The Strongest System To Dominate the Three Kingdoms Chapter 190

Chapter 191: Lu Zhi's shock

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Zhang Yu turned to Lu Zhi's, originally there was no plan to see Lu Zhi.

However, Zhang Yu had to be careful when the bandit robbed him.

Seeing Lu Zhi, it was already an afternoon two days later.

"Zhang Zifan, is there really someone deliberately sabotaging the building?" Lu Zhi asked.

"Sure enough, if it weren't for me just passing by, the impact this time might be not small." Zhang Yu said.


Lu Zhi hit the table with a fist and said furiously: "The big man finally stopped. It was when he was trying to stabilize and develop, someone dared to destroy all of this."

Lu Zhi would be furious, precisely because he was dedicated to the big man, and he was a rare loyal man in the late Han Dynasty.

Zhang Yu's method of working for relief is just a method that can change the current situation, but some people want to destroy it.

Therefore, Lu Zhi could not tolerate it.

A few months time can prove that this work-for-work method is very good.

A large number of refugees were recruited along the road. When these refugees had food to eat, they would not cause trouble, and the public order would be stabilized.

"Zhang Zifan, what can you do?" Lu Zhi asked.

"It is impossible for the government along the road to protect them. These people simply cannot protect them. They will only greedily ask for more. Therefore, I believe that these workers can be armed and given the necessary training. Let them protect themselves." Zhang Yu said.

At first, Lu Zhi hesitated. After all, if these workers are armed, their nature may change. What if these workers rebel?

However, Lu Zhi quickly abandoned these worries. Road construction is related to the stability of the entire man and must be implemented.

"Okay, I will write a memorial to the court and pass it up." Lu Zhi said.

"Gong Lu, it's too slow, and maybe you will get stuck in the middle, you write to me, when I go to see your majesty, directly to your majesty." Zhang Yu said.

Lu Zhi nodded, and suddenly felt that Zhang Yu bribed Liu Hong to get close to Zhang Rang and others.

At least it is much more convenient to do things, and you will not have to give up for various reasons.

After the matter was over, Zhang Yu thought about going to Luoyang this time.

"Gong Lu, there is a major event going to Luoyang this time, so I will ask you to send me a letter at that time and let Cai Lao and others help." Zhang Yu said.

Lu Zhi was surprised that Zhang Yu had approached the emperor in Luoyang. Is there anything else someone else needs to help?

"Go and get some books." Zhang Yu said to the guard beside him.

Lu Zhi is strange, what is Zhang Yu doing with the book?

But Lu Zhi soon became strange and shocked.

"This is a book, this is a real book, so light and so thin." Seeing the book on paper, Lu Zhi became excited at once.

"This is really a book, this is the Analects, this is Mencius, this is the Six Secret Teachings."

Lu Zhi was very old, and he was as excited as a child at this time.

How could Lu Zhi not know the importance of books.

He is a great scholar in the late Han Dynasty, and of course he has an unspeakable love for books.

"Zhang Zifan, did you make this? It's amazing. How much does it cost to make this kind of book? How long does it take to make one? As long as it's not more difficult than bamboo slips, it's worth the effort." Lu Zhi said excitedly again. .

Lu Zhi kept reading a few books back and forth.

Zhang Yu couldn't bear to see how old he was, and he was so excited when he saw a few books.

So Zhang Yu said, "Gong Lu, these books will be given to Gong Lu, and I also hope that Gong Lu can help me repair the book."

Lu Zhi was taken aback, and it took a long time to react and said, "These books have been given to me?"

Lu Zhi couldn't believe it, and then asked, "What is your attempt to give such a precious book? What letter do you want me to write?"

Zhang Yu's face was weird, this book was an ordinary gift in Zhang Yu, not much precious.

"Lu Gong is too worried, this time I brought a lot of books to Luoyang to sell, then I would like to ask Lu Gong to write to Master Cai so that he can recommend it." Zhang Yu said.

In fact, Zhang Yu is going to sell books, so he doesn't need anyone to recommend him.

Just thinking about it, Zhang Yu started recommending from the high-end market.

Let the upper-level people respect it first, and then detonate the entire market, so that the cost of promotion is relatively low, and Zhang Yu doesn't need to advertise everywhere by himself.

But Zhang Yu's words made Lu Zhi stupid.

"Sell, sell books." Lu Zhi was stunned.

"Is this book for sale?" Lu Zhi confirmed again.

With Zhang Yu's affirmative answer, Lu Zhi was not calm.

"How many books do you have?" Lu Zhi asked.

"Several cars, why there are thousands of copies, this is the first batch, and will continue to be sent to Luoyang later." Zhang Yu said calmly.

"This, this, this." Lu Zhi stammered, and then said, "I want to see it."

After Lu Zhi ran outside, there was a transportation team brought by Zhang Yu.

The carts of books on the cart were all wrapped in sheepskin leather.

Lu Zhi couldn't hide his shock and opened it in the past.

Books are neatly bundled inside.

Now Lu Zhi was really shocked.

A bamboo slip can be made without cutting the bamboo.

There are many complicated processes to achieve long-term moth-proof and anti-corrosion.

Therefore, a short book usually takes one year to manufacture, UU reading www.uukanshu. Com can be seen as precious.

Ordinary people simply do not have the ability to own books.

However, at this time Zhang Yu said that he would sell books, and he was selling paper books, and he was still selling a lot of books.

You know, now, I haven't heard of anyone selling books specifically, only when the family is ruined, they sell it as a last resort.

Finally, Lu Zhi accepted the facts.

"Zhang Zifan, I see these books are almost the same in handwriting and the same size, how did you do it?" Lu Zhi asked.

So Zhang Yu told Lu Zhi about the manufacturing process of the book.

"I didn't expect it, I didn't expect it." After listening, Lu Zhi exclaimed again and again.

"Okay, Zhang Zifan, I'll help you write this letter." Lu Zhi said he was going to find pen and ink.

"Go get a stack of paper." Zhang Yu said to his opponent.

When a piece of paper was laid on the desk for Lu Zhi to write, he suddenly felt like he couldn't get his hands off.

The importance of paper books is too meaningful for a cultural person like him.

Zhang Yu was also sighed with confidence in holding Lu Zhi's book. He didn't expect this book to be so important to this era.

What Zhang Yu didn't know was that if this book became popular on a large scale, it would shake the foundation of the family.

Why can these aristocratic families always control the entire world, because they have read books.

As for ordinary people, how do they read books without seeing books for a lifetime?

So books can change the state of the entire society today.

The aristocratic family cannot completely control the entire officialdom.

However, this requires a relatively long process. If the common people want to read, they must first fill their stomachs.

With letters and a new understanding of this era, Zhang Yu set off for Luoyang.

When I saw Lu Zhi this time, Zhang Yu had a new understanding of these books and suddenly realized that this might be the beginning of a big change.

For example, several reforms in later generations all started in the field of education.

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