The Strongest Violent Emperor Chapter 916

Chapter 916: Precious Stones

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This is an ordinary-looking cave. Standing in front of the cave, there was no trace of the snow mountain at all. It seems some kind of special power. Let ice and snow not cover here.

But Liu Ce did not enter easily, because he could still keenly feel a hint of danger.

"It seems that there is a big restriction here."

Liu Ce narrowed his eyes.

Liu Ce secretly thought: It seems that even with his own strength, if he enters at this moment, he will be torn to pieces by the restrictions here.

Fortunately, Liu Ce is a master of the formation. Although the prohibition here is strong, it does not make him helpless.

The prohibition under normal circumstances is condensed through the formation method. A few more complicated prohibitions are combined with formations and runes.

Fortunately, Liu Ce can be regarded as the one who is proficient in both Zhendao and Fudao.

Liu Ce began to condense the formation and hit the void in front of him.

After half a cup of tea

In the void in front of Liu Ce, array patterns flashed out in the void, exuding a vast brilliance.

As time passed, a trace of sweat permeated Liu Ce's forehead. He didn't expect that the restrictions placed by the master of the cave were so powerful. There are dozens of formation patterns unexpectedly.

Generally, to lift the prohibition, it is necessary to open all the formation patterns and show them. The formation pattern that appeared was enough to be destroyed at any time. However, although this array of banned masters did not have runes. But it is condensed a lot of formation patterns. As long as Liu Ce has no place for a pattern, it will cause a chain reaction, leading to abandonment of all previous efforts.


Seventy six


Seventy nine


After Liu Ce revealed the seventy-ninth pattern. A pattern appeared on the side of the forbidden enchantment.


Liu Ce couldn't help but exhaled.

Fortunately, there are only seventy-nine formations, and if there are more, Liu Ce really can't bear it.

Liu Ce stretched out his hand, and all the formation patterns on the barrier were erased by him, and then the restriction was lifted.

Liu Ce immediately walked into the cave

Entering the cave, Liu Ce's eyes lit up. Originally, he thought that this cave would be covered with dust without anyone entering it for hundreds of thousands of years, but he didn't want it to be spotless. Everywhere is neat and tidy, as if there are people living in it. Of course, only Liu Ce understands that this stone room has been unoccupied for hundreds of thousands of years.

In the cave mansion, Liu Ce found the self-inscription of the cave owner.

It turned out that the owner of this cave mansion was indeed a martial artist of the Divine Emperor Realm, and also a warrior of the peak of the Divine Emperor Realm. He is a native of Huawu mainland warrior.

At the age of ten, he broke through to the Divine Realm, and at the age of 20 he cultivated to the Holy Realm. At the age of thirty, he broke through to the Divine Tribulation Realm and went outside the territory. After five hundred years of cultivating, he broke through to the emperor, with a feeling of homesickness, and returned to the Huawu Continent. But the relatives are no longer there, and the family is destroyed. Under the bitterness, the snow-capped mountains established cave houses and lived in them. Hundreds of years later, he left Huawu mainland. Traveling between the stars.

"Hua Chenzi?"

Liu Ce looked at the name. Obviously, this was taken by the other party after returning to the Huawu Continent. This name obviously represents the feelings of the other party's longing.

Hua Wu

Dust implies the world

Son, the son of the mainland.

Liu Ce sighed a little. Even though he had cultivated to the Emperor Realm, his thoughts about his homeland had increased unabated. This person can be regarded as a man of temperament.

Liu Ce searched the cave and found many treasures.

There are some secrets for the top-grade spar 100 million and the top-grade spar 1 billion. There are even more than a dozen holy ranks of martial arts and martial arts

These gains already made Liu Ce very satisfied. Especially the one hundred million premium spar made Liu Ce feel very worthwhile. Need to know, the best spar is absolutely rare in Huawu Continent. One piece is equivalent to the existence of the spiritual source of a spiritual vein. Although Liu Ce is the holy emperor of the Huawu Continent, to be honest, he has never seen so many spars. Not to mention the best spar. The resources of the Huawu Continent today are too far behind the ancient era and the ancient era.

Looking at this Hua Chenzi, these spars were randomly placed outside. Obviously, these spars were not too cherished things for Hua Chenzi. But for Liu Ce, this spar is still very useful. Especially Liu Ce's cultivation tower is devouring a large number of spars every day.

Liu Ce found that there was another room inside. This room is in the deepest part of the cave. Obviously, it is the place where Hua Chenzi lives on weekdays.

Liu Ce walked in

This is indeed the place where Hua Chenzi usually lives. It's very simple, just a bookshelf and table, and there is a black box on the table.

The box was placed on this table very preciously. Obviously, the contents of this box should be much more precious than the previous spar. Otherwise, the previous spar and even the top-grade spar were placed on the ground at will. But the box is not only much smaller, it is even solemnly placed on the table, which shows that there are good things in the box.

Liu Ce originally thought that since this was a treasure chest that was more precious, there should be other restrictions in this treasure chest. But I didn't want to, this treasure chest was opened easily.

Just above the treasure chest, a white light flew out. These white lights formed a paragraph.

Liu Ce frowned slightly, knowing that these words were reserved for the person who opened this treasure chest.

The general content is that the things here are the destined people left by Hua Chenzi to the Huawu Continent. He calculated that after tens of thousands of years, the Huawu Continent will have disasters again and again. Especially after hundreds of thousands of years, even greater disasters will occur in the Huawu mainland. He hoped that this thing would have some effect on the latecomers.

"Ding, found the Star Stone, the Starry Sky Secret Gold, the Dayang Dragon Blood Stone...Do you use it to upgrade the cultivation tower?"

The system prompt sounds.

"Well, these gems can be upgraded for the cultivation tower?"

Liu Ce was slightly surprised when he heard this.

"System, can you explain it?"

Liu Ce asked the system.

"Host, there are two ways to upgrade the artifact, one is to use the system upgrade card to upgrade, but this requires luck, and the second is to collect some gems. This is also something the host can actively do."

System Road.

"Can my gems be upgraded for the cultivation tower?"

Liu Ce asked expectantly.

"The host can try. These gems should meet most of their needs before the system will issue a reminder."

System Road.

"Well, I want to use these gems to upgrade the cultivation tower."

Liu Cedao.

"Ding, the upgrade failed. The upgraded gems lack the letter gold +1. Please upgrade after the host has collected it."

The system prompt sounds.

"Is it gold?"

Liu Ce frowned.

It doesn't seem to be much worse. But it was the first time that Liu Ce heard the name of this son-mother-jin.

Forget it, the difference is the same, it may not take long to find it.

Liu Ce is not too anxious. The functions of the cultivation tower are already abundant and sufficient now.

Liu Ce unceremoniously put all the treasures in the cave mansion into his system space, leaving no root hairs.

Fei Peng, Zhonglou, Yuhuatian and the others are a little impatient while waiting outside. Of course, the most important thing is to worry about Liu Ce's safety. After all, they don't know what happened to your Majesty now. But without your majesty's order, several people did not dare to enter. Can only wait anxiously outside.

Of course, if they stay for a while, even without your majesty's order, they will choose to rush in. After all, your majesty's safety is more important than everything else. Fortunately, when they were about to be impatient, Liu Ce finally came out of the cave.

"His Majesty."

In the heavy building, Feipeng and others were relieved when they saw Liu Ce come out. Your Majesty is fine.

"Well, let's go back."

Liu Cedao.


Although this time the goal was achieved, Liu Ce still wanted to go back and inform Princess Tan Xue. After all, he and Princess Tan Xue are now good friends. Liu Ce still has a good impression of Tan Xue's kindness. Of course, even so, he was not prepared to tell the other party his true identity.

Of course, it's not that Liu Ce really concealed it deliberately. Its just that Liu Ce feels that sometimes among friends, its better not to add too many other factors. The two of them just be friends as ordinary people, which is actually pretty good.

Liu Ce has the slightest bit, and more wants some real people who have no other interests to be friends.

At this point, Liu Ce discovered that he really didn't have many. Therefore, for such an ordinary friend, he actually cherishes it even more.

Outside the snow mountain village

Tan Xue was already waiting for Liu Ce anxiously. After all, this time, Liu Ce faced the beast god. If it weren't for worrying about being pregnant with Liu Ce, Tan Xue would have followed.

"Why haven't you come back, has something happened?"

Tan Xue was a little worried.


Tan Xue thought it was Liu Ce who had returned, but soon she discovered that it was a group of warriors.

"People from outside?"

Tan Xue frowned slightly. I suddenly remembered that time when I was cultivating on the top of the snow mountain, I met the young man from outside who almost let him become crazy.

"Hahaha, Miss Tan Xue, we meet again."

The headed young man looked at Tan Xue with lustful and endless desires in his eyes. When he saw Tan Xue for the first time, he was attracted by this innocent and refined girl and vowed that he would get her. Therefore, after being driven out of the Snow Mountain by the villagers of Snow Mountain Village, he returned to the Taiwu Dynasty, and wanted to put pressure on Snow Mountain Village through the power of the dynasty, hoping to get Princess Tan Xue. In his opinion, as long as the villagers of Xueshan Village are not stupid, they will not refuse this request.

"It's you?"

Tan Xuexiu frowned slightly.

When the villagers of Xueshan Village discovered these outsiders, they were all excited. After all, the villagers of Xueshan Village have always been hostile to outsiders.

"Hmph, I'm afraid you don't know your situation. You are the survivors exiled by our human continent. As long as this prince will announce the news of your presence here, what are the consequences for you?"

The headed youth is proud of the way.


Tan Xue noticed what the other party was saying and frowned.

"Hahaha, Miss Tan Xue, you heard that right. Listen, this prince is the seventh prince of the Taiwu dynasty. As long as Miss Tan Xue is willing to be the princes woman. This prince promises that after you Snow Mountain Village, No one will bother you. And if you want to go out, this prince will protect you."

The Seventh Prince said proudly.

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