The Strongest Pet System Chapter 955

Chapter 955: Behind The Scenes

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In this mighty army, everyone who can get to this step is a gift from Wang Che, and it is Wang Che's favor.

However, now that a greater disaster is coming, they naturally also pin their hopes on their backbone, which is Wang Che.

Wang Che nodded: "Actually, after the battle just now, I have obtained some clues from the body of Invincible Bai, and I can almost deduce what kind of existence the **** hand behind the scenes is. "

"What!" After hearing Wang Che's words, everyone suddenly refreshed.

Because if they know what the enemy is, it will be easy to defeat the enemy!

The most powerful enemy in this world is always an enemy you don't understand. Because you don't understand, you don't know how to deal with him.

But once you understand your opponent, then in theory, no matter how powerful an opponent is, you can find a way to defeat him.

"The black hand behind the scenes may be the real beginning. He created everything in the world and evolved the avenue without having anything. The so-called firmament, the so-called plane, everything, in his eyes, just It's just a game. In such a game, all our creatures are nothing but chess pieces that can be manipulated in his eyes. He himself is the only player!"

Wang Che was in the last desperate battle with Bai Wudi just now, even though they confined each other, and exchanged blood for blood.

But in this process, Wang Che also did something else, that is, observing the fragments of law left on Bai Wudi.

Because he was severely injured in the last big bust, those special laws still remained in his body, which made him unable to recover from his old injuries during such a long time.

By studying the power of those laws and comparing the fragments of the laws he saw on the bodies of the dead in the Evernight Forest, he roughly inferred the cause of the destruction and the identity of the man behind it.

"So, how can we find that Chu?" Qin Ge felt incredible in his heart after hearing Wang Che's description. But now, how they need to find the beginning is a very critical question.

"He does not exist in the world. We theoretically cannot find him in the world because he observes all the worlds and planes in which we are outside of all planes. We use conventional methods, and there is no How to find him!"

"Then don't we just sit and wait to die?"

The creatures in the entire sky realm heard Wang Che's words and felt incredible.

Because the black hand behind the scenes is really incredible, even if they want to work together to deal with it, there is no way.

Because the other party does not exist in the world at all!

"Although he does not exist in the world now, it is not completely impossible to deal with him!"

When Wang Che said this, he did not continue.

Because like what he just said, Chu Chu observes the world they are in now from outside all planes.

As long as he speaks his own thoughts, the other party naturally knows how to deal with him!

Wang Che quietly changed his system, and now only his system can know what to do.

"What, you said you want me to block all the secrets, let me blind the sight of that person. You guy, you are too shameless, that guy is the master of all the rules, in control of all the rules, how can I Maybe it can block his sight?"

The system seemed powerless to Wang Che's requirements. Wang Che said to the system through mental contact: "How could an omnipotent system like you be useless? If you can't do it, then this time the big bust will still happen as scheduled, and we will all be done together. I am fine. Dont believe me, Im over, how can you get better!"

"But this is too difficult. That guy can not only stare at all the planes, but also see everything in the river of time. You want to cross before that guy can evolve everything in the world and kill him. Although it is theoretically feasible, but You have not reached that point in time, you will be killed by him on the way."

The system even made a very bitter expression, expressing rejection of Wang Che's request.

"People always doze, and the same is true for that guy. I don't believe that he can stare at all the space while also staring at all the time. You only need to use your brain, the solution is always more difficult than it is!" Wang Che still spoke to the system in a discussing tone.

"Well, I can give it a try, but it depends on you..."

Wang Che found that the system finally agreed. Of course, he had to do some other preparations before that.

While blinding the heavens for a short time through the system, he mobilized the power of his **** pet.

Among his favorites, the most special favorite is Yu Tiantian, which has the power to transcend space. Sometimes space and time are two concepts that can be connected to each other. So he needs Yu Tiantian's help!

At the same time, Bai Ze's magical eyes possess the power of time!

Xia Yiqing is equivalent to an alternative version of the source of good fortune, and can continuously help Wang Che replenish his life.

At the same time, Wang Che needs everyone to give him strength and provide him with an acceleration.

After careful preparation, almost in that instant, Wang Che was directly thrown into the long river of time under the combined forces of all the creatures in the entire sky realm and the entire ninth area.

In that long river of time, because of the acceleration provided by the people, he immediately walked along the ancient times as soon as he entered.

Wang Che was advancing at such a speed, almost an epoch in the blink of an eye.

"Boom!" Sure enough, this long river didn't go all the way through. After Wang Che realized that he had reached the point of the last big bust, he found that there was a very powerful barrier here that prevented him from moving forward.

In fact, time does not know how many people have entered the long river of time, wanting to investigate the past history, but they will all be blocked by such a barrier.

And no one can cross such a barrier!

However, Wang Che had been prepared long ago. Under its super-high-speed acceleration, the long knife in his hand glowed, and the favorite of his side was also prepared!

With only a bang, Wang Che's **** pets worked together, and they were like an off-string arrow, directly breaking through this barrier.

After breaking through this barrier, suddenly there seemed to be thousands of thunderbolts in the sky descending, trying to kill this madman who violated the avenue of the world.

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