The Strongest System To Dominate the Three Kingdoms Chapter 192

Chapter 193: The Queen of Perfume Fans

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Zhang Yu was still waiting outside the tent, and Liu Hong got up happily after finishing the work.

"Haha, Zhang Aiqing, your fairy brew is really amazing, you won't have a headache after drinking it, and the most important thing is that my ability in that area has been greatly improved." Liu Hong was still wearing clothes and said to Zhang Yu happily.

"It's only five minutes, and it's greatly improved. Was it only two minutes before?" Zhang Yu secretly despised in his heart.

"Five minutes, I can't do it again, I'm so embarrassed."

"If I let you know, I'll be fine for fifty minutes. You can still have a few times a night. You can't hit the wall and die."

Zhang Yu had always despised Liu Hong in his heart, and no one told Liu Hong to avoid him when he did that, and his heart became hot.

Liu Hong put on his clothes and came out, his expression still full of excitement.

And Zhang Rang also accompanied Liu Hong out.

"Farewell to your Majesty." Zhang Yu met again.

"No gift, no gift, Zhang Aiqing, what good gift did you bring to me this time?" Liu Hong asked.

Every time Zhang Yu comes, he will give Liu Hong a surprise. Even if he doesn't come, Zhang Yu often sends gifts to Luoyang.

"Your Majesty, in addition to wine this time, the minister also brought some treasures of the East China Sea, such as corals and pearls." Zhang Yu said.

"Haha, okay, okay, Aiqing is indeed a loyal minister, loyal minister." Liu Hong said with joy.

When Liu Hong heard that there was a baby, he was very happy.

Many people from Zhang Yu sent for these things.

Coral is not easy to dig, and large pearls are not easy to find.

But Zhang Yu needs to hug Liu Hong's thighs, so he does everything possible.

"Your Majesty, the minister still has another important gift that needs to be seen by your Majesty. This may make your Majesty's name go down in history and live forever." Zhang Yu said.

Liu Hong's eyes are bright, he is happy to enjoy and ignores state affairs, but it doesn't mean that he is not interested in the immortality.

"Hurry up." Liu Hong said happily.

"Your Majesty, the Minister has created a paper book, which is relatively cheap and conducive to preservation. If your Majesty can promote the words of the saint throughout the whole man, let the teachings of the saint spread to the whole man, then your majesty will be able to survive forever." Zhang Yu said Out of my own plan.

Liu Hong's face was ignorant. He was poor since he was a child, didn't read much, and didn't understand the truth very well.

"Please look at your majesty, this is the book made by the minister." Zhang Yu saw that Liu Hong was a fool and didn't understand anything, so he quickly delivered the book.

Liu Hong flipped through a few books.

"Good thing, this book is much easier to use than those bamboo slips." For a long time, Liu Hong commented on this.

Zhang Yu was very despised in his heart, and the emperor was really useless.

After a long time, Zhang Yu said: "Your Majesty, of course this book is very convenient. Please promote your Majesty. The ministers will surely let your Majesty be known forever."

Liu Hong was stunned for a while and said, "Zhang Yu, this won't cost money, right?"

"I'll make a list, this emperor is not only a fool, but also a special pick. He doesn't even want to pay a penny." Zhang Yu secretly despised.

However, Zhang Yu did not intend to let Liu Hong pay to know that he is a financial fan, who can sell his official positions. It is very difficult for him to pay.

"Your Majesty, since the ministers proposed this plan for your Majesty, of course they must do their best for your majesty. However, although your majesty does not need to pay a penny, he also needs his majesty's support." Zhang Yu said.

"Okay, Aiqing deserves to be a loyal minister, please say Aiqing, I will try my best to help you." Liu Hong heard that he didn't need money, so everything was easy to discuss, and Zhang Yu asked.

"Your Majesty, the minister wants to help your majesty make all the books in the world out of paper, but the minister does not have a few books in his hands, so please order from your majesty to let the minister bring back the books of the court and the royal family. Then the minister will definitely They are all made out of paper and then returned."

That's right, what Zhang Yu hit was the idea of the National Library.

The imperial court has a large collection of books, including the collections of "Taichang", "Taishi", and "Doctors", as well as the collection of books in the imperial palace.

There are tens of thousands of volumes in the collection.

So many books are a big treasure house.

Zhang Yu intends to take them all back so that they will not be destroyed by the war. At the same time, Zhang Yu's territory is also very lacking in books, and there are only a few books that can be found.

To collect a little bit of it, it is better to empty the National Library directly.

Liu Hong thought for a while and agreed.

For Liu Hong, these books are useless at all.

And to Zhang Yu, Zhang Yu can also make him "famous forever and forever."

Zhang Yu got the imperial decree from the emperor.

"With so many books, when I print them all out, that's when I shake the foundation of the family." Zhang Yu held the imperial decree and secretly said vigorously.

Under the leadership of the eunuch, Zhang Yu walked out of the emperor's palace.

"Master Zhang, the empress, please."

There was a little **** waiting at the door, and Zhang Yu was invited over as soon as he came out.

Zhang Yu nodded and followed the people.

"Um, Chen, meet the empress empress." Zhang Yu was taken to the queen's palace, and was stunned when he saw the queen.

The queen at this time is a beautiful and fair-skinned girl.

Zhang Yu hasn't seen the queen for eight or nine months since he gave the queen cosmetics. When he saw her at this time, the change was really great.

Zhang Yu was stunned and looked at her directly. This time the queen was not angry~www.wuxiaworld~ but liked the effect very much.

"Zhang Aiqing, I heard that you brought a gift to your majesty, but you did bring it to this palace," the queen said, fondly.

"This girl is getting more and more attractive." Zhang Yu was really fascinated by the queen. After the queen used cosmetics, it changed too much.

"Enlighten the queen, the minister not only brought cosmetics to the queen, but also a bottle of special perfume." Zhang Yu said.

Of course, Zhang Yu used points to redeem this perfume. To please the queen, Zhang Yu bit his teeth and spent 20,000 points to buy it.

"Perfume? What does it do?" the queen asked.

"Queens, this perfume can be fascinating all day long by just applying a little bit of it on the body, just like the effect of a sachet, but this effect is ten thousand times that of a sachet." Zhang Yu said.

"Okay, show it to my palace."

With that said, Zhang Yu didn't hand over the things to the palace lady, but walked forward with the help of a ghost.

"Empress, this is the perfume. Open a little bit on your hand, and just apply a little bit on your body." Zhang Yu took out the perfume.

In this era, of course, there is no perfume that can be sprayed, only to be used, and the only thing that the system can exchange is this.

"Ah, it really smells good." The queen said, sniffing.

This scent is not strong, it is very natural and can work all day long.

"These little hands are so white, and I don't know what Liu Hong thinks, why don't you want a beautiful wife." Zhang Yu actually swayed when he contacted the queen at close range.

"Bah, baah, don't think about it, you have thoughts about the queen." Zhang Yu had some thoughts about the queen in his mind, so he quickly dispelled the thoughts.

"It's all Liu Hong. You have to let yourself hear it when you do that in the bedroom." Zhang Yu blamed all the blame on Liu Hong.

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