefit to the Protoss, at most it was just a face advantage.

On the contrary, he plunged the entire sky world into the age of magic, and the harm he brought to the entire Protoss was obvious.

Just now when he declared high above the sky that everything in the entire sky realm was done by him, the people of the Protoss had already separated from him.

Not to mention that now, at least on the surface, she has fallen into a crisis of death, and death is only a matter of time.

"Kill him for me!" Qin Ge entered the battlefield with a mighty army.

This mighty army, the lowest realm, are all in the initial realm. As for the higher realms, such as Qin Ge and others, although they are weaker than Wang Che, they are not much weaker.

Xia Yiqing beside Wang Che, as well as Yu Tiantian, also came out as a last resort that Wang Che had originally prepared.

Although Wang Che expected someone from the ninth district to help him, he was also worried that people outside would not be able to come, so he himself was also prepared.

Now his methods are clear, that mighty army makes the entire sky realm tremble.

This is too great, this is too incredible, is this the power of the human race with great fortune?

Under the attack of the endless army, Bai Wudi's majestic vitality was quickly consumed.

Even if he had the source of good fortune in the sky realm, he still couldn't make up for his continual loss of life, because there were too many opponents.

And now that he trapped Wang Che with desperate means, he was also unable to move, so he could only passively be beaten like this.

In three days, just three days, Bai Wudi knew that he was completely powerless to return to heaven. He could now be said to be truly dead, without any means to save himself.

He kept vomiting blood and laughed wildly and said: "Hahahaha, is this what it feels like to die? I still understand it after all. However, the aura of the world now looks like it was before the destruction. . Im down here, and you, you are just walking with me. I believe that you will be able to see the most wonderful moments soon. You so-called infinite powerhouses, in a blink of an eye, It will be wiped out."

"Stop talking nonsense there, you will die if you die. We will not be like you. The same history will not repeat itself!"

Wang Che was finally free, his whole body exuded golden light, and he gave Bai Wudi the final blow.

The light in Bai Wudi's eyes dimmed. Before he died, he still grabbed the long knife in Wang Che's hand with one hand, but it was a pity that he was already powerless now.

His body quickly disintegrated, and under the influence of Wang Che's law, he would have to die now even if he had great abilities.

After a generation of strong men died, a round stone fell out of her body!

This huge round stone is the source of good fortune in the sky realm, but it is a pity that such a peerless treasure is still in this way. If you want to restore it, this is definitely another terrifying reincarnation.

Wang Che didn't have so much power to restore this stone now, so he had to temporarily put this stone into the Universe Bag.

"This terrifying monster is dead, my God, but the ruin is about to come again, what can I do!"

Seeing that Wang Che finally won, the entire sky realm seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

But they soon discovered that the trend of imminent disasters in this world remained unchanged.

The entire sky was still bloody, gray, like hell.

"Are you OK!"

After this battle, everyone was very tired. The most unlucky was Wang Che. Now, there is no place in his whole body that is intact.

Even if the wound can be recovered at his level, the power of the law left by Bai Wudi is still hurting his body and preventing his wound from recovering. It will take a certain amount of time to obliterate these laws.

Seeing Wang Che like this, Qin Ge felt very distressed in his heart: "No matter what, no matter where you go in the future, I must follow you. If you don't let me follow you, I will never end with you!"

"Me too!" Li Yi, who came from the last, grabbed Wang Che and wanted to punch Wang Che fiercely, but the fist stopped in midair.

This girl, even if she has become a powerhouse that has attracted worldwide attention, now that she sees Wang Che, she still looks like a little girl who has not grown up, her eyes full of grievances and tears.

"Thank you for helping. With so many of you, how could I die so easily? Don't worry, I won't die if you protect me!"

Wang Che directly distributed dog food in front of the endless army, which made countless people envy.

In fact, the most powerful and beautiful women, each of them feels like a treasure to Wang Che. Who doesn't envy such things?

"Mr. Wang Che, the catastrophe is really about to come down, what on earth do you have, do you have any good solutions now?"

At this moment, an old man wearing black armor next to him coughed slightly before asking.

This person was originally an old monster who hoped to break through after reaching a bottleneck in the ninth area. He was sleeping most of the time.

It's just that after Wang Che transformed the source of good fortune in the ninth district, he saw the hope of a breakthrough, and then his strength improved by leaps and bounds and became one of the powerful figures in the ninth district.

Of course, other powerhouses in the ninth district have actually gone through the same process!

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