The Strongest Violent Emperor Chapter 915

Chapter 915: Dongfu

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Liu Ce's spiritual consciousness was really strong, but he found out the whereabouts of the opponent in the first place. It turned out that the giant snake didn't disappear, it just became smaller. The body suddenly changed from several thousand meters to less than half a meter.

No wonder Liu Ce couldn't find the giant snake. It turned out that the other party had become a snake.

At this moment, the little snake turned into a white lightning and fleeed into the distance. The speed is more than ten times faster than before.

"Hmph, thinking so, I can't catch you anymore?"

Liu Ce did not move, because someone was waiting for it.


Scaboo appeared in the direction where the little snake had escaped, stretched out his hand, and grabbed the little snake.

"Damn, who are you?"

The little snake struggled desperately on Fei Peng's hands. But it is of no use.

"Your Majesty. Fortunately not insulting your life."

Fei Peng, Zhonglou, Yuhuatian and others came to Liu Ce.


Liu Ce nodded slightly.

"How about it, now you still don't tell what you know."

Liu Ce squinted at the little snake.

"Unless...unless you swear, if I say it, you will let me go."

The little snake said to Liu Ce.

"Are you threatening me?"

Liu Ce narrowed his eyes.

"Whoever you think is going to die anyway, why should I tell you."

The little snake is very hard.

"Your Majesty, this servant is so arrogant, give it to the humble post, and the humble post will stew it into snake soup."

Chonglou couldn't help but said to Liu Ce.

"Yes, stew it into snake soup."

Scaboo couldn't help it either.

The body of the little snake in Fei Peng's hand trembled, but did not speak, it seemed very hard.

Liu Ce hesitated. He naturally knew that the little snake must know a certain secret. Just refused to say it. This moment, made him a little bit difficult.

"Boss, let Xiaohuang come."

Xiaohuang appeared on Liu Ce's shoulder.

Xiaohuang coldly looked at the snake in Feipeng's hand, somewhat disdainful.

"You...you are..."

At the first sight of Xiaohuang, Xiao Snake was scared to pee. Need to know, the little emperor is the poisonous emperor Xuanshui snake. That is the absolute boss of the snake clan, and it is still the boss of the boss. Among the snakes. Even if it is not second to none, it can definitely enter the top three strong snakes.

In addition, the little emperor's body had a trace of blood from the Primordial Sky Fire Profound Dragon. Although the blood of the little snake is not simple, it is definitely far suppressed by the blood in the little emperor's body. need to know. The bloodline in the little emperor's body is even dragon. Although there is only a trace of the blood of the dragon clan, it is a dragon, already out of the category of the dragon clan.

Therefore, at this moment, the little snake was frightened by the little emperor, and the suppression of its bloodline made it seem to have seen its own clan king.

"Say, tell everything you know."

The little emperor was condescending to stare at the little snake.

"Yes, my lord."

The little snake shivered. The fear that came out of the bones made it without any thought of resistance, and it said everything that he knew.

It turns out that this little snake is a descendant of the Snow Spirit Snake of the Ancient Era. In the ancient era. A god-man appeared in the Wuli Snow Mountain. At least in the eyes of the ancestors of Little Snake, the other party was indeed a fairy, and that god-man opened up a cave in this place. Later, the **** man left. But it was in the cave mansion that left his own heritage.

The ancestors of the little snake discovered that the god-man had gone for a long time and had not returned for a long time, and knew that there were treasures left by the god-man in this cave. As for how to know that there are treasures left by the gods in this cave, this is because the snow snake has a keen intuition for treasures. Although it is far inferior to some treasure hunters who have a special feeling for treasures. But you can also feel the powerful treasure radiating from the treasures in the cave.

Even so, Xue Ling Snake still did not dare to approach the cave. Because it fears the existence of gods and people. It knows that once let the gods know that they have touched the other's treasure. The opponent can crush himself a hundred times with one finger. Therefore, Xue Ling Snake was extremely coveted for the treasures in the God Man's Cave Mansion, but still did not dare to act rashly.

Finally one day, after Xue Ling Snake determined that the **** man would not come back again. It finally couldn't help but started the idea of this cave mansion treasure.

It's just that when the Xue Ling Snake approached the cave mansion with a radius of 500 meters, it would be repelled out. Every time it is rejected, its body will be seriously injured. After a few times, Xue Ling Snake did not dare to try again. It knows that the intensity of each rejection is stronger than the previous one. It will definitely die a few more times.

But with such a huge treasure and nothing inaccessible, Xue Ling Snake was also extremely unwilling, so he stayed here for generations. Then look for various ways to enter.

However, it is easier said than done to enter. From the ancient era to the present, there was no success in the end.

When it came to the generation of the little snake before Liu Ce's eyes, they still found a way. Through the snow lotus on the Wuli Mountain, you can blend yourself with the surrounding environment of the Dong Mansion, reducing the sensitivity of the prohibition outside the Dong Mansion. If we say, this may not have been successful before. But the possibility of this success is still very high now.

Because this prohibition has also passed hundreds of thousands of years. Compared with the beginning, the strength has already weakened by more than 40%.

However, although this snow lotus is good, not every part of the snow lotus is useful. Only the snow lotus that grows on the top of the snow mountain has an effect on the snow snake.

It's a pity that the snow snake can't get close to the place where the snow lotus grows. Once close, it will cause an avalanche, which will destroy the snow lotus. Therefore, the Snow Spirit Snake hopes that the people in Snow Mountain Village will obtain snow lotus for it. It's just that the villagers of Xueshan Village can only get one snow lotus at a time.

Fortunately, with the lifespan of the Snow Spirit Snake, it can still afford it. This time, it only needs to take another snow lotus to completely condense its breath and assimilate with the Wuli Snow Mountain. It's just that I didn't expect to encounter the evil star of Emperor Han. Let its years of hope be ruined.

"Little emperor, ask the location of the cave mansion."

Liu Ce looked very excited.

"Yes, boss."

Then the emperor asked about the location of Xue Ling Snake's cave.

When asking this question, Xue Ling Snake suddenly struggled. But under the suppression and deterrence of Xiaohuang's blood, Xue Ling Snake only struggled for a moment and compromised. After all, Xiaohuang's deterrence is still very powerful.

After Xue Ling Snake said all this, Xiao Huang directly swallowed Xue Ling Snake.

In this regard, Liu Ce did not feel surprised. Little emperor is the king of snakes. It's normal to devour the same kind. There is nothing impossible.

After Xiaohuang swallowed the Snow Spirit Snake, his face was contented. Obviously, this Snow Spirit Snake is also a great tonic for it. This is also normal, after all, the blood of Xue Ling Snake is not as good as Xiao Huang. But the other party is also a different species.

"Where is that position, you are leading the way."

Liu Ce looked at Xiaohuang.

Xiaohuang immediately led the way.


When Xiaohuang reached somewhere in the Wuli Snow Mountain, he suddenly stopped.

Looking at a high ground ahead, Liu Ce asked Xiaohuang: "Is it here?"

"Boss, yes, it's just ahead. You can't move forward anymore, it will cause a restraining attack."

Xiaohuang said to Liu Ce.

Liu Ce didn't doubt that Xiaohuang, as a desolate beast, and a high-level desolate beast, naturally had a strong sense of danger.

"I want to see how strong this God Emperor's restriction is."

Liu Ceyue was eager to try.

Most of the so-called prohibitions are based on formations. Liu Ce is now a warrior in the Divine Transformation Realm. Although there is a big gap with the Divine Emperor Realm, this restriction can only exert less than 60% of its power. In addition, Liu Ce is a warrior in the Divine Realm. Emboldened.

"Your Majesty, let us come."

Fei Peng said to Liu Ce.

"Yes, Your Majesty, you don't need to take risks, we will go to seize the treasure for you."

Chonglou also followed.

Yuhuatian also followed Liu Ce.

"No, I am not so fragile yet. I am a Array Daoist. It is most suitable for breaking the ban as a Array Daoist."

Liu Ce said solemnly.


Fei Peng and Zhonglou knew that they could not persuade them, so they stopped persuading them to retreat to the side.

Liu Ce takes a few steps forward


The vitality of the surrounding heaven and earth was turning rapidly.

"This is Jian Qi?"

Liu Ce frowned slightly.

Following Liu Ce's words, countless lightsabers appeared in the void around him. These lightsabers are gathered together in a certain formation.

Liu Ce's expression became serious at this moment.

Liu Ce could already feel that this sword aura was enough to threaten him.

But who is Liu Ce, he is also not afraid. Although this sword aura is enough to threaten him, it is only the only threat.

Between positive thoughts. The endless sword aura came towards Liu Ce's place.

Hundreds and thousands, the momentum is amazing.

"Ling Bo stepped slightly!"

Between square inches, Lingbo's microsteps are still more effective than Traveling Taixu.

In an instant, Liu Ce turned into a cloud of smoke.

"Boom!" "Boom!"

The horrible sword aura broke through the air.

But these sword auras all fell through. Liu Ce's speed was too fast. It's not an exaggeration to describe it as lightning fast. The snow around Liu Ce was bumpy.

What is strange is that although this area is located on the top of the Wuli Snow Mountain, under such a powerful attack, this snow mountain has not been caused by a landslide. In Liu Ce's view, these are all shocking things.

Liu Ce's body style is very fast, and every direction he walks is the weakness of the sword formation. Although the power of this sword formation was great, it was almost meaningless to Liu Ce, the master of the formation.

However, Liu Ce's body technique is getting slower and slower. After all, under the squeeze of this sword formation, Liu Ce's body technique cannot be fully deployed. Especially the closer to the cave, the greater the power of the sword formation.

Although there are many lightsabers, there are even thousands of them. But every time he attacked Liu Ce. They all seemed to pass by Liu Ce.

But Liu Ce carried his hands on his back, as if walking in a leisurely courtyard.

Less than half a cup of tea

Liu Ce swiftly rushed towards the place of the cave mansion, and soon, he came to the place of the cave mansion.

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