The Strongest System To Dominate the Three Kingdoms Chapter 191

Chapter 192: The terrible influence of books

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Zhang Yu marched all the way and finally arrived in Luoyang.

When he came to Luoyang this time, he kept a low profile a lot.

However, no matter how low-key Zhang Yu is, it has attracted the attention of many people.

Especially Zhang Yu also brought a large transportation team.

Coming to Luoyang again, Zhang Yu had a new feeling again.

It is that the more prosperous this city is, it indicates that his destruction will not be far away.

The country is prosperous, but outside is in a state of fire and water, which is not good.

Zhang Yu didn't rush into the palace this time. Although he brought gifts to the emperor and empress this time, the matter was not in a hurry.

On the second day in Luoyang, Zhang Yu brought a box of books and Lu Zhi's letters to visit Cai Yong.

"Zhang Zifan, why didn't you come to Luoyang to meet your majesty first, but came to me instead?" Cai Yong said with some confusion and joking.

"It's no big deal. Send a small gift to Mrs. Cai, and ask Mrs. Cai to do a little favor." Zhang Yu said.

Cai Yong was a little unhappy. Zhang Yu had always bribed the **** and the emperor. This would have come to bribe him.

However, Cai Yong didn't turn Zhang Yu away, but greeted him in. In any case, Zhang Yu is currently contributing to the court and has done nothing to harm the community.

"Zhang Zifan, there is no need to give gifts, but I can talk about something." After entering the room, Cai Yong said to Zhang Yu nonchalantly.

Zhang Yu smiled, took out a piece of paper and handed it to Cai Yong.

"This is?" Cai Yong hadn't seen the paper before, and when he saw Zhang Yu hand it over, he said in confusion.

"Master Cai will know when you open it."

Cai Yong unfolded the paper, and lines of words appeared in it.

"What? You can write. Is this paper?" Cai Yong said in surprise.

Zhang Yu nodded and said, "It is paper. Unlike Caihou paper, this paper can not only be written on, but it can also be bound into a book."

"Binded into a book? Does the thing that Brother Lu said to help you in the letter has something to do with this?"

In the letter, Lu Zhi did not tell Cai Yong about the book, but asked Cai Yong to help Zhang Yu.

"Master Cai, why don't you open the gift and have a look." Zhang Yu said, pointing to a small box next to it.

Cai Yong was puzzled, but still opened the box.

There are more than twenty different books in it.

"This is a book, it's incredible." Cai Yong was not much better than Lu Zhi, and he was very surprised when he saw the book.

Cai Yong hurriedly picked up several books and looked through them.

Books are too meaningful for literati like him.

Cai Yong couldn't refuse Zhang Yu's gift.

After some conversation, Cai Yong sighed again and again.

"Zhang Zifan, I have to say that this is so shocking. The appearance of this paper book can make the words of the saint popular all over the world. You can say that you have done a great thing for the future." Cai Yong said.

Zhang Yu didn't care about what name would last forever. This was an ironclad thing. He made so many things out, and he was destined to survive forever.

What he was thinking at this time was how to make money. He was too short of money.

So with the help of celebrities like Cai Yong, the book became popular first.

As long as the upper class starts to pursue it, they will soon be able to travel all over the world.

Cai Yong finally agreed, agreeing to help Zhang Yu sell books.

Zhang Yu left Cai Yong with satisfaction, the first step was considered a success.

Before long, Cai Yong invited many people to watch the books.

When this book appeared, many people were shocked.

And Zhang Yu had always concealed the cost of the book, and he did not explicitly tell Cai Yong the price of the book.

Zhang Yu dare not say that once the outside world knows that the cost of this book is very low, Zhang Yu may be madly attacked by the whole world.

He is not afraid in Huiji County, but at this time he is in Luoyang with only five hundred people around him.

Because cheap books can shake the foundation of a family.

As long as the aristocratic family relies on the knowledge they have mastered, it can always rule the entire country and become an aristocratic family.

But if there are a lot of cheap books, there will be a lot of people who can read, and their interests will be weakened.

This is the common interest of all aristocratic families, so it will inevitably lead to a common blow by all aristocratic families.

So Zhang Yu had to be cautious.

Promoted by influential figures such as Cai Yong, the books quickly spread throughout Luoyang.

Zhang Yu did not expect that the influence of books in this era would exceed his expectations.

"Ding~ System reminder: Congratulations to the host, get 100 reputation points."

Suddenly, Zhang Yu received a prompt from the system that he had become famous for this book and won a prestige award.

Another day later, a mysterious figure suddenly came to Zhang Yu.

"Reported to the lord, my subordinates learned that recently someone has been secretly planning to target the lord, but no specific information has been obtained, please be careful."

The person here is the head of Zhang Yu's intelligence agency.

"Come here very quickly." Zhang Yu sighed secretly in his heart.

He is not sure who is going to deal with him now. It may be the group who bought the bandits before, or it may be because of the books.

"You have been paying attention to this matter for a long time. It is best to find the people behind the scenes and let them act." Zhang Yu said.

Zhang Yu knew that the other party was going to deal with him ~www.wuxiaworld~ and was not afraid.

If they stay inactive, Zhang Yu will never be able to find the man behind the scenes, and the threat will always exist.

It is better to take risks and let them act, and then they can be dug out.

Zhang Yu asked him to go back, and began to arrange it himself.

First of all, there are only five hundred people around him. The other party is dark, and he will definitely arrange for Zhang Yu.

After finishing the arrangement, Zhang Yu continued to work on his books.

The books were already on fire in Luoyang, but Zhang Yu didn't sell them, only gave them away.

In a few days, Zhang Yu gave out a large number of books, whether it was enemies or friends.

"It's time to see the emperor." Zhang Yu thought for a while and said.

Finally, Zhang Yu finished his work and sent out a lot of books.

Since the books were given away, they caused a great response in the upper class, but there was no movement on other levels.

It's not that Zhang Yu didn't want to move, but that it was too simple before.

Once Zhang Yu starts selling books on a large scale, he will be in constant trouble and will be hit by most of the family.

Zhang Yu is naturally not afraid, but he must be prepared first.

Zhang Yu entered the palace with a lot of gifts.

"The minister pays homage to your majesty." After Zhang Yu entered the palace, the emperor did that thing in his palace again.

Since Zhang Yu was regarded as a confidant, Liu Hong did not avoid doing that, which caused Zhang Yu's heart to become hot.

"This emperor is really ridiculous. He will also summon me to do that." Zhang Yu cursed secretly in front of the curtain.

Liu Hong is still going on, the strange sound keeps ringing, this Liu Hong seems to be able to fight...

"Um, I just thought he was good at fighting. It only took about five minutes before he was gone. I don't know if he can be tough." Zhang Yu muttered to himself.

After the emperor finished the matter, he seemed to be in a good mood, and he got up, ready to meet Zhang Yu.

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