The Strongest Player Who Descended From The Wilderness Chapter 1391

Chapter 1391: Collective upgrade

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Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, "It's better to hit the sun if you choose a day. You take the spirit pill together, and I will protect you personally today!"

Only the improvement of the roots can bring about a faster speed of practice!

Ye Chen handed out countless middle-grade celestial stones and top-grade celestial stones.

A pile of immortal stones piled up around each soldier.

Not counting, Ye Chen simply flew out a large number of immortal stones from his pockets, and around this spot military field, a huge and incomparable spirit gathering formation was arranged. When these immortal stones returned to their positions after the spirit gathering formation was opened, Suddenly, the auras between the sky and the earth all turned towards this place, gathering in the sky above the spot army, forming a tide of auras.

The soldiers sat cross-legged on the ground without hesitation, swallowing a Qingming Lingdan into their abdomen with one mouth, hurriedly ran the exercises, and digested them with all their strength.

Almost a quarter of an hour later, suddenly a soldier stood up suddenly, raised his head and laughed: "Haha, I have successfully refined an elixir, and I found that I have increased my bones by fifteen points! It's awesome! "

After speaking, the soldier immediately sat cross-legged on the ground, refining the second Qingming Spirit Pill. As for the other fighters, they looked enviously. This guy was indeed lucky. He gained fifteen points of bones at a time. , But soon they turned their heads to refine their Qing Ming Ling Pill with all their strength.

Soon, a strong man next to the soldier also stood up and laughed loudly: "Bald Zheng, I'm no worse than you. I added sixteen points to my bones, right? Haha..."

In this way, soldiers stood up constantly, and loudly reported their increased roots.

Ye Chen looked at the big companies in the sky and knew that after these soldiers had taken the three Qingming Ling pills, they almost all increased, 35 to 50 o'clock, which was pretty good.

Some warriors knelt down on the ground in tears, and screamed: "My roots have been improved! I also practice fast like a normal person, and I am no longer useless! Your majesty's great kindness, the villain hasn't Unforgettable teeth!"

"Your Majesty is my reborn parent. I am willing to be loyal to the reincarnation dynasty, and I am willing to go through fire and water for your Majesty!"

A line of vows from the heart and soul also moved Ye Chen a little. He understood why these fighters were so excited. Everyone knew what it meant to be raised by 30 to 50 points.

This means that when they practice in the future, their speed will increase by 30% to 50%. This is a huge improvement. Just at this point, the military field is full of aura. Those who have reached the peak long ago and have not broken through are the soldiers. All of them immediately broke through to the Divine Martial Realm with this energy.

In the Samsara Legion, those centurions who were originally at the peak of the Divine Martial Realm were surrendered, and many of the army commanders directly broke through the Divine Martial Realm and reached the Tribulation Realm.

Ye Chen laughed with joy. He didn't mean anything about his reward. As long as he reached the tribulation stage, everyone would be rewarded. The only thing different from these generals is that they dont have an artifact level. Weapons and bows.

Even so, it has already made the arrival of these middle-levels ecstatic.

And Zhao Yun, Zhang Fei, Guan Yu, Li Yuanba and other generals needless to say, especially these civil servants, who have become even more enchanting after they have upgraded their roots. Needless to say, Ye Chen has spontaneously maintained the gathering on the military field. The spirit formation allows more fighters to make breakthroughs in battle.

Among these generals, the Dian Wei Xuchu, Zhang Fei, Sun Jian and others who had the highest combat effectiveness actually broke through the earth immortal directly.

So many people broke through at the same time, and suddenly drew a violent thunder tribulation, dozens of people broke through and superimposed the thunder tribulation incomparably horrible, and the thick black cloud layer enveloped the sky over the holy city of reincarnation.

But Ye Chen seemed to have encountered something big tonic, so he rose directly into the sky, without waiting for the Twelfth-Rank Destroying Black Lotus to show off.

He swallowed the terrifying thunder tribulation covering thousands of miles with one mouthful of magical power to swallow the sky, and the sky was clear for a while.

This made those soldiers dumbfounded. He had never seen such a situation before, and his Majesty was able to swallow these robbery clouds in one bite.

Then these broke through the arrival of the earth immortals, flew up, and continued to protect the law for the compatriots. In that case, Ye Chen disappeared in a flash and returned to the harem. As soon as he arrived in the harem, he was surrounded by these Yingying and Yanyan. Up.

When these women looked eagerly, Ye Chen laughed and said: "Don't worry, how could I forget my own woman, everyone has a share, and you have better things than the soldiers in the front hall!"

After that, Ye Chen took out the equipment and Qingming Lingguo specially prepared for these women.

"Wow, that's great, I know that your majesty will not forget us, and the concubines thank Lord Longen!"

"Ah, this piece of equipment is so beautiful, is it just for me?"

"This is the legendary Qing Ming Ling Dan that can increase the bones. It smells really good!"

Soon the equipment and the Qingming Spirit Pill that Ye Chen took out were divided up by them.

Of course Ye Chen would not be stingy with his own woman.

These women are naturally an acquired spirit treasure for each person, and fifty Qingming spirit pills for each person.

Zhao Yu, Diao Chan, Huang Yueying, and the ruthless emperor's daughter have all broken through the earth immortal level.

This also made Ye Chen quite satisfied. For him, these women weren't just some vases just put out to look at, but good helpers who were able to stand up at critical moments.

Jiang Bufan stayed in the harem for one night. After comforting these women, he appeared in Reincarnation City, the residence of the Beauty League the next day.

Although Zhao Yu and the others are also aware of the existence of the Beauty League, the two sides have magically reached a tacit understanding that does not interfere with each other and is in a balanced state.

Yesterday, there was such a big movement in the military spot of the Holy City of Reincarnation. The women of the Beauty League naturally knew that Ye Chen was back, but they were able to suppress the longing in their hearts. Waiting quietly and anxiously in the resident.

After Ye Chen appeared in the Beauty League, he was immediately surrounded by a group of beautiful women.

"Master, you are here, you all want to die and think you forgot us."

"Yes, Master, you will stay with us tonight, don't leave, okay?"

Li Mengyao, Hu Xiaoyue and others were all beautiful eyes and sentimental, watching Ye Chen holding his arm from left to right, led Ye Chen into the lobby of the Beauty League like a star holding the moon.

Ye Chen laughed and said, "How could I have forgotten you? Didn't I come to see you as soon as I finished my work? By the way, accept this as a meeting gift for you."

Then a set of equipment appeared next to every female player in the Beauty League. The latest chapter address of the strongest player coming from the wild: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/111935.htmlReading the full text of the strongest player in the land: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/111935/The strongest player who descends from the wilderness txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/111935.htmlThe strongest player in the prehistoric lands comes to read on mobile phone: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/111935/In order to facilitate the next reading, you can click "Favorites" below to record the reading record of this time (Chapter 1391 Collective Upgrade), next time you open the bookshelf Can be seen! If you like "The Strongest Player in the Fallen Famine", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), Thank you for your support! (www.wuxiaworld)

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