The Strongest Violent Emperor Chapter 981

Chapter 981: Juyuanmen

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Tianjizhu was thrown out by Liu Ce. Without Liu Ce's control, he flew directly to the top of Tu Xingsun's head and turned steadily.

And those strangely shaped thunders in the void were originally ready to go. At this moment, after the appearance of the heavenly bead, the void seemed to be more gloomy and dark.

Liu Ce felt a more depressing breath.

The system has said that this heavenly gemstone was made from the remnants of the heavens in a certain world. The sky naturally represents the way of heaven. It is absolutely impossible for two heavens to appear in the same world. At this moment, since this heavenly machine orb was refined from the remnant of another heaven. Naturally, it has the breath of another heaven.

Therefore, when the Heavenly Chrysanthemum Bead came out, it was naturally hatred.

A terrifying thunder fell from the void.

This ninth thunder is indeed very tough. Thunder of various shapes, such as knives, guns, swords, and even various beasts culled from the void.

But it wasn't for the native grandson. It's that day machine beads.

Tu Xing Sun used a bit of a daze, isn't it I'm crossing the Tribulation, why this Tribulation is going towards the Heavenly Jewel at this moment.

But this is also just right. Tu Xingsun knew that for such a terrifying power of heaven, he didn't have much preparation. It is absolutely impossible to carry it over. With this Tianji Zhura hatred, its viability has been infinitely improved.

Tianjizhu was spinning in the void. Above it, a funnel-shaped vortex appeared, constantly devouring the power of heaven.

But Liu Ce also saw that the power of this day's calamity was getting stronger and stronger. After all, the Heavenly Jade Orb is not a real heavenly path, it is only refined from the remnant of the heavenly body. It just carries a part of power. Therefore, Liu Ce could find that this Heavenly Jewel seems to have gradually dimmed.

Fortunately, the previous system inadvertently prompted that this ninth calamity would only last for ten minutes.

Six minutes have passed now.

That is to say, this Heavenly Jizhu only needs to hold on for another four minutes.

But Liu Ce may be thinking too much. Because with the passage of time, this void heavenly bead became more and more powerful. Even the power is much stronger than before.


A spherical purple thunder fell from the void. It hit the heavenly bead directly.

But Liu Ce had already discovered that the power of the Heavenly Jewels was almost consumed.


The Heavenly Jizhu burst into pieces in an instant.

At this moment, Tu Xing Sun could only face the final blow of the calamity alone.

"The Earth Emperor Profound Armor!"

Tu Xingsun roared.

The endless gray energy of the earth around him quickly condensed around him, forming an armor of condensed earth elements on his body.

"Earth Holy Fight Fist!"

Tu Xingsun roared. Killed out with a punch.

This punch was a punch he had just realized.

This punch seemed to draw on all the power of the earth. Pulled by his strength. At that moment, the whole earth shook.


The two forces collided fiercely in the void.

The endless shock wave centered on him, sweeping out in all directions. The ground within a kilometer of the surrounding area was swept over. The original lush trees and flowers disappeared in an instant. Only bare ground is left.

At the moment the shock wave ignited. Liu Ce, Feipeng, Zhonglou. The empty son and the others all stood still after a few hundred meters in an instant.

After the last strike of the sky thunder disappeared. The robbery seemed to end with it.

"How about Tuxing Sun?"

Liu Ce frowned slightly.

Although the feeling in his heart was still there, Liu Ce didn't know how the other party was now when he didn't see him. Whether it was life or death, Liu Ce was not sure.

Because the remaining power of the final blow of the robbery that day was too powerful. Although the Heavenly Chrysanthemum Bead blocked the aftermath in front, it did not mean that the Tuxing grandson might survive.

"Tuxing Sun..."

Liu Ce shouted.

No one responded.

Liu Ce's heart sank suddenly.

"Cough cough cough cough... Your Majesty, Tuxing Sun is here."

Tuxing Sun got out of the ground.

"Are you okay?"

Liu Ce looked at Tuxingsun with a happy expression.

"It's just a little bit worse, hanging a sigh of relief. However, after the robbery, Tuxing-sun's injuries seemed to heal instantly."

Tuxing Sun smiled.

"Have you successfully broken through to the Divine Emperor Realm?"

Liu Ce looked at Tuxing Sun and asked.

"Well, thank your Majesty for your help, otherwise Tu Xing-sun will definitely not be able to survive the catastrophe this time, instead he will die here."

Tuxing Sun Xin has lingering fears.

At the last moment, Tu Xingsun really thought that he was going to be wiped out in ashes, and the remnant of that day's robbery was too powerful. Fortunately, Tu Xingsun stimulated the potential of the whole body at the last moment. In addition, the Heavenly Jizhu bears most of the power for it. Plus luck is still on his side. Under this kind of encounter, Tuxing Sun was able to survive this catastrophe.

"Well, it seems that you are indeed fine."

Liu Ce looked up and down at Tuxing Sun, and seemed very satisfied.

"Healed. It seems that after the tribulation of the sky, after successfully constructing the rules of the earth, my body naturally recovered."

Tuxing Sun smiled.

Liu Ce nodded, knowing that this might be a kind of benefit from the laws of heaven and earth, a natural gift.

"System, this time, has the system replicated successfully?"

Liu Ce asked the system.

"Host rest assured, it succeeded."

System Road.

"By the way, if this kind of catastrophe is copied to the cultivation tower, wouldn't it be impossible to be protected by the system?"

Liu Ce suddenly thought of a very important question.

After all, although Liu Ce hopes that the great mans gods and demons will also benefit from the robbery, it would not be his intention if he made the great mans gods and demons die every time he was promoted. Then Liu Ce would rather not have such benefits. After all, Liu Ce still hopes that the Han gods and demons can be promoted smoothly, and now that the Sun Tuxing Sun advances like this, it is definitely a life of nine deaths.

"Don't worry, host, the system can reduce this difficulty to 10%."

System Road.

"If that is the case, the benefits of crossing the catastrophe..."

Liu Ce frowned.

"The benefits of overcoming the catastrophe are naturally still there. The host can rest assured. Otherwise, the original intention of the system to allow the host to replicate the catastrophe will be lost."

System Road.

"That's good. Trust you."

Liu Ce nodded. Turning to look at Fluttershy walking in the distance, he asked with concern: "Xiaodie, how are you, how are you?"

"Big brother, Xiaodie is fine."

Fluttershy shook her head at Liu Ce.

"It's okay, now Tuxing Sun has broken through to the Emperor Realm, and even if the old man comes again now, we may not have the power to fight, and there is even the possibility of killing the other side."

Liu Ce smiled coldly.

No matter what, this time the purpose of looking for Fluttershy in the blue sky domain was achieved. Although this process has twists and turns.

"Your Majesty, are we going back to the big man right now?"

Fei Peng asked Liu Ce.

"No, since it's here, we are also strolling in the blue sky domain. We already occupy the Yunlong domain. It's time to develop outward."

Liu Cedao.

"Your Majesty is still looking forward."

Fei Peng smiled.

"Stop flattering."

Liu Ce shook his head.

Heiyancheng Taihe Inn

When he came earlier, Liu Ce didn't care much about everything here because of Xiaodie's affairs. Now that he entered Black Flame City for the second time, Liu Ce found something wrong. As a giant city, Taihe City is also very prosperous, but the people here seem to be in a hurry. And Taihe Inn does not seem to have many guests.

According to the flow of people here, this should not be the case.

"Little two."

Liu Ce shouted.

"Guest, are you back from Fangcun Mountain?"

It's still the second in the shop before.

"Well, Xiaoer Dian will ask you a question."

Liu Ce looked at the shop Xiaoerdao.

"Guest, please ask, the younger ones must know everything."

Xiaoer from the shop said to Liu Ce.

"I want to know why there are so few guests here? Your inn should be one of the best in the entire Black Flame City, right?"

Liu Ce asked the shop second.

Xiao Er was taken aback for a moment, looked at Liu Ce in surprise and asked, "Don't you know the guest officer?"

"Know what, answer quickly."

Fei Peng on the side was dissatisfied with the little second of this shop's tone.

"The demons invaded, and our human forces in the blue sky region were defeated again and again. Our Black Flame City will become the next target seven or eight. So you say, we Black Flame City will not have any guests willing to come. During this time, all I dont know how many inns have fallen. Our Taihe Inn is considered good."

The shop Xiaoer was somewhat helpless.


Liu Ce nodded slightly.

"Then you haven't thought of leaving?"

Scaboo on the side couldn't help asking.

"Leaving, the blue sky demons control almost all the exits. Where can we go. Can we escape the blue sky? It is said that there are demons everywhere now. Last time I heard a person from the Chamber of Commerce from other star regions. As I said, there are also demons in the Tianshan region, and the demons are very cruel. Now that the temple does not make a move, it is impossible to be an opponent of the demons by relying on the various heaven temples. Besides, it is impossible without a flying boat of the interstellar level left."

Xiaoer said with a wry smile.

Scabious, heavy building. The empty son, everyone looked at each other. They didn't expect that the demons were so cruel. The performance against the demons in the Yunlong Region turned out to be the best.

Of course, Liu Ce was not complacent, he was very clear. This is not because the strength of the Demon Race is not good, but because the Yunlong Domain itself is not the main goal of the Demon Race. Otherwise, if the Demon Race sends its main force to Yunlongyu, maybe Dahan will not be able to defeat the Demon Race so easily.

However, Liu Ce is still very confident in himself. Even if the main force of the Demon Race is coming, with the strength of the current Dahan increasing day by day, it will be sooner or later to defeat the Demon Race.

"Then no one now takes the lead against the demons, are you ready to give up Blue Sky City like this?"

Liu Ce frowned and asked.

Liu Ce didn't look gloating, the Blue Sky Domain was just beside the Yunlong Domain. If the Blue Sky Region falls, it will become the bridgehead of the Demon Race, and the Yunlong Region will definitely be insecure.

"This place was originally an affiliated city of the Juyuan Gate, but the Juyuan Gate has already retreated all the power here. However, the Blue Dragon Alliance warned that the Juyuan Gate must guard this place. After all, the Black Flame City guarded the entire blue sky region's transit hub, and lost it. Not allowed."

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