The Strongest Violent Emperor Chapter 917

Chapter 917: Seven Princes

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"The Seventh Prince?"

Tan Xue frowned slightly.

Even those villagers filled with outrage in Xueshan Village are also a little worried at this moment. Although they have never left the Wuli Snow Mountain, it does not mean that they are really ignorant of the outside world. The knowledge and some books passed on from generation to generation keep them from completely disconnecting from this society. Naturally, I also know the energy represented by a prince. If this person is really the Seventh Prince, it is indeed easy for them to destroy their Snow Mountain Village. Not to mention, as long as they say where they are, the villagers in the entire Snow Mountain Village on Wuli Snow Mountain will suffer.

After all, the human race of the human race mainland has a deep hatred for the sea demons. Once they are known to outsiders, they will definitely be beaten and killed. The reason why they have been peaceful for so many years is also because they stayed in the depths of the Wuli Snow Mountain. Most people cannot find it here.

"Seven princes, are you sure you really have a way to let our survivors survive outside?"

Tan Xue looked at the Seventh Prince with mocking eyes.

"This... I still have a chance to try."

The seventh prince was a little guilty by Tan Xue.

In fact, these exiled survivors are a joint decision of more than 70% of the countries and forces on the entire continent. Not to mention that the Seventh Prince was just a prince of the Taiwu dynasty, even the emperor of the Taiwu dynasty was not qualified to make this decision.

Tan Xue is naturally not a person who is easily deceived. She sneered: "Seven princes, it seems that your Taiwu dynasty has become the lord of the mainland. You are even qualified to determine the fate of our bereaved family?"

Tan Xue is different from other villagers in that she has been out of the Wuli Snow Mountain and is not ignorant of the outside world. After all, Xueshan Village is not truly isolated from the world. This Snow Mountain Village still needs some living supplies. As a person in Xueshan Village second only to the old village chief and village chief, Tan Xue is responsible for the purchase of living materials in Xueshan Village every once in a while.

"Hmph, so what? Now the prince asks Miss Tan Xue, for the previous prince's proposal, do you agree or not?"

The Seventh Prince Guert looked at Tan Xue a little displeased.

In the eyes of the Seventh Prince Guert, Tan Xue would definitely compromise with herself.


According to Tan Xue's temperament, if the other party dared to do this, she had already started. But the other party is the seventh prince of the Taiwu dynasty. His status is noble. Offending him will bring disaster to Xueshan Village. And the Seventh Prince was clearly prepared this time. The breath of the few people brought is very strong. Especially the two men in Lent behind the Seventh Prince. I can't even see the breath on my body. Obviously the strength is extremely powerful. It may even be stronger than himself. Whether the village chief can resist it is not certain.

"Tan Xue, don't promise them."

A low and old voice sounded behind Tan Xue.

The speaker was Lei An, the old village head of Xueshan Village. Beside him is Seth, the current head of Xueshan Village. A middle-aged man with dark skin.

"Grandpa Village Chief."

Tan Xue looked at the old village chief and stopped talking.

"Baby don't panic, the future of our Snow Mountain Village doesn't need you to betray yourself by a baby girl. Don't worry about this kind of future."

The old village chief said, looking at the villagers around. They were a little guilty of being seen by the majestic gaze of the old village chief. Suddenly lowered his head. When the seven princes stated the conditions earlier, they were indeed moved. After all, staying in Wuli Snow Mountain, their Snow Mountain Village has no future. If you can go out...

"Tan Xue's ancestors gave everything for our Xueshan Village. In her generation, her parents also sacrificed for our Xueshan Village. The bones are not cold, do you want their only bone and blood to be gone?"

The old village chief is righteous and stern.

"no, do not want"

After all, the villagers of Xueshan Village are pure and good. After the words of the old village chief, they thought of all the contributions that Tan Xue's family had made to Xueshan Village, and they naturally figured it out.

"thanks, thanks"

Tan Xue was very excited.


Gult's expression was a little disdainful.

"Is it very affectionate and righteous, but you think it's up to you. If Miss Tan Xue doesn't walk with the prince today, do you think this Xueshan Village can exist?"

Guert said coldly.

"Dare you?"

Tan Xueqiao's face changed slightly.

"Hahaha, Miss Tan Xue, haven't you seen the situation clearly? What the prince is fond of is not unavailable. Before giving you face and discussing with you, I dont want to destroy peace. After all, we will still get along day and night. ."

Gult squinted his eyes slightly.

"But if Miss Tan Xue doesn't know how to promote, even if this son destroys this village, what about it? You are just the offspring of sinners. If you kill you, outsiders will only praise this son for the people's harm."

Goult took your look.

"If the son is like this, then the old man can only ask for advice."

The old village chief stood up.

"Master Taijia, you can do it."

Gult said politely to an old man nearby.

Now that the world has changed, there are more and more powerhouses in the entire Huawu Continent. The old man beside Guert was also a master of the newly emerged Nine Tribulations Realm in the early stage. Guert was also very polite to the other party.


Tai Jia nodded slightly and stood up. The body exudes a trace of powerful power.

"Nine Tribulations Realm?"

The old village chief's complexion changed.

Seth, the current village head, shook his body when he sensed the other party's breath, and came to the village head's side.

Although the other party's aura is only the cultivation base of the Nine Tribulations Realm and the First Tribulations Heart Tribulation Realm, it is not at all comparable to the two of them. The cultivation base of the two of them is only the cultivation base of the pinnacle of the nirvana state and the half-step heart tribulation.


"I don't know what I can do!"

Tai Jia's hand flicked slightly.

The power of horror vibrated in the void and swept toward the two of them.

"Boom!" A sound.

There were two muffled hums.

The terrifying force directly knocked the old village chief and the current village chief out. He smashed to the ground and vomited blood. The look was extremely wilting.

"Village Chief, Grandpa Village Chief."

Tan Xue's expression changed. Hurriedly rushed in front of the two.

"What about Tan Xue, you can think about it again. Otherwise, I won't blame this young man for being polite."

Goult's face was grim.

"Don't want Tan Xue, our Xueshan Village can't miss your family anymore. Your family has sacrificed too much for our village. You can definitely have a better life."

Lei An, the old village chief, said while vomiting blood.

"Grandpa Village Chief."

Tan Xue was also a little entangled. If it weren't for Xueshan Village, she would rather die than surrender, but she knew that doing so would definitely bring disaster to Xueshan Village. From the few powerhouses around the opponent, it can be seen that Xueshan Village is definitely not the opponent's opponent. But is it really going to give in. She knew that if she did so, she would face endless humiliation.

"Don't worry about it, you promise, this son will not agree."

Liu Ce brought Feipeng Zhonglou, Yuhuatian and others from afar. It was Liu Ce who was speaking.

"Liu Gongzi."

Tan Xue looked happy when she saw Liu Ce.

"Who are you?"

At this moment, Guerte looked a little displeased, staring coldly at Liu Ce's body.

"Who is this son? You are not qualified to know."

Liu Ce stared at Guert expressionlessly and said, "Give you a chance, ten breaths, and disappear in front of my son. Otherwise, my son will let you disappear."


This is not only Guert, but even Tan Xue and others were a little surprised. Of course, Tan Xue also knew that Liu Ce might not know that the other party was the prince of the Taiwu dynasty.


Gulte burst out laughing suddenly. It was the first time he saw someone daring to be so arrogant in front of him. He looked at Liu Ce and said coldly: "Boy, do you know who I am?"

"Who are you?"

Liu Ce asked lightly.

"Listen, I am the seventh prince of the Taiwu Dynasty?"

Guert's voice said proudly.

"Oh, the seventh prince of the Taiwu dynasty, people who don't know thought you were the emperor of the Taiwu dynasty."

Liu Ce shook his head.


What Guert heard from Liu Ce's voice was extreme disdain, which completely angered him. After he reported his identity, he has never been disadvantaged, at least in the Taiwu Dynasty, no one dared not give him face, but the guy in front of him dared to do so.

"Taijia, take him down, life and death."

Gulte ordered.

"Yes, the Seventh Prince."

Tai Jia walked out with a faint smile. His eyes fell on Liu Ce.

"Do you apologize to the seventh prince yourself, or do you want this seat to do it? This seat persuades you to obediently catch it and save yourself the hardships."

Tai Jia looked at Liu Ce indifferently.

"Only you?"

Liu Ce shook his head. The look is extremely disdainful.

In Liu Ce's eyes, these people in front of them are just a bunch of ants. He didn't bother to talk nonsense with each other.

"Damn it."

Tai Jia also saw the mockery and disdain in Liu Ce's eyes, and he was immediately humiliated. Flickering, he rushed towards Liu Ce.

Liu Ce didn't move, but gave Tai Jia a faint glance.

Tai Jia is a warrior at the pinnacle of the Heart Tribulation Realm.

In this year, the way of heaven has changed drastically. Heavenly Dao's suppression of the martial artist has weakened a lot. Therefore, many strong men were born. Many warriors in the Nine Tribulations Realm have also been born in various dynasties.

Tai Jia is the heart-catching realm martial artist born in the Tai Wu dynasty. In the past, the martial artist of the Heart Tribulation Realm was the top power in the Thai Martial Dynasty, but now in the Thai Martial Dynasty, there are all the martial artists of the Xuan Tribulation Realm, let alone the warrior of the Heart Tribulation Realm.

Liu Ce didn't make a move, but gave Tai Jia a faint glance.

It was just a glance, but Tai Jiaru was hit hard.


Tai Jia snorted and was knocked back by an invisible force.

"Bang!" there was a sound.

Tai Jia fell to the ground. He vomited blood in a big mouth, and looked extremely wilted.

"how is this possible?"

Guerte, the seventh prince of the Taiwu Dynasty, was shocked, looking at Liu Ce with some disbelief.

Liu Ce did not speak, but walked towards the Seventh Prince.

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